THREADS APP TUTORIAL | How to use Instagram Threads & what you need to know about this first version

what is threads how do you create a threads account how do you even use this new app as always timestamps for all your common questions will be in the description below because I know how valuable your time is and you already know why you're here so let's get into it as a disclaimer all the advice in this video are based off of the current version of threads their first release version of threads so if you're watching this video and it's like been 2 years watch a more recent video that I have because I'm sure I've already made one by now so what is threads threads is a text-based conversation app that's currently competing with Twitter and as much as we love to hate on meta and by we I mean me you got to give it to them because threads has become the fastest growing app ever in history hitting 100 million downloads in the first 5 days so good job meta good job Instagram impressive as of right now the Simplicity of threads is giving OG Twitter days and Nostalgia so people seem to be loving it now how do you create a threads account the first thing that you want to do do if you have multiple Instagram pages on Instagram make sure you're logged into the Instagram page that you want to connect with threads so that's the first step then you're going to go into your App Store and download threads once you download the threads app it will automatically connect to your Instagram and it'll give you the prompt to create your own name bio and Link or you can fill that out or you could select the import from Instagram button where it will simply copy everything that you already have on Instagram and drop it into threads right there the next step that you go to will have you select whether you want to have a public or a private account on the public account anybody will be able to interact with you and on a private account only people you select will be able to interact with you next threads is going to ask you do you want to follow the same accounts that you follow on Instagram you can simply select follow all to follow all the same creators or select just a few or even just skip the step Al together once you agree to their terms and service you get taken to the homepage the main thread page now that you have your threads account created a common question that I get asked is can you have multiple threads accounts as of right now with the settings you cannot go in and log into multiple different thread accounts so that's why at the very beginning I recommended hey make sure you're logged in on Instagram with the account that you want associated with threads because as of right now you cannot delete thread accounts once you create a thread account you're in it for the long haul you can't delete it if you try to delete your thread account surprisingly you actually will also be deleting your Instagram that's associated with it so if I logged in to threads right now and I wanted to delete my threads account it will delete my Instagram as well so I guess the only workaround would be to delete the app from your phone delete all the data it remembers and then try doing the whole thing again to log into another account now before diving into how to use it terminology and all of the things I want to say thank you to this video's sponsor Metro cool if you've been following me for for over a year you know that I love metrial we've been working together for forever now it feels like and I genuinely feel like this is the best all-in-one tool for social media managers social media creators anybody who is looking to organize their social media content I have this video here where I tested three of the most common and most popular 3 in-one social media tools and metrical was by far of my favorite I talk about the pros and cons of each of them so if you want to see what will be best for for you and how you run your social media you can definitely watch that video but as of right now metrical is still my number one favorite with them I can schedule out all of my content in one go so if I have a little video on my phone a quick little reel per se it's 15 seconds and I want to schedule it to post I can actually upload that video and then select post as YouTube short post as a Tik Tok post as an Instagram real and with one click of the button I can post to all platforms it is so freaking cool it is the only scheduler that I've found that connects with all social media platforms and I mean all Instagram YouTube Tik Tok LinkedIn Facebook Twitter all the things so if you're somebody who likes to schedule out your content in advance definitely check them out they are free to use and if you're somebody who's running multiple Instagram Pages or multiple Tik Tok Pages you could upgrade to their premium feature but for individual users it is free again I'll link them down below and go check them out diving into threads again let's talk about terminology some common terminology that you will hear in a association with this app the first one is threads with a capital T and that's simply just the name of the app next you have thread which is a lowercase T and this is a post or a start of a discussion and conversation now on a thread there are multiple ways to interact with it you can reply to someone's thread so you can reply to the discussion you can repost so when you repost a thread that's taking that person's thread and just slapping it on your profile or you can quote someone's thread so when you quote someone's thread that means you're going to bring their thread to your profile with your little comment you have your own little note you get to make your own little statement so repost is just copy paste you don't get to say your peace of mind quoting you get a little add your own little flavor to it now that you know the basic terminology let's jump into how to use the app so this is your main threads page as of right now there is no organization method with it Adam misseri himself has said they they are working on creating like a following tab where you see just people that you're following and even chronological order so again this video is just based off of this first release so here you get to see all the threads that people are posting now as you could see on a specific thread there are those different interactions you can like comment repost and share liking and commenting we all know that repost option that's where we get into the repost or quote so that's where you could just copy paste something to your profile or add your own quote to it and then of course share where you can add the thread to your story your feed that's where people are getting the cool looks like this that looks cool for their Instagram posts I think it's a brilliant way to create content mindlessly not mindlessly but working smarter not harder so I love that and then of course you can post your stories tweet copy link and share next we have the search tab so as of right now you can only search for creators not content specifica

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