5 Ways to Make Money on TikTok in 2024 (HOW TO START NOW)

hey B and business family my name is Isabella I am the owner of two six figure earning online businesses and today I'm going to be talking all about how you can make money with Tik Tok I feel like Tik Tok is the leading platform and all of the trends hit Tik Tok first and then to the other social media networks Tik Tok has continued to grow rapidly since 2020 and is expected to reach two billion users by 2024 and if you are an entrepreneur like me there are lots of different way ways that you can actually make money and use Tik Tok as a way to make you rich don't think you have to be an influencer or have an audience to actually make money with Tik Tok just get started and you will build an audience Tik Tok is unlike any other social media and you can grow a Tik Tok account super quick with the right strategies that I teach on my YouTube channel there has been countless situations on Tik Tok where Tik Tok has changed people's lives I would not be sitting here talking to you guys today if it was not for Tik Tok Tik Tok is the reason why my online store and my Creator accounts and all the ways that I make money online have been able to grow so rapidly keep in mind that I don't even show my face on two of those accounts I'm going to be going over the top strategies of how you can make money online with Tik Tok deciding on how you want to monetize your Tik Tok and make money with Tik Tok depends on your audience and you have to figure out who your audience is once you pick a niche and grow an audience there are so many different monetization routes that you can then take before we continue on with this video I want to say a huge shout out to the sponsor of this video Constant Contact Constant Contact delivers tools to help your small businesses grow whether you're a content creator or a small business owner running a small business can be tough especially when you have to do all the jobs like I do Constant Contact has all the tools to make your marketing go a lot easier they used to just do email marketing but now they've really expanded their platform and added so many new features Constant Contact offers email marketing which allows you to create emails that stand out on any device with the easy to use editing system over hundreds of pre-designed templates it will attract your results and improve performance they also offer super cool social media management tools they have a really easy to use dashboard that allows you to post to all your social media accounts in one click plus you're able to respond to messages mentions and comments from Facebook and Instagram in that one account they even have an AI content generator that you're able to use within their platform their new AI content generator is a feature that's currently free to all new Constant Contact customers for a limited time so if you have a writer's blog constant contacts new AI content generator automates the writing process and creates engaging messages in seconds you just have to give them a few keywords of what you want your content to be about and they're able to deliver content content options that then you can use and revise you can use these for your email campaigns and so much more which recognize content that small business customers are likely to engage with you can start your free risk-free trial today and you can use code baddy for 30% off your next 3 months as a paying subscriber I put the link down in my description box below for you guys if you want to check out Constant Contact and again thank you Constant Contact for being the sponsor of today's video so number one is joining the Tik Tok creativity program formerly the Tik Tok Creator fund now Tik Tok does have a Creator monetization system where they pay you for views but that's not always the best way to go about actually making money with Tik Tok I have made way more money pushing my audience from Tik Tok to another platform or online store than I have from the actual Tik Tok views the RPM on some of these videos you can get 50 cents to a dollar if you you don't know what RPM means it's how much you get paid per 1,000 views that's typically the standard so if you are someone that you start creating engaging content that's over a minute long you can 100% scale this opportunity on Tik Tok number two is selling in an online store through Tik Tok and you're probably wondering okay how do I even create content like how do I even actually start I do have videos on my YouTube channel that even show you how to create viral content so I show you how I film edit and post so if you haven't already definitely go watch the videos on my YouTube channel that show you step by step how to start an online store with no money how to find products to sell and how to actually get that going because it can be a great long-term investment in yourself that you can start doing with Z so Tik Tok actually just started this new thing called Tik Tok shop which allows people to shop directly through your video I love the concept of it I actually just turned my Creator account over to a business account it's free to do it just so I could have Tik Tok shop so I am currently testing Tik Tok shop out for you guys I've seen it working really well for other business owners on Tik Tok and I noticed Tik Tok is also pushing videos that have the Tik Tok shop added to them so I definitely recommend Tik Tok shop and adding a Tik Tok shop to your online store because you can kind of not even have a website then you could just have a Tik Tok shop if you really wanted to number three is to go live and collect virtual gifts I have made over $200,000 since the end of 2020 just from doing Tik Tok live streams so how Tik Tok live works is people send these badges like they look like little like character things they have pandas they have fireworks they have like all these different random things that you can send with your coins to the person that is doing the live stream and they actually have one one gift called the Tik Tok universe that as far as I know is worth up to $500 so if you just receive that one gift that's $500 that you've just made in literally a second I tend to get smaller gifts but I stay online for about an hour or two if it's going really well and sometimes I do have to restart the live so I definitely recommend if you are not seeing a lot of people on your live obviously you need to be like posting content to boost your live you know and try to get people to your page to click on the live to go to it but it also boosts my Tik toks too so going live is just so beneficial for the growth of your Tik Tok a way to make money and obviously you get to connect with your audience more when I personally do my live streams on my ban business account which is my personal account I really just do it for fun I don't make any money from those because it's more of an educational you know talking to my audience kind of thing but I feel like I build a bond with you guys by doing that

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