How much YouTube pays for a child YouTube channel

in this video we're going to be discussing my other Channel that I have is called Superstar colors it has 60 000 subscribers and I'm going to talk to you about how I got started the equipment that I use how long it took me to get monetized and what my average monthly income is so let's go ahead and get into it let me go ahead and give you a little back story I started this channel in April of 2021 at the time I had no idea what I wanted my Niche to be I just knew that I had a two-year-old son and I wanted to do something fun for him that he could watch so I decided to do a children's channel like I said the name of it is SuperStar colors and I do coloring on there I did toy reviews a lot of toy reviews and afterwards of course my son could have the toys and I thought it worked out really perfectly and this is why I chose a children's channel so my frequency of uploading was every single day I also wanted to mention that a couple years ago is whenever they were just ramping up the shorts and that was in beta mode I remember all the Rave being about shorts and at this time I took advantage of the shorts and I actually paid close attention to how shorts could help monetize your channel and how shorts could actually rocket your channel forward so I did utilize this concept and I took advantage of it being in beta mode I do want to talk a little bit about shorts in this video however Shorts play a bit of a different role than they did so whenever I'm going into my analytics and I'm showing you guys how much money I actually made keep in mind shorts back then were a little bit different than they are today so we will discuss that now the equipment that I started out with guys is this same equipment that I use today and it is a lovely iPhone I have never one time bought a professional camera I have never spent thousands of dollars on a professional camera maybe one day I'm gonna choose to do that however for this video it's total honesty and all I've ever used is an iPhone now my additional equipment included a stand to hold my iPhone which I still use to this day I'm gonna pop it up here on the screen additionally I did buy a ring light and I do use a ring light it's very important whenever I'm doing my coloring videos that I have extra lighting to emphasize the coloring just a simple ring light it's nothing fancy nothing too expensive this is the equipment that I started with and this is the equipment that I still use to this day okay guys let's go ahead and get into the things that you're going to need to develop your thumbnails to actually edit your videos Etc so I personally use something called PicMonkey I pay 14.99 per month so I paid that 14.99 PicMonkey and then I started out using in shot editor it's an app I pay monthly for it I think it's 6.99 I'm not 100 sure on that I'm pretty sure it's 6.99 so cheap you guys and it was so simple to use I had never created videos I had no idea what I was doing and these apps and platforms allowed me to get comfortable with it understand what I'm doing when i'm editing Etc so in total I would say I spent about 325 dollars to get started and I continuously spend that twenty dollars per month to do my thumbnail creation app and my video editing apps so there you guys have all of the costs that I currently spend you could get started with very little a ring light a camera and a video editing app you're good to go all right everyone here we are in my analytics this is my home page right now the last 28 days this is what you're seeing okay so we have selected whenever I started in 2021 until December of the same year as you guys can see here in my analytics I had started uploading every single day and as you can see all of this time it was so little some days I was getting zero views now here we're getting into October where you could you're seeing this hundred and fifty nine thousand views 83 000 views in one day this was shorts so what I want to discuss about shorts is the first paycheck I've ever gotten from YouTube was a shorts bonus they don't do these anymore they have completely updated the shorts program to where shorts are actually monetized now you make significantly less than you do on your long form content however back then it was totally different whenever it was still in beta they were rewarding content creators for actually creating shorts and your shorts were getting pushed out like crazy and if you reached a certain amount nobody actually even knew what it was they were giving you a bonus so my first paycheck I ever got from YouTube was a shorts bonus here it is right here in October this is the amount that I made just from my shorts keep in mind my channel was not monetized at this point and from October all the way until I believe May of the next year I got a paycheck for shorts bonus because like I said I was really pumping out those shorts every day I was creating long form content and short form content so let's keep looking here let's get into January of 2022 January of 2022 one year ago this was my channel I was as you can see here I was starting to get a little bit burnt out and I was hit or miss with my uploads I would upload skip a day upload do only a short upload skip a day short short skip a day long form one form skip a day I was getting a little burnt out with the everyday I'm not gonna lie so as you can see here was my estimated AdSense revenue for the month of January 556 dollars and two cents just that month alone I gained 22.8 000 subscribers I gained 67 000 hours of watch time in 19.2 million views here we go we're actually taking this into two months for January 1st through February 27th I made 2 343.11 I gained 39 000 subscribers I gained 119 000 hours of watch time and 34.9 million in total start in here we go 4199.60 I gained 48.6 000 subscribers 171 000 hours of watch time and 44.5 million views I'm gonna go ahead and click on the last 28 days and show you guys my income for the last month as you can see here it has definitely decreased now the last thing I want to show you is the CPM and RPM for my channel I'm gonna go down here and I'm gonna select a video let's do the coloring pink Fong baby shark 11940 views because some of my my videos do not receive this so as you guys can see for 12 000 views I've only made Seven dollars how much advertisers pay one dollar and 50 cents per thousand views now this is CPM which means RPM is going to be roughly half of that RPM is what I'm actually getting because don't forget YouTube's gonna take that cut so what I'm actually getting is probably about 75 cents for 1 000 views it is really low so you guys there you have it that's my channel hopefully I gave you guys the gist behind this channel what you can learn some things you can take away it doesn't take a lot to get started if you pay attention to what is popular at the time that you begin your channel trust me you can Skyrocket your channel however keep in mind you don't want to just Skyrocket your

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