5 INSTAGRAM TIPS THAT NEVER FAIL | GROW on Instagram, INCREASE engagement, & BEAT the algorithm 🤯

this video is sponsored by HubSpot here are five Instagram tips and tricks that will never fail you if you're somebody who has been struggling on the Instagram platform then this video is for you because we're going to talk about how you can grow on Instagram increase engagement and ultimately how you can finally hit the goals that you have set for yourself on Instagram and see Real Results tip number one know the platform if you want to dominate a platform you'll need to know the ins and outs of that platform what makes it breathe what makes it come to life basically you'll need to have an understanding of the algorithm and that platform's user Behavior now when it comes to the Instagram platform the biggest misconception is that there is one Almighty Instagram algorithm that controls it all and there isn't there's actually multiple algorithms and processes Instagram uses behind the scenes to personalize each user's experience for example there's an algorithm for how feed and stories are ranked there's an algorithm for Explorer there's an algorithm for the reals Tab and so on now within each algorithm Instagram uses something called signals to help them rank posts in order of which they think you will be most interested in and there's thousands of signals that Instagram uses so what are some of the most important signals that Instagram looks for I'm going to briefly go over each of these but if you want a more in-depth explanation of the algorithm where I break everything down like everything you need to know about the algorithm then watch this video next or you can read more about it in this article posted by Instagram themselves called shedding more light on how Instagram Works which I'll link down below first let's talk about feed and stories the most important signals across feed in stories roughly in order of importance are information about the post information about the person who posted your activity your history of interacting with someone from there Instagram will likely predict How likely you are to spend a few seconds on a post comment on it like it save it tap on the profile the more likely you are to take an action on a post the higher you'll see that up in your feed if you're wondering Millie how does how Instagram ranks posts in my feed relevant to growth and increased engagement and all the things if you're somebody who wants to rank higher on someone's feed or rank in Search and explore then you have to know why Instagram is ranking posts there in the first place so that you can reverse engineer your strategy and get your post to more eyes so we'll talk about that in a second for explore ranking these are the signals Instagram weighs roughly in order of importance information about the post your history of interacting with the person who posted your activity and information about the person who posted ideally the explore page is a list of accounts that you maybe haven't interacted with it's how you can discover new profiles new people new posts so when it says history of people you've interacted with ideally they're finding similar accounts to the people you've interacted with in the past and showing those profil files and posts on the explore page next we have ranking for the reals page the signals roughly in order of importance are your Real's activity the history of interacting with the person who posted information about the real which is important to know because these are signals about the content within the video such as the audio track what you're saying what's in the video and the whole frame of the video as well as the popularity of the post so all of that goes into account there and lastly information about the person who posted so with all of that said how do you trigger the algorithm to work in your favor well that leads me to tip number two after you have a full understanding of the Instagram algorithm maybe you've read the article shedding light on how Instagram works or you watched my YouTube video explaining the Instagram algorithm the next step and you'll see the importance of this in your studies is to utilize Instagram SEO I will say that Instagram search does not currently work exactly as well as Google YouTube or even Tik Tok but that doesn't mean you should skip this strategy because it actually really helps the algorithm a lot of people's argument to skip the step is like well I never go to Instagram to like search how to change a tire or social media tips right A lot of people they're like well I don't use Instagram for that so I don't really have to focus on Instagram SEO but it's not just about oh if people search for how to change your tire your stuff will pop up it's not just about that it's helping the algorithm categorize you and your content let's simplify the term SEO in case this is your first time hearing about it or maybe you're intimidated by SEO as a whole like maybe it sounds a little more complex or advanced than you think you're ready for but let's simplify it let's make it super easy peasy anybody could do it so simple a caveman could do it okay SEO is basically the strategy you have in place to be easily discovered on a platform that's it if you're an event planner and someone goes to in Instagram to look for event planner what strategy do you have in place to make sure that you are the person or the profile that they find that's it that's all that's it it's just what strategy you have in place to help people find you that's it so what should your Instagram SEO strategy look like use key wordss and key phrases throughout your entire profile what are key words what are key phrases basically what is your Niche or Niche and what do you want to be known for those answers those words use those words everywhere your title what you want to be known for the things that you'll talk about on your profile put those words all across your page so do you have to pick a niche or Niche down in order to be successful on social media nowadays no not always but for Instagram that platform specifically niching down will help you grow a lot faster because of the signals that we mentioned earlier so where do you place these key words and key phrases your username your name plate your bio hashtags captions even the words that you say in your reels including the popup text that you type in your reals Let's do an example this fake account Katie who's an event planner that's what she wants to be known for she wants to grow that business so the username will be events with Katie it's clear who she is and what she does Katie plans events in the name plate it'll say Katie San Diego event planner those are key words key things that people might be searching for or even to help categorize her content to Instagram Instagram knows okay she's a San diean and she's an event planner so I could show her profile to people who engage with that sort of content and now her bio will say planning your events so that you don't have to lift a finger a

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