5 Habits That Made Me $30,000/month By 22

I went from making seven dollars per hour at the restaurant to earning multiple six figures and only two and a half years from the YouTube businesses I've built growing up unfortunately I didn't receive much Financial education and as everyone knows schools don't teach us anything about money so I had to learn my lessons the hard way through trial and error money isn't everything that's for sure there are far more important things than money for me the most important thing is freedom being able to choose where I am with whom I am is one of the things I value the most in life but if you don't have money in a capital Society it means that you don't have freedom because we exchange everything with money if money isn't directly involved we exchange our time which takes away from our life there is a Japanese saying that I really like which goes and translates to rich people don't fight it conveys the idea that people who have attained financial success are less likely to argue or fight with others because they have less to prove and more secure in their position it is a reminder that accumulating wealth is not just about material real possessions but also about gaining a sense of peace and stability in one's life obviously just because you have money you won't automatically make you secure but it will help if you want to follow the traditional path of going to University graduating at nine to five and making less than 100K dollars plus tax then you do you everyone has a different definition of success and I totally respect that but if you're dreaming bigger here are the five habits that you need to know if you want to make multiple six figures in today's age of information it's easy to believe everything we see online social media makes us feel like we know the person behind the scene very well the more we watch them the more we spend time with them the more we trust them it sometimes comes to the point where we believe them no matter what however it's important to remember that not everything is as it seems no one judges the information online and no one tries to listen to the other side pick the Amber Heard versus Johnny Depp court case for example at first everyone believed them were heard but once the evidence was out everyone started to praise Johnny Depp it also happens in real life when we like someone we're likely to stand on their side supporting their opinions and actions without actually stopping for a moment and thinking critically everything has a flip side and it's important to think critically and decide based on your core values set your core values and don't get influenced by everyone around you when you're taking advice get advice from people who have already achieved what you want to achieve you wouldn't ask a poor person how to make money and you wouldn't ask a fat person how to get in shape so don't take advice from people you don't admire at where they are in their given space because everyone has an opinion but not everyone's opinion matters everyone always has something to say something to complain about if you let everyone other than you decide what you should do with your life then good luck many people have said to me you don't look like you're making multiple six figures there are two misconceptions here first of all in today's economy making six figures is not as impressive as it used to be due to inflation rates with around 300K dollars per year you can have a comfortable and luxurious life but it might not include a huge mention Lamborghinis but got these private jets as those usually require Millions second of all I strongly believe that we should invest in ourselves and our experiences before luxury Commodities while enjoying luxury clothing bags cars watches Yachts is amazing and well deserved if you're only purchasing them for external validation you should rethink your priorities if you're trying to reach Financial Freedom at any age prioritize investing in yourself and your experiences because it will make things much easier in the long run what's the point of having money if you're unable to enjoy due to poor health by investing in your health you increase your efficiency at work giving you more free time to either invest in yourself or spin it with loud ones which ultimately increases your life quality rather than spending your Fridays at a bar invest in a gym membership rather than a delivery get your groceries and try to cook something healthier it doesn't have to be complicated rather than spending money on alcohol and cigarettes purchase a book or invest in a hobby that can add value to your life and investing in your workspace can significantly increase your efficiency you spend around 8 hours in bed and another eight hours working at your desk your bedroom and workspace are two of the top priorities that you should invest in instead of buying a designer bag prioritize buying a good mattress that will help you sleep like a baby and instead of saving up for a Rolex buy a desk monitor chair and keyboard to maximize your work efficiency and another thing is when you're trying to build your walls it's essential to invest in yourself in your education because with traditional education you don't actually make that much of money even if you become a doctor and make multiple six figures you don't have the freedom because you need to constantly work you can't decide where you want to be or with whom you want to be you're told a schedule that you need to follow to get your paycheck nothing is in your control and to prevent that you need to educate yourself but what exactly let's talk about the next habit which is learning the high income skill we all want to make money with the least amount of time and with the freedom if you want to start building your own wealth you need to prioritize learning some high income skills not every skill is valued equal in a financial market right it's fun to follow your passions and dreams but if your goal is to make multiple six figures there are three key High income skills that you can't skip the first skill is copywriting sales copywriting is anything intended to persuade the right reader viewer or listener to take a specific action the most valuable skill you will ever learn is copywriting people don't buy without a reason why whether you're going to solve something online write a blog post creating videos on YouTube or use it in your day-to-day life convince people to take certain actions you need copywriting skills you need to understand the fundamentals of what makes people take action and whatnot just by understanding copy you will come up with better title for your videos better traffic for your website and you'll be more convincing when talking with other people if you don't know where to start learning copywriting skillshare is a great place to start whether you want to learn about copywriting start a side hustle or develop a new hobby or focus on personal development skillshare has thousands of

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