$260,172 in 2 Years On TikTok – Super Easy + No Face Video Method!

fourteen thousand dollars in forty five days thirteen thousand sales in under two years all right ladies and gentlemen today's story could make you a ton of profit yep that's right today we are talking about a tick tocker who generated over two hundred and sixty thousand dollars in sales in less than two years using Tick Tock and what you're about to learn can be used with no skills no money and no advertisements yep that's right this is something anyone can do if you got a cell phone you can get paid oh yeah and did I mention this video is gonna have a little bit of drama because the first person we're gonna talk about who generated over 260 thousand dollars in just two years got herself in a little bit of hot water this next tick tocker who generated over fourteen thousand dollars in her first 45 days yeah she also got in some hot water more about that in just a minute first let's take a look at some of these stats on Tick Tock Pickle Me Everything has over 145 000 followers and while most of her videos are around the 50 000 view Mark some of them Peak up to 500 000 or a million views each and all she's doing is talking about pickles which apparently is a huge Trend here on the tick tock and if you were to take the total amount of sales at 13 685 and times that by the average price of about twenty five dollars each that's over 325 Grand in pickle sales all for making a couple of funny Tick Tock videos like I said this can be done with no skills no money no ads and using your cell phone but first let's talk about why this is effective if you were to break down tick tock's ad Revenue over the last four years you're gonna see that they went from 340 million to almost 12 billion dollars last year alone and the average number of users grew by 10 times in the last five years but how does someone like pickle me everything go on Tick Tock film some videos about pickles and make over 300 Grand well more about that in just a minute and we could see here just on Tick Tock alone that over 24 million people have viewed videos with the hashtag pickle me everything we can also see that on Etsy she's got tons of sales tons of videos about pickles not to mention the fact that each and every month hundreds of thousands of people are looking for pickling recipes and how to make different pickled items honestly I had no idea that this Niche existed and we could see that people are looking for Red Onion pickles pickled garlic pickled eggs that's just nasty okra watermelon jalapenos and on and on we go we can also see people looking for how to make various pickled items not to mention the countless number of sites that are actually selling pickles and talking about pickle recipes and different things like that so now we know that pickles bring in locks of of money what Pickle Me Everything tried to do is actually sell the pickles herself yeah that's right she made them in her kitchen talked about them made videos where she's making the pickles and sold them via Etsy only apparently you can't do that and before you say well Marcus here's a young gal trying to start a business are you just hating on someone who's successful of course not while I applaud her business Antics and her go get them attitude there's certain things you just can't do one of them is ship food from your personal kitchen especially if you live in California we could see here that the state of California recommended people not buy these pickles and this comes a short time after a famous tick tocker known as Chef pie sold some kind of pink sauce from her own home kitchen and I don't know where these tick-tockers get off thinking that they can just start a food business today we are making the viral peanut butter sandwich in a cup first you take some peanut butter I like that then you're gonna want some jelly add some sugar cubes to sweeten it up a bit a little bit of milk So It Goes Down Easy and sometimes after lunch I get tired so I'll be adding a heaping spoon of coffee to get your very own sandwich coffee tea in a cup check out my Etsy unsanitary Foods we're ready to ship this direct to you but there's some certain Health guidelines and laws they need to pay attention to which is why today I'm going to show all those tick tockers out there seven ways you can legitimately make money without dealing with these food laws and different things like that with your Tick Tock following actually some of these methods have made me ten times as much as pickle me everything or even the pink sauce lady because first well I don't want to say that these people are great business people they did do one thing right and that's the use of tick tock to get traffic to something that can actually sell so if we know we can use tick tock to get free traffic by simply making videos about certain topics and being super consistent well then there's a lot of ways we can get paid and if you don't want to be on camera or you don't yet have a big audience on Tick Tock don't worry here are some simple methods you can use to start getting traffic like that first you want to refine your niche that is figure out what you're going to make videos on and focus it one of the things that pickle me everything did really well is she focused on one narrow thing she could have been a generic Cooking Channel but it wouldn't have been as successful starting out instead she focused on one specific path so let's say you didn't want to use your face but you wanted to be in the stock market category you could quite simply go out there number two consistency and create stock market definition videos you define all the stock market terms make a simple little video and boom as long as you're consistent and you focus on what people are searching for and already watching you can get traffic and the third way to get tons of traffic on Tick Tock is collaborations this is where you can collaborate with other content creators or you could simply tag them and share something about their video I have a friend who did this and went from zero to like 500 million views in a couple of months and yeah it's a lot easier than you'd think the key is to be consistent Niche specific collaborate and number four make good videos obviously you want to make stuff that's good whether your face is on camera whether you're using your voice or whether it's just screen sharing with music you want to make sure that it's something people want to watch and remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder personally I have no interest in watching pickle videos however millions of other people do so I want to make sure that I create what the audience wants to watch now let's talk about the seven ways you can make money without the legal headaches of selling things that could get you in hot water method number one is to sell a custom pickle kit or a kit as an affiliate you can simply go out there and put products together and make your own pickle canning kit and have some videos or tutorials or somethin

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