hey guys welcome back to my channel and thank you so much for tuning in so in this video I'm going to share with you some platforms that will pay you instantly for doing work and of course these platforms do have some cash out thresholds the most exciting thing about them is as soon as you reach the cash out threshold you literally get your money when you cash it out and I think it takes out all the guess work about the platform when they pay you instantly and you receive your money for your hard work and for all of these platforms I'm going to show you my latest payments so that you can see that I'm not just saying I'm not just talking but I'm showing you Real Results I'll try to link up some video in the description so you can check out more information for reference the first platform that I'm going to share is one that I haven't mentioned in a long time and I'm so excited to just let you know that it still works it still pay people and it pays you instantly so the platform is called slice it's the website I'm looking at here you'll see they say you browse we pay that's what they're mainly all about they pay you for browsing the internet with their plugin installed in your computer but I'm so excited to even show you that they've got more opportunities for you to earn money you install their plug-in as you'll see here they say it doesn't get any easier one click to start earning money no annoying signups no hustle this is a platform where you plug and you just browse your internet as normal while it's generating passive income in the background and you get paid so yes this guys they have different kinds of payout options to get started you need to come to their website I will leave you guys a link in my description box down below and select the add to Chrome its free tab over here to install their plug-in so that it can do its work in the background while you are browsing the internet but just to show you guys some of the tasks that you can do within this platform to earn money I'm logged into my account and this is how the dashboard looks like so you'll see they have online service as well they've partnered with CPX research one of the biggest survey platforms that you'll find out there just to show you some more opportunities they've added you see here there is a new tab where you can do app rewards so this includes quite a lot of things such as doing online surveys doing online offers playing different kinds of games and this is where you can actually find more surveys than on the surveys tab over here you can also do video rewards which is exciting unfortunately here they only offer you an opportunity to to watch three videos a day but that is exciting because watching videos for money is easy so you'll see here they say new video available they always update Whenever there is a new video for you you can watch three videos a day and earn rewards all you need to do is select the watch button over here going back into the dashboard you'll see here my points are 2,748 slices which is equivalent to $2.75 just to show you uh my payments I did some payments to show an example example like a day ago as you can see here I cashed out 43 cents to PayPal and this amount of money came instantly I also withdrew to my Bitcoin account here 10,000 slices which is worth $10 us on the same day you need to download a Bitcoin lightning wallet so that when you withdraw a cash out your money can go into that wallet and then you can transfer it to your bank or however you want to spend it this is a payment that went through as well so yes guys this is the first platform that's going to pay you instantly the second one surprised me because I didn't know that you can receive payments instantly actually having withdrawn in the past with this platform I had never received payment instantly but now they've partnered with a good payment platform called tremendous that allows you to receive PayPal cash instantly now it is that easy it's called pay so I'm not going to Dell much here because I have quite a lot of content about po pay but I thought it was exciting for me and I had to share with you that you can now get paid instantly with po pay they pay via PayPal and cryptocurrencies as well they've got about five or so coins that you can cash out as within their platform and my latest payment came in March this previous month over here as you can see on March the 19th I cashed out $10 us from po pay as you can see over here and yeah guys it is a legit and reputable platform to work with from my person experience the next platform that we're going to take a look at is similar to the first one but it's different in its own way in a sense that with this one you don't only use the computer or desktop plugin you can download it to your phone whether you use iOS or Android and of course it's available worldwide I love that they also have different kinds of opportunities other than internet sharing with this platform but the good thing is they pay instantly and I find that it's easier to reach Cash Out threshold which is five us now I didn't talk about the cash out threshold for the first two with slice I think the cash out is as low as 2 cents or 43 cents something like that because there are transaction fees that you need to pay which is about 25 cents or so but it is the lowest you know that you can find out there with po pay you need to reach $10 us they offer a lot of survey opportunities so reaching 10 us do might not be that difficult with the next platform which is pawns app you need to reach $5 Us in order to cash out this is pawns app it is this app that I'm looking at here it was mainly designed to pay you for browsing the internet as you can see they have this internet sharing tab over here it's a dedicated internet uh sharing tab where you can learn how it works how you share the internet and so on they've also introduced paid service and I love that they've partnered with some of the biggest survey platforms or you know survey partners that you'll find out there not only that you can now do a daily Spin and many other opportunities that they've introduced you can check it out guys but just to show you the latest payment you will see here that I cashed out in March as well in on the 31st of March I cashed out $4.98 and yeah guys it was $5 because of transacting fees it ended up to $4.98 and this was my third payment of the month of March this is the message that tremendous uh sent me to say Pawns sent you this amount of money over there now the next platform I thought this platform was shut down for some reason because their website is down it's no longer available or you're not able to download their app so I just thought oh well it's done and dusted and they've gone away with some of the payments that I had not cashed out from their platform but only to discover that they are still around so just in case you've been wondering about peer to profit and maybe you have some funds in the

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