2024 BYBIT Tutorial For Beginners | How To Trade CRYPTO & Make Money on BYBIT

if you want to make a significant amount of money this year then trading cryptocurrencies is one of the best and easiest ways to go about it in one of my videos I talked about how much money I have made from Trading cryptocurrencies and a couple of you guys wanted me to film a beginner friendly video on how you can start your trading journey and potentially increase your income from the comfort of your home trading crypto is something I have personally tried and trust me when I tell you that this has made me the most money in my entire life now understand that trading cryptocurrencies require certain skills and fundamental knowledge which is why in this video I'm going to be sharing with you the step-by-step process of how you can make thousands of dollars every single month just by trading cryptocurrencies even if you're a complete beginner however I'm hoping this video will also apply to you if you're already in the crypto space but you're looking for someone to hold your hand every step of the way which is where I come in the application I personally use for trading cryptocurrencies is called Buy beat and this is the most userfriendly application you will ever try which you can download via the link in the description box if you download via my referral link below you stand a chance to win up to 1,000 bonus which you can use to start your TRD journeying especially if you're a beginner now here is a good part I have decided to create a telegram Channel where I will share everything you need to know about cryptocurrencies including the basis of cryptocurrencies how to place Trad and how you can make money from it all from the comfort of your home I will also occasionally share signals on this group that will help you get the best return for your money and basically how to stay ahead of the game but this group will only be accessible to the first 5,000 people who join and deposit at least $100 don't worry this money is also for you and you can always withdraw it anytime but the trick is to deposit $100 leave it for a couple of days and boom free money for you and then you can literally start trading with the money you receive and peed your way up gradually now let's talk about out sign up on bubat because obviously in this video I'm going to share with you everything that is going to get you started like I said the app we are going to be using is called by beat and if you follow the link directly in my description box it will take you to your browser whether you're using a mobile phone or a laptop and all you have to do from here is to sign up I have my phone here so we're going to do it together so from here you want to input your email address you should see my referral code which is ADD here and if for any reason it doesn't pop up automatically just type out additional me and you will be good complete this puel you should receive an email from bybe you are going to inut the code and it's going to automatically redirect you to Google Play store or Apple Store depending on the phone you use and you can then download bybit on your mobile phone if you're using a laptop you will be able to access the website immediately once you're done downloading bybe open up your byb application and you should have something like this the first step from here is to log to your account you're going to imput the email address you registered with click on login and this is what your buy bit interface will look like the next step from here is to verify your account but please know that this is a very important stage because it increases your chances of becoming a successful Trader and since this is related to money they need to be sure you are home you say you are and also protect you from any risk so to verify your account you want to C click on verify now and it will show you the benefit of level one verification which I think is pretty much okay go ahead to click on verify now just take a picture of it and you will be good after you've been verified which would typically take less than an hour if you upload the right document you'll then have access to all the features on buy bit including TRD now that we done with that you want to try as much as possible to set up two Factor authentication to protect your account even more doing that is simple just go back to the homepage click on this profile picture at the top left corner click on the profile picture again click on security and here you'll see Google to factor authentication and then your security level will change to medium which is pretty fine for each start after all of these I believe you should be able to set up your buybit account without any issues and if for any reason something went wrong please watch this video again at least the time stamp and this time pay more attention to it now let's talk about how to fund your B account and obviously this is something you cannot ignore as a Trader so it is important you know how to do this on the buybit app there are three ways to fund your account and to do this you want to go to the asset Tab and here you'll see your total asset including your funding account which is basically your primary account where you can deposit and withdraw cryptocurrencies so whatever cryptocurrencies you buy goes directly into your funding account and if you sell any cryptocurrencies it also goes back in there okay you'll also see unified trading which is the account you use for all your trades and you can always move cryptocurrency from your funding account to your UniFi trading account before and after a trade and lastly we have the invers derivative which basically allows you to trade BTC and other coins as the base currency now to deposit you want to click on the deposite tab right here and you will see all three options that are available to you depending on your country now because I'm in Nigeria the first option is to buy with Nigerian naira and for this I can use my naira debit card the second is P2P trading which is basically you know buying from a seller on the buy Bit app and the third one is crypto deposit which you can just you know transfer crypto from one wallet to the other so I'll click on the first one which is to buy directly with naira I'm going to impute any amount I want to buy it could be 10K 5K or even 1K and it is going to show the equivalence of how many usdt I will receive for the purpose of this video I'm just going to buy 1,490 what of usdt which is basically one usdt because it is currently selling for 1,490 per single unit I'll click on next and then it recommends the transfer option I'll click on it view my other summary and click on confirm the next step from here is to make payments and you have to do this within the allocated 15 minutes you'll see your other summary contact seller Button as well as the seller information then you can click on pay now I'll copy details and make the transfer of 1,490 Na or please not that you have to send the money directly from your acc

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