17 Small Business Ideas YOU Can Start Under $100 + Products to Start Selling Online

hey future millionaires my name is Isabella I am the owner of two six figure earning online businesses and today I'm going to be giving you tons of different small business ideas I know how it feels to be a beginner and to not really know where to start or what to actually sell in order to make money online the goal with today's video is for you to watch this video and really start to get your creative gears thinking even if you are someone that you don't think you are creative by watching this video today you're going to gain so many ideas and this should help you actually figure out what you want to actually start selling online if you're new here I'm dedicated to 100% free education and I post free courses on my YouTube channel that people usually charge thousands of dollars for all I ask in return for the free education is just hit that like button for the YouTube algorithm And subscribe to my YouTube channel so I can continue to make free courses and educational videos just like this one this video is geared more towards small businesses and people that actually want to sell a physical product and ship themselves I do have tutorials on my YouTube channel that show you how you can set up your website for free $0 monthly and I even have a Shopify tutorials so if you are someone that you want to start a website for free you can go with these or if you want to jump right into Shopify I have a tutorial just about Shopify as well so once you figure out what you want to create your business on today you can refer back to those videos to actually set up your online store now you're probably wondering where you can get supplies for your online store I actually flew out to Texas just to go to to an event that had us suppliers thinking that I was going to find all these like handmade products or things that are actually sourced from the US as it turns out most of the things at this in-person event that I went to was just mostly things from China that was taken from China to put in United States to then make money from to small business owners here as a small business owner why would you not want to just go straight to the source which is where they're getting their stuff from and order it straight from China yourself today's video is sponsored by made in China CH made in China is perfect for exploring to find custom products and anything your small business might need there's actually a Canton Fair going on in China right now and they're having a huge event across the made in China platform this site may seem a little overwhelming too at first but I promise it's actually very simple and straightforward if you have any questions about the product themselves or if you want to just order you actually can do that straight through the supplier and messaging them if you see a product that you like and you want to inquire more about it just click this button contact supplier you can place the order through the supplier this way ask questions get samples and they're all here for you usually the suppliers on made in china.com respond really fast and it's very simple to get a hold of them and the communication is always very easy searching through products is always super easy with made in China since they have so many different categories that you can go through all you really have to do is just put in the keyword of what you were selling and you will see so many different results that come up so you can find exactly what you're looking for on this platform I really love that they also have so many videos of different products too so if you're wanting to actually see what the products look like not just in a photo but in a video too that's something that's always helpful to me when I'm looking for products to sell now that we know where to find our business supplies let me give you all the small business ideas so my first idea for you today is to create holiday bundles one of my first viral products was a holiday bundle surprisingly enough I found so many cute accessories and products right at my local Dollar Tree and then I found some higher quality products online that I purchased in bulk and put into these holiday bundles you could create a holiday bundle similar to this for around $6 to $7 and sell them for upwards of $30 to $40 depending on how good your marketing is you can create an online store to sell digital products such as calendars or planners I've seen people selling journals and because it's a digital product it definitely makes your life easier because you don't have to really ship anything you will just have to show yourself actually using the digital product yourself maybe if you have an iPad or a phone you can just take another phone behind you and show yourself using the actual product in order to Market this on social media and get sales the next business idea is jewelry you can either Source wholesale jewelry online or you can handmake the jewelry yourself another idea is handmade bath bombs and scents I've seen so many handmade bath bombs on Tik Tok that go viral this leads me to the next business idea which would be a handmade candle business there's so many cute customizing things you can do with candles I personally love to shop small businesses when it comes to candles and I know a lot of other people like to do the same another adorable small business idea is crochet items I've seen so many adorable shops just like this on Instagram and Tik Tok of course this is a skill you have to learn but not only does it look relaxing but it's also super adorable and can be be very profitable as well and of course you're going to get tons of content out of this cuz you're going to show yourself actually crocheting these animals which will allow you to charge more because people will really actually see the value of the product itself another small business idea that I see people doing is purchasing cups from the Dollar Tree and creating custom designs on them of course this one requires a little bit of research because you have to make sure that you're using paint materials that are not going to just wash off or fall off this is an example of a blinded out cup that a small business made for me I'll put her name right here how cute is this so basically she took a Starbucks cup and made it so cool she added so much like glitter and liquid and just different things she does put lots of time into these but how beautiful are these and people are absolutely obsessed with buying these as well so of course I had to use this as an awesome small business example today of how she did this and how creative this really is of course there's a learning curve with each one of these ideas but I thought this was is super cute and definitely has a lot of potential and lots of profit if you have the time to put into it this next small business idea is for you if you are an artist you can design and sell your own prints even if you're not an artist maybe you're more of a graphic designer

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