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alright friends Q4 is here and if you are a product based business you know how much potential there is to see a spike in sales during this time of year mainly because of how many Shoppers are online shopping for the holidays so I'm here to remind you that the products that are going to be making the most sales during this time are the ones that are trending either in category or Style I want those to change ringing off the hook for you friends so that's why I'm bringing you in today's video 15 of the top holiday trends for 2022. I don't want you having to spend hours upon hours researching to try to find what's trending so that's why I've compiled this list so it can give you a shortcut and you can start creating products with these Trends to make sure that your Q4 and your holiday season is crazy successful coming up [Applause] [Music] [Applause] welcome back to the channel friends if it's your first time here and this is our first time meeting I'm Kate I'm a wife Mama Etsy seller and business coach and I'm here to help you start and scale your online business to make a full-time income doing what you love if you're excited about today's video Give a Little Love tap on that thumbs up button and consider subscribing to the channel we release new content every week for online entrepreneurs like I said today's video is all about 2022 holiday Trends and I'm bringing you 15 of the top trends that I found in my research that I think you could either think of for new product ideas or incorporate into your current products but you could also think about using these Trends to Stage your holiday photos and also hopefully Inspire some SEO keyword phrases that would be seasonally relevant for your tags titles and description and make sure you watch the video all the way to the end because I'm giving two extra bonus tips at the end that are going to really level up your listings and help you make sales this holiday season these Trends are mostly coming straight from etsy's Marketplace insights report so you can know that this data can be trusted because this comes from research that the Etsy team themselves have done now before we dive in if you are an Etsy seller you need to check out my free 60-minute Etsy success training it's a master class that you can take completely for free where I teach on my more advanced strategy for starting and growing your Etsy shop and scaling to the point of being able to make a full-time income with your Etsy business so again that's a completely free Etsy class that you can take just by clicking on the link below or going to Etsy masterclass.com in the training I cover all of my in-depth strategies from product and Trend research to SEO to photography for products to marketing your Etsy shop it's just jam-packed full of actionable strategy for growing your Etsy shop today so definitely click on the link below after you watch this video to check out that free training so before we hop into the trends themselves it's important to identify that there are kind of like two phases that come throughout each holiday season when Shoppers go on at see the first phase is where Shoppers come online to search for Home Decor pieces the holiday Decor shopping starts in September and really picks up a lot in early November and then after Thanksgiving in late November it sort of shifts from a focus on Decor to a focus on gift shopping after Thanksgiving Shoppers are mainly on the platform looking for gifts I think it's amazing if you can offer both pieces that appeal to the decor Shoppers and the gifting shoppers but just keep that in mind as we're talking about these Trends these can apply to both phases of the holiday season okay so the first few Trends we're going to talk about have to do with decor and you can also keep this in mind if you are creating digital download products so we're going to talk a lot about Styles and themes so even if you don't offer a physical product think about how you can incorporate these into your digital designs as well all right Trend number one is festive entertaining for this trend we're thinking about appealing to buyers who are going to be hosting and entertaining guests in their home for the holiday season we're talking things like serving utensils cook Square table setting pieces really anything that is festive for the holidays that would help a host entertain at their home all right let's talk about color palette so this year trending is a modernized version of the traditional holiday color palette normally we see a lot of just traditional red and green but I would encourage you as a seller to think about how you can incorporate some Modern trending colors such as bright cheerful tones and deep jewel tones you can put a spin on the traditional holiday colors with colors like magenta and emerald green we know that emerald green has been etsy's color pick of the year for 2022 so you definitely can't go wrong with incorporating that into any product you have Trend number three here is retro kitchen as he says that they're seeing a rise in the popularity in vintage kitchen items things like retro dinner plates and fun cookie jars and vintage coffee makers now even if you don't sell actual vintage items think about how you could maybe incorporate these items into your photo staging so if you're using props to Stage photos for the holiday season then you could incorporate some retro and vintage items for a really cool spin on your photo merchandising next let's talk about the trend of nature themes people have been loving bringing nature into the home by incorporating it into their home decor so think dried flowers Botanical pieces Woodland themes branches animals specifically holiday type animals like bears and moose and deer anything that can incorporate nature into your product is definitely going to be a winner there's been a 56 year on your increase in searches on Etsy containing the term Branch chandelier again even if you don't sell a branch chandelier think about how you could incorporate that type of aesthetic into your digital designs or into your photo staging and going along with this is our next Trend refined rustic tablescapes we're continuing our rustic theme with this one and thinking about anything with natural earthy tones like branches fruit Greenery and even wheat people are also loving the trend of versatile Decor so we're thinking about home decor pieces that are not only beautiful for the holiday season but can also extend past the holiday to be used for multiple Seasons this applies both to the type of item as well as the style so for type of items that can be used beyond the holiday season you could be thinking about things like candle holders vases accent pillows and then as far as theme or style that can go beyond the holiday season we're seeing a rise in things like mushrooms and stars Greenery and dried foliage and flowers warm earthy Shades can always be really great for the holiday season as wel

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