You’re living a life you will regret (and it needs to stop)

this video is for those who always feel like they are running out of time being chased by something and wanting to spend more time on what's important because I'm quite sure this is not your first time management/ productivity video you probably watched a bunch of videos tried different tools and methods only to get disappointed in yourself and I feel like the more methods we try and the more we fail the more we start to doubt our ability and potential I mean at least that's what I experienced it seemed like everyone figured out their meth meod and I was the only one who was struggling to get things done without losing my mind however after years of trying and learning new methods about how to manage my time and be productive I realized that most of the productivity techniques are based on the assumption that a person can almost limitlessly control their productivity in reality that's not the case yes we have some control but our willpower is limited and my willpower is almost non-existent so today I'm going to share you a different approach you're not going to find a magic method that's going to like guarantee success and motivation and suddenly change your whole life but you might get ideas on how to structure your day differently so that you won't regret your actions at the end of your life dramatic isn't it this might be controversial but time can't be managed you can only ever manage yourself and where you place your energy and attention and as a content creator what I and what I assume most of you actually care about is this the result and result is not a direct output of time just because let's say I spend a 4 hours writing a script for a video doesn't automatically mean it's better than the one I spend only 1 hour on sometimes that 1 hour script gets more views and engagement compared to the 4our video script so most of us are putting a lot of work into trying to manage something that is impossible and unimportant for us to manage then what's the alternative right what it all comes down to is something we don't talk about nearly enough and that is focus and energy so 1 hour of Highly focused work can outperform 4 hours of distracted work in other words the results we create have less to do with time and more to do with focus and energy we have on the work this means that instead of always working toward time management we should instead always be working toward focus and energy management so how can we manage our focus and energy if time management is about allocating time slots for specific tasks Focus management is about priorities and the Order of tasks so in other words when you're putting together a schedule or a list of tasks don't just set aside time to complete each task instead set aside a period in which you will give your full focus on the task at that hand what I do is I schedule 60 Minutes of a distraction-free focus periods on my calendar now I'm all for using our phones I love it but when it comes to series for I switched to my computer but one issue that I used to face was getting bored super easily like I get bored super easily I would go on YouTube turn on some Loi study with me videos but because of YouTube's feed I would find myself easily getting distracted and watching other videos sometimes I re-watch my own videos and the same thing happened with Spotify too like my ability to distract myself will probably shock you but I hate when I try to make an excuse for myself saying like oh I get distracted because it's my ADHD no so around 2 years ago I finally found the best tool to cut down on distractions and make make my focus sessions more fun and that is brain FM I've been a genuine fan and core user of them way before today's partnership so listen I'm I'm honest okay what makes brain FM unique is it's not just about any background music it's designed to boost your focus whenever I want to be fully present in the moment and focus on what's in front of me I turn on my phone open my PC and go to brain FM I use a setting on the app that's made specifically for ADHD brains called high neural effect level it's like a turbo boost also they just release a motivation mode with music that gets you energized and make it easy to start working the cool part is that all their music contains their pented brain wave technology which is funded by the US government's National Science Foundation so whether you have ADHD or not you got to try brain FM and I really want you to try this so I worked out a deal to get you all a full month free access just go to brain. fm/ Dy turn on the music start your work and you will find your flow I promise like I genuinely love it okay so so in the beginning it might be hard to figure out how to plan according to your focus and energy but once you understand this which is your chronotype everything becomes easier a chronotype is a type of a system that help us know when we sleep best and when we are most active and alert throughout the day which can impact our productivity tremendously there are four types you can figure out your type and how to schedule your day more in detail accordingly from the link in my bio for free no wores I'm not going to charge you so the first one is the bear which makes up the majority of the population these types usually doesn't have much trouble waking up in the morning or sleeping throughout the night and bears are the most productive in the morning usually and will'll typically struggle with an afternoon slump after lunch generally like around 2 to 4: p.m. if you are the bear type your ideal schedule looks like 10:00 a.m. to 2: p.m. is focus on deep work because this is where your Peak Performance happens and then from 2: p.m. to 400 p.m. work on lighter tasks next we have the Wolves which is group I belong and we make 15% of the population the wolves are most productive at night and they are usually creative too so for woles the ideal schedule would be working on 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. you know focus on lighter tasks 12:00 p.m. to 2: p.m. deeper creative work 2 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. focus on lighter tasks and from 5:00 p.m. to 12:00 p.m. Complete deep or creative work for wolves key productivity times are late morning and late afternoon which is when we should prioritize important tasks that require problem solving in creativity or critical thinking as you can see the typical 9 to5 schedule is almost like a nightmare for us but these are just general guidelines so you don't need to worry if you can't adjust to the schedule 100% just have in mind that these times you can be more productive and creative so that you can allocate your tasks accordingly now we have the Lions which is a type I've always tried to become but I couldn't so I gave up opposite to the Wolves they feel most alive in the morning and their energy Peaks before noon and they are typically able to complete massive amounts of work before lunch like I start to work after lunch like literally how so for them their ideal daily s

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