15 Etsy DIGITAL PRODUCTS to Sell Online 🎯(Best-selling Digital Product Ideas)

what if i told you you could make a full-time income passively selling only digital products online what would it be like to hear that while you're laying in the hammock or playing with the kids or even to wake up to sales that came in overnight while you were sleeping knowing there's not a single thing you have to do to fill those orders the work's already been done and now you're just accruing revenue this my friend is the beauty of making passive income by finding digital products to sell online i'm about to share 15 of the top etsy digital product ideas so if you're ready to make some major profit and earn some money creating digital products then keep on watching [Music] hey friends welcome back to the channel if you're new here hi i'm so glad you're here i'm kate i'm a wife mom online seller and business coach and i'm here to help you start and scale your business so that you can find success doing what you love so we're here today to talk about passive income and we know that passive income is a real thing and yes you can create digital products to sell online that you do the work for upfront and then you list them and you're basically making sales in your sleep at that point and every time something is ordered you've already done the work and the buyer just downloads the digital file whatever that may be so literally you're putting in some work up front to create these digital products to then make passive income for months years to come there are a lot of different types of digital and printable products that people sell on different platforms but i'm going to be specifically talking today about 15 of the top etsy digital products that you could sell to make a profit all of these 15 etsy digital products have great potential whether you're a beginner or a pro if you're wanting to get started making some passive income i do want to hit all 15 so i'm gonna go pretty quickly through these okay the first one is offering instagram story highlight icons if you're on instagram you know it's all about the aesthetic of your profile and there's so much work that goes into branding so a lot of people will just purchase pre-made branding elements to go on their instagram profile one being the story highlight icons if you know anything about graphic design this would be a pretty simple thing for you to make and sell so one great thing you can do with creating these icons is to offer a bundle to the buyer of different colors and different things they can mix and match you definitely want to pick a theme or a color scheme to tie all of your icons into one thing i'd recommend and you're planning here is to focus on creating icons for a certain profile type or a certain aesthetic a lot of people on instagram will have a certain profile type so it could be a real estate business it could be a foodie instagram it could be all about pets or travel or freelancing do a little bit of research up front to see what types of profiles you might plan your theme around or you could plan it around a certain aesthetic so that could be a boho feel it could be minimalist it could be floral or watercolors but think about the look of the icons and the overall aesthetic of the instagram account that you're marketing to number two goes along with this which would be a social media creator bundle this is a similar idea but in this bundle you're offering templates that are ready to go and editable for your buyer to purchase and edit on canva so they can then use these to post to their instagram whether it be an in-feed post or a story i would recommend offering both canva has preset sizes for both the instagram story and post so you can literally just go on canva choose which one you want to create and then use your own graphics and elements to create a beautiful template for people all right let's stay with our business owner theme here for number three so number three is going to be offering branded marketing assets for businesses again these are templates that you create and they can edit in canva or another program that they would then print off and use for their business these can be anything from a thank you card template to a social media flyer promotional cards handmade with love cards gift cards instruction cards there's so many different types of flyers and cards that people need and use for packaging in their business and a lot of times they may not have the graphic design knowledge to do it themselves so they're looking to purchase a template another digital product that business owners are looking for help with are mock-ups so this is something you can create and sell for business owners to use so a mock-up is a photo that they can use and put their own design on to list on their product listings if you have any experience with photography or think you could learn it mock-ups are a great digital product to offer these could be photographs of anything from blank t-shirts to blank mugs to wood frames that would hold art prints to ornaments there's mock-ups for basically everything i would suggest to go on etsy and type in t-shirt mock-up or mug mock-up and see what styles come up to see what's currently selling one thing you do want to make sure to remember though if you're offering mock-ups are that you're taking pictures of specific branded products so you want to make sure you get the exact branded product that that buyer is going to be using and label it as such on your listing so for instance if you're creating a mock-up for a t-shirt you want to know exactly what brand and what type of t-shirt that mock-up is for so it could be a bella canvas it could be a gildan you want to make sure to label it exactly specifically what it is and moving on to number five which is to offer clip art or graphic elements this is such a wide variety of things this can hold a lot of different types of graphic design or graphic elements but whatever style or theme that you have experience creating in graphic design you could offer it for people to use when they're creating their own graphics or their own social media templates so these clip art elements could be anything from like a brush stroke to a watercolor circle to greenery and foliage to laurels to rainbows safari animals there are so many different types of designs you could sell in this category a lot of times clip art elements for upcoming holidays sell well so keep that in mind too and speaking of holidays that brings us to our next digital product which is svg cut files so these svg files are specific types of files that people use with cutting machines whether it be a cricut or a silhouette machine or a laser cutting machine like a glowforge people may use these designs to cut paper out for scrapbooking or they may be laser cutting wood or acrylic or some other material when creating these designs you could think about popular things like birthday party cutouts holiday crafts vinyl t-shirt designs for a heat press scrapbooking designs and

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