10 Passive Income Ideas You Can Do From Your Phone ($500+ Per Day)

here are 10 passive income ideas you could do with your phone and the fifth ID that we're gonna go over made someone like Gary thirteen thousand dollars in a single month and upwards to 500 a day in commissions let's actually go over these ways the first way is eBay and Walmart plus Amazon so back in the day when I was like a pro college student I literally had no money and I was such a loser that I had no experience on how to make money online like I saw all these people that were making money with all this stuff and I was like well they're smart I'm not I'm in biology I'm in math I'm in science I'm in chemistry like obviously if you look at me I'm Asian so I didn't really have much business skills I just had like a lot of educational skills I didn't have any Street smarts I just had like book smarts but I found a way that I could literally go ahead and copy and paste pictures for example on Walmart.com check this out 598 this exact same picture I can copy and paste this exact same picture throw it up on eBay for a couple hundred dollars more and if I were able to get a sale on eBay I could literally get the money the customer's details the shipping and handling offer take the money from eBay buy it at Walmart at a lower cost and then with the money of the customer I would buy it at Walmart ship it directly to the customer and then I would take all of the profit now just doing this alone I was able to make a hundred dollars a day and when I was able to do that my entire life changed because like I said I didn't care about making millions of dollars in passive income I just thought if I could find a way to make a hundred dollars a day I could literally go ahead and afford to go out to dinners with my friends I could go out and maybe pay for my rent I could go out there maybe go to the bars and the clubs with my friends like I just did not have any money and my first goal with passive income was to get to a hundred dollars a day now the second idea is adding cash back onto that because here's the thing if you're already gonna go ahead and spend hundreds of dollars of your customers money on Walmart you might as well just get free money from that right like if you sign up for swagbucks.com every single time now if I were to go ahead and make a sale on eBay and I'm like oh I have all this customer's money let me go ahead and buy it at Walmart now for six hundred dollars before actually buying it at Walmart if I just do two extra things which is number one signing up for for example Swagbucks on your phone right it's a phone app and another one is clicking on one button then going to the Walmart website if I just do that for example on my phone if I can do this on any one of these phones I would literally get an extra two dollars for everything little 100 that I essentially spend on for example Walmart now this is freaking nuts because it's like that's twelve dollars for free every single day if I just do that every single day that would be an extra what 300 to 400 in a month this is literally passive income because I'm just clicking one extra button guys like you understand that the eBay app the Walmart app the Amazon app you can even do this on Amazon and take the exact same gazebos throw it up bump it up a couple hundred dollars and put it on eBay do you understand that all of these are just apps on your phone if you could just copy and paste and screenshot and send it over and then upload it on eBay and upload it on all these things with just your phone this is how you can make your first 100 a day when you don't have any experience does that make sense so the next way is upwork drop servicing with or without AI now I'm going to show you the without the AI version and the with the AI version so back when I was younger my mom would pay me like three dollars or five dollars to go ahead and do the chores I would then take the same chores go up to my little sister and be like hey you want to go and do these chores for one dollars to two dollars and she would go and do the chores I would take the money from my mom I would pay my sister with the money that my mom gave me and I just effectively did no work you could do the exact same thing even if you don't have a little sister you can literally go ahead and go to upwork.com do something like for example Amazon photography this is where people find clients and you can see look at this this person's getting charged a hundred dollars an hour or getting paid a hundred dollars an hour 25 an hour 25 an hour he's earned over 30 grand from this right forty dollars an hour and all they're doing is just creating all these things but if I go to go and go to for example upwork and I just now only do the Philippines I can find people that effectively will literally work for way less ten dollars an hour below I could find someone to go ahead and do a job for me for example twenty five dollars fifty dollars a hundred dollars an hour and I can then hire someone ten dollars an hour from the money that I get paid to essentially do the job now that's drop servicing with human being one way you could also go ahead and do it is just take that same job create a mid Journey account on Discord it's completely you could literally get started in its AI artificial intelligence to go ahead and do it and you can just have ai do all the hard work like if I get like for example a job that says oh we need to go ahead and create some type of cute armor Skeleton on top of like some type of horse cool I could have mid Journey do the exact same thing and then it will go ahead and create it it'll go ahead and create it this was all AI generated right all of these things were AI generated then you don't even have to have a Graphic Design bone in your body look at this hyper realistic spectacular beauty of Super Mario as a girl and look it's just this was created by artificial intelligence isn't that insane and one way that people are making money with AIS they're just going ahead and finding clients and getting jobs especially in graphic designing and they'll literally have artificial intelligence to do all the hard work now the fourth way is YouTube AdSense now I really like YouTube AdSense because it's just like I just create content based off of what I enjoy I maybe do some entertainment sub videos on these videos maybe I'll go ahead and you know do some vlogging but for some reason because I go and create content you could see that with Google AdSense alone we'll get paid anywhere from 35 Grand to 46 grand every single month now this is probably by far one of my favorite passive income ideas just because it's like I'm already creating content I'm already learning things I'm already going through some pains and failures some challenges and I'm overcoming it if I can just document it and put it on my YouTube channel and throw it up there and people buying it entertaining and advertisers want to go to an Advertiser products and services on my digital real esta

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