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number nine this one completely changed my life because I found it three months ago and I haven't looked back since 10 customers in a day that is $2,000 in a single day I hey girl welcome back I'm going to skip the intro with this one because you probably already know who I am so today's video is all about making money with canva which is one of my favorite modern tools that exist on the internet today I found a brand a woman on Instagram that has built her entire enire business model around canva I mean she has been able to monetize canva in so many interesting and creative ways and after spending some time just scrolling and scrolling on her page I decided to do some research with the team to find out if there are other ways that you can generate income for your business or side hustle and if you're like me and we like the same people and follow the same people on Instagram you probably already know who she is so take a wild guess in the comment section for now I have nine ways that you can generate income with canva not one not two but canva that we love so much can put money in our bank accounts in nine different ways and we're going to be talking about all nine of them in this video so if this is the kind of content that you like and you want me to make more of this tool specific content like canva or Shopify or notion if you want me to Deep dive into different tools and how you can make money from them then let me know by hitting the like button now without further ado let's get into the rest of the video number one number one is through print on demand product now back in the day if you wanted to start a t-shirt company or a branded mug company you would have needed a graphic designer to come up with different designs and then you would need people to actually manufacture the shirts and then you will need a place to sell and you will need inventory and all that stuff but the world has changed okay now it is possible to hop onto a website like canva and literally create your designs inside of canva and like the name implies print on demand when people actually demand for the product that you've designed in canva then and only then do you have to make and send that product to the person who's purchased it it is one way that you can start a business with literally $er and if you have good creating and design skills then print on demand could be a great business model for you to launch so if you want me to make an entire print on demand video teaching you all that you need to know to launch a print on man business then let me know down in the comment section I'm trying to make more videos that are specific like this canva one today I only want to make the ones you asked me for the reason why I'm making this canva is cuz y'all left comments in the comment section in a previous video asking me to make a video about canva so if you want me to make a full video a tutorial specifically about print on demand then let me know down in the comment section and make sure you hit the Subscribe button and the Bell so you don't miss that video when I make it number two number number two is template creation Now if you're the kind of person who literally just wants to sit behind your desk sit at your computer do something from end to end sell it online and make money without actually packaging any orders or sending things over to customers or anything like that then this might be the one for you with a template Design shop you can help other business owners by taking away the stress of social media from their to-do list so what you would have to do is create social media templates and then sell them online you can sell them on your own website or you can sell them on a platform like Etsy and you know I'm always going to be super honest with you I'm not going to sit here and make it sound like with a snap of a finger you can just make the templates and you start making money however if you learn how to actually create templates that sell and also learn how to get customers to sell your templates then this could be a great source of income and that's why I went searching for a class specifically for this point there's a woman called Cheryl Chan and she has a class on skillshare who've been kind enough to sponsor this video her class is literally called Etsy template shop diversify your income with CA and it's available on skillshare and if you don't know what skillshare is skillshare is an amazing platform with thousands of instructors and teachers who have done what it is you're trying to do from making money with canva to starting a side hustle to even video editing and managing your money skillshare has got it all and that's why I personally keep partnering with them because I can't think of another platform who has a class for almost anything that I know might be a challenge for you so because of this partnership the first 500 people to use my link below would have the opportunity to explore skillshare for free for one whole month so thanks skillshare for sponsoring this video number three number three is branding packages so there's another creator that I follow here on YouTube and about 2 years ago she launched a physical product a notebook speciic specifically and it went out in these really nice boxes that she was able to Outsource to a different company to help her actually design the boxes and print the boxes so if you're someone who's good with canva designs maybe because you've taken a skillshare class then you can Outsource your services to other business owners who want to sell things that would be in boxes or packages but they don't necessarily want to be involved in the packageing design so you could solve that business owner's problem and get to the bad number four number four is one I'm so excited about because the page that I found on Instagram this seems like her highest source of income I mean I'm always telling you on this channel that if you have a skill whatever that skill is one of the best ways to generate additional income from that skill is by teaching other people how to do the thing so it's one thing to do something that makes money but it's another thing to teach people how to do the thing that makes money so number four is actually branding workshops if you're someone someone who is good with designing in canva which it doesn't even take much to be good you don't have to be an actual expert I don't think there's any canva degree in University you just need to be someone who can use canva and can prove that you can use canva so make some designs and show it to us on Instagram and actually start attracting people who want to make the kinds of designs you make and the beautiful thing is you can make a significant amount of money without even charging so much like you don't have to say your class is $3,000 or $4,000 if you charge people just $200 per seat and you're able to get just 10 customers in a day that is $22,000 in a single day by teaching a skil

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