7th month on Etsy RESULTS & thinking about quitting my Etsy shop

if you've watched my previous update videos you will have seen that my shop has been doing very very bad since January and let's just look at net profit for the month of May it was 245 which is so much better than March which is 36 and then April which was 115. so what did I do pretty much the only thing I changed was I literally just turned off all the ads in May so I spent 99 Cents which basically I I turned it off but like I think I turned it off on the first day but then it had already spent a little bit so anyways and then the revenue was Zero obviously but look at what happened my conversion rate went to three percent and I got the same amount of items sold with less visits it's really interesting that my conversion rate went from 1.9 to 3 and it's exactly what one of my subscribers commented is that when you do ads and when your Niche I think mine is pretty small the ads actually don't do well because organically my listings are already showing up on the first page so by doing ads like my Etsy customers are seeing the ad instead of my my listing just like on the first page without the ad so I think it's better that I do less ads so anyways with no ads my shop still makes 300 in Revenue which I would say is quite good oh I did get another comment from somebody who said that I shouldn't Tinker so much with my ads so actually this month in June I did one dollar a day for ads and we'll see how that goes in May I also posted a little bit more than what I did in previous months so I added five new listings in May which was up from the three I did in April and then the one I did in March and I literally didn't add any in February so so I don't know if this also contributed to my shop doing better and having a higher conversion rate I'm not sure I have more listings but I also turned the ads off so it's hard to tell but I do think probably it is that like turning ads off increase the conversion rate because my listings already show up organically on the first page for the keywords that I want to rank for so something interesting is last month people clicked on my off-site ad 50 times and they placed three orders and I paid 675 in advertising fees for those sales and I got 45 dollars so I think that is pretty good Etsy just does it automatically I'm not even sure if you can opt out of the off-site ads but yeah actually this is way better than like me putting money into the actual ads like this is performing a lot better yeah that's good oh by the way if you also want to keep track of your stats like me you can get access to a copy of this Google Sheets so you just click the link that I have in the description for the Etsy stats tracker I know usually in these kinds of SC update videos I answer some questions that I get from you guys in the comments but today I actually want to share with you how I'm actually feeling about my Etsy Shop you'll notice that since January I've been really slow at adding listings just because I've been traveling and my YouTube got bigger so I've been focusing a lot more on my YouTube channel so you can probably tell I'm not that focused on my Etsy shop I'm not that motivated I'm trying my best to put out more listings but honestly making listings just takes so much time it takes me six hours to make a completely new listing and to make a variation of that listing it takes at least two hours to do the variation and the listing photos and right now as you can see my Etsy shot basically tanked and it is getting a little bit better because I turned off the ads but the return that I see on my time and my energy I don't know I just feel like sometimes is it worth it for me to keep going and I know a lot of you to subscribe to my YouTube channel because of my Etsy videos so I kind of feel like I have to do it and so I've been trying to do more with my Etsy shop but sometimes I just don't feel that motivated and I wanted to be like super honest with you guys for the last couple of weeks I've actually been thinking do I want to continue my Etsy shop if it's only going to make 100 200 a month or should I keep working at it like do I actually think that my shop can get back to the one like one thousand dollars a month and it's really hard to say because at the beginning of me making products the products that I made at the beginning are kind of in a different Niche than the products that are doing well for me now the ones at the beginning where I made the one thousand dollars in January those are not selling as well so I'm not sure if I can get back to that one thousand dollar per month level if I did I would be really happy but because I think the products that are selling well now they are products in a very small Niche and yeah I'm just not sure if I should continue doing that or maybe Branch out into some other products and try it out so my question for you is if you see that your shop is just doing so so and you're putting a lot of time and energy into it and after half a year it's just doing so so what would you do would you put in 100 effort or 50 effort or would you just quit completely for me I don't think I'll quit completely I think there's a lot of things I keep mentioning that I want to do like I want to try Pinterest I want to use market research tools which finally I'm starting to do so at this point I don't think I'm going to stop working on my Etsy shop but I don't think I'm going to work on it at a 100 effort it's more like I would say for the past couple of months my effort into my Etsy shop has been 30 and right now because I think YouTube is my true passion and just sharing my journey and making videos I'm okay just putting like 30 of my time and effort into my Etsy shop just to see if it can go somewhere because I think there are things I haven't tried that I would like to try try and see if they help my Etsy shop or not and I think this is actually a good example of if somebody works on their Etsy shop part time which I'm doing I'm not like working on it for several hours a day this is the realistic result that you can get sometimes the results can be really good sometimes it can be really low like 36 dollars a month and I know for most of you you might have a full-time job you might have a lot of other commitments you might have kids to take care of you might have some other businesses you're trying to start and so you might not be able to put in your all into Etsy you might be like me you can't put in 100 maybe you can't or you don't want to put in 100 of your time and energy into Etsy and so these are kind of like the results you can expect if you work on your Etsy part-time and you're not putting in your all you can definitely get results but I think if you do want to start a successful Etsy shop on part-time hours it's gonna take some time like it is for me right now so actually when I'm planning my YouTube videos and when I'm thinking of making Etsy related videos I always have this dilemma my Etsy Shop is not doing well sho

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