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so it's been about three months since I got monetized and started receiving money from YouTube ads and through Google AdSense I made this video about three months ago going over like how I actually got monetized how long it took from like zero watch hours to 4 000 watch hours and then how long it took from being eligible to be monetized to actually starting to make money so this video is about my entire monetization process and tips for getting monetized but if you are interested in how I'm doing right now after three months and how much money I've made and like the detailed analytics let me know in the comments so right now in 2022 how the heck do you get monetized well there are two criteria and I'm sure a lot of you already know about this but basically you need 1 000 subscribers and you need 4 000 watch hours but not just 4 000 watch hours in like the your total time of being a YouTuber it has to be in the last year so in the last 365 days you need to accumulate 4 000 watch hours so that is the hardest part because let's say somebody binge watches your video the last year on this exact same day you might lose some watch hours so the Thing YouTube wants to see is that people are continuously watching your videos and pretty much the only way you can get your watch hours is if your channel just grows in general and you're building your audience and you're getting more people to watch your videos or you have like more videos and they're watching longer so first of all how long did it take me to get my first 1000 subscribers I would say it took me I think it was like around a year I have to double check but I think it was around a year and then for 4 000 watch hours actually maybe 1 000 subscribers was like seven months or something I've really had a hard time with getting the 4 000 watch hours so it took me a year and a half so I started my YouTube channel in October 2020 so yeah around a year and a half and like I've been waiting so long to get monetized because I got my 1 000 subscribers pretty early on I would say and then it took double the time to get my watch hours so I think it really depends like I've heard a lot of people get their watch hours first but then they're not at 1000 subscribers or they're like missing the watch hours so it really depends on how well your videos are doing and for me I think one part of me being able to get 1 000 subscribers is that I had a following already on Instagram and my Niche when I first started my YouTube channel was tips for calligraphy business owners so because on Instagram I already had about you know three thousand or four thousand followers I think a lot of people then subscribe to my YouTube channel because of that so for me it was like way easier to get 1 000 subscribers but the watch hours took me forever and I have to thank this video this how to start a greeting card video because it's like the video that really really helped me get watch hours it's like my best performing video that's getting like around 200 views every 48 Hours like if I didn't have this video then it would be really hard for me to get the watch hours so what is the process to get monetized well first you have to get your 1000 subscribers and 4 000 watch hours in the past 365 days and then you have to you should already have an AdSense account because you can apply for an AdSense account before you reach your 4 000 watch hours or 1 000 subscribers so I actually applied for an AdSense account I think maybe a couple months ago and I would say the process was pretty straightforward but the only thing I didn't do was like the tax information because it seemed like a little bit complicated so I just left that so actually like I my AdSense account was not complete when I was able to apply for monetization so I had to then go back into my Google AdSense account and then add the tax information and here's a tip like when you're adding the tax information there might be some questions where you don't really know what to answer and so I actually had to like Google or I guess I had to search up how to to input AdSense information if like I'm a Canadian resident because they're going to ask you different questions I think depending on which country you're in and I didn't really understand the withholding tax and stuff like that and then like Canada has a treaty with the us so I think there's no withholding tax or something like that it's kind of confusing but I didn't really understand it so I had to Google like how to set up and add access information so if you are at that stage and you're not sure how to do it then I'm sure there's a video that explains how you can do that so that took me about you know maybe like 20 minutes to fill in the tax information and I had to like watch a video on how Canadians can do the tax information and then it took me three days to get approved after that so it was pretty fast and I'm not sure if it would have been faster if I did it on the weekday because I finished setting up my AdSense account on a Friday and then I got approved on Monday so I would say it was like pretty fast I do have a friend who said that her friend it took like six months to get approved and I have read some like Reddit forums where they say like there's kind of like it's like all over the place with how long it takes to get approved so I'm not sure if it like depends on the country or depends on your channel like the topic of your channel I'm not really sure what YouTube does to like approve somebody but for me it was pretty fast I don't know how long it would take for you but if it is taking a lot longer than you think it should maybe go like look into like some forums um those can be helpful but YouTube does say that you should be approved within about a month so I guess it's taking more than a month then maybe go read some other stuff on how you can get approved I'm really happy because it took me three days one other thing I had to do was after I connected my bank account to Google AdSense I had to wait for a PIN to arrive in the mail this is like a pin to authenticate my Google AdSense account so I did this after I applied for monetization but that's because I think I didn't put in all the tax information and stuff but I I'm pretty sure you can do this before you get approved for monetization I'm not sure I think it's because I didn't put the tax information but I think you can do this whole pin thing waiting for the mail thing before that um oh yeah and then just like an interesting that so it's been like three days of me being able to see how much money I've made so in three days I made five dollars 32 cents which is averaging 1.7 dollars a day this month in one month I'll probably make fifty dollars which I guess it's not so bad it's it's something you know it's like the start of this new income stream actually in the first month I made 87 which is more than the 50 that I estimated like three months ago so even though it's like not that m

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