You Can Claim Up to $500 from a $45 MILLION Walmart Lawsuit

[Music] well it seems that Walmart has gotten itself into a little bit of trouble recently that should come at no surprise in fact it's not just a little bit of trouble Walmart was sued at the end of 2023 for a roughly $45 million class action lawsuit that you may be able to take advantage of Walmart's not new to this lawsuit thing in fact Walmart is sued 20 times per day and up to 5,000 times in one year which typically comes from their employees however this time around it did not come from employees it came from shoppers like you and I we provide our customers everyday low prices to help them save money on the products that they want and need that's Walmart statement but the lawsuit claims that Walmart has been using deceptive and unfair business practices to deceive mislead and unjustly charge hardworking individuals like you and I which is just about everybody in today's economy because of ridiculous amounts of inflation now really quickly I shop at Walmart all the time I always shop at Walmart because Walmart was supposed to be known for their low prices but if you o shop at Walmart is it just me are their prices excessively increasing for no reason I feel like I can't even go to Walmart without putting five items in my buggy and leaving and every time I leave I have to spend $100 I honestly feel like they are price gouging like Whole Foods which I hate Whole Foods we're not going to get into that in this video but the price gouging of these grocery stores feels so excessive especially in today's economy that this is one lawsuit that I kind of agree with this lawsuit specifically alleges that Walmart falsely inflated the product weight on weighted items in their store specifically weighted goods and bagged Citrus which my family does buy a lot of but altogether the lawsuit includes things like weighted meat poultry pork Seafood products that are sold by weight or those organic bags of citrus that are also sold according to weight those are typically in those mesh bags or those plastic bags and they already have the price tag on them that are already adjusted according to their weight this is what the customers that filed that lawsuit are claiming that these weights were actually inflated a little bit and they're looking to get their money back now anybody who was affected by these claims so if you bought these weighted items within a certain amount of time a time frame which did fall in between Thanksgiving Christmas the beginning of the year so New Year's that's a time where a lot of people are buying weighted products like turkeys chickens hams all that stuff if you bought in that time frame you can receive a to $500 by filing a claim and I'm going to go over how to do that with you and how I did it and yes that's right I have also filed a claim myself because like I said I spend a lot of money at Walmart and I know I bought those weighted Goods so I definitely filed my claim but before I get into that I want to take a moment to mention today's sponsor Aura I'm not sure if any of my audience are members of AT&T but if you didn't already know AT&T was just involved in a massive data link so for those of you who aren't aware AT&T just released that over 73 million customer records were just released on the dark web to make it worse it doesn't just involve existing customers it also involves former customers of AT&T now AT&T's official recommendations for those who were affected by this data breach include using strong passwords monitoring your account activity consider credit freezing or turning on those fraud alerts from the credit bureaus I'm not currently a member of AT&T but I did use to be and when I heard this news I didn't freak out because I use Aura and because I use Aura Aura does all those things for me and I don't even have to use a ton of different apps to do so it does it all within one software in one app so if my information was compromised within that AT&T data breach I don't really have to worry because Aura is doing all of that behind the scenes hard work for me keeping me safe online which is exactly what it's used for but with that being said it's not just AT&T users who have to worry about their information getting compromised on the web just about anybody nowadays with a simple Google search can have all of your information out there for anybody to take and have your full name email address House address relatives health records it's all out there and that's why I use Ora to show me those data brokers who are selling my information so that aura can automatically submit opt out request on my behalf I value my privacy and I also value yours you can go to www.or Kimberly Mitchell and get started with your twoe free trial today it's also going to be linked in the description box down below okay the time frame from which you had to have bought those weighted products in order order to file your claim include October of 2023 up until January 19th of 2024 if you've bought any of those things between that time frame you can file a claim so the amount you're going to receive is going to depend on the amount that you spent but just keep in mind that Thanksgiving Christmas New Year's all of these holidays were during that time frame typically those weighted items that are going to be included like turkeys hams chickens those items all are like 20 lb items so just keep that in mind whenever you're looking at your claim form and filling out your claim form so in order to file your claim you're going to go to this website right here I'm also going to have it linked in the second link of the description box down below you can just click it it'll take you directly to that claim form the deadline to submit your claim is by June the 5th of 2024 now once you've clicked that link and you're into the claim form on the Walmart lawsuit over here if you have gotten a notice ID or confirmation code in your email it'll typically look something like this but if you don't have that no problem just go here on the right and click click here and then these are the fields you're going to fill out and then scroll down under here where it says back Citrus or waited good purchase you're going to select your option one or your option two those options are for if you do have receipts or if you don't have receipts I do have receipts because I always use Walmart pay which gives me automatic receipts and I save all my receipts but I just selected I do not have receipts because I didn't feel like going back and going through all of them if you keep receipts like me or if you use Walmart pay like me even better you're going to have access to more money like I said I just selected option one I don't have receipts then after that you're going to select the payment method that you want I selected zel as the payment method which is directly to your bank account you can select whichever one works best for you then after that you're just going to describe

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