EARN $1,875 PER DAY Using Google Search (Make Money Online 2024)

are you tired of searching on Google and not finding what you really need well you're not alone many people out there are missing out on a simple trick that could save them tons of time and even earn them some extra cash in this easy to follow guide I'm going to show you the right way to use Google and guess what you don't need any special skills or money to get started imagine making up to $1,875 a day just by using Google properly sounds too good to be true right but trust me it's possible and the best part you don't have to build a website or spend a dime it's all about using Google in a smarter way first things first let's talk about the very first step imagine you're on the internet and the first place you go is Google right well here's a tip don't just type in random stuff and hope for the best that's what most newbies do and it's not the smartest move here's a better idea there are these Cool Tools called lead scrapers they basically help you find email addresses of businesses with just one click that means you don't have to spend hours hunting down emails one by one so instead of wearing out your fingers typing away you can use these lead scrapers there are a couple of good ones out there like outs scraper or instant data scraper which is a Chrome extension they're like your secret weapon for finding businesses in any category you can think of once you sign up for one of these tools it's easy you just pick a category you're interested in and boom you've got a list of businesses and their emails ready to go no more endless searching just smooth sailing from here on out let's say you're looking to sell something to doctors with these awesome tools you can narrow down your search to specifically Target doctors in the US not only that but you can also zoom in further focusing on particular states countries or even cities if you want the possibilities are endless once you've set your preferences you just hit the button get data and this smart AI tool then scour Google for you finding all those doctors you can reach out to imagine you could end up with a whopping 40,000 different leads ready for you to contact that's a huge opportunity right there but wait with great power comes great responsibility and potentially great cost too having so many leads might seem amazing but targeting such a specific audience could end up costing you a pretty penny all right so let's break it down if you're looking at around $400 for 40,000 leads that's quite the investment but maybe you don't need that many leads maybe you just need 10 so you adjust your settings hit the button and in just a few minutes voila you've got 10 leads ready to go that's the beauty of these tools they make things quick and simple now before you start reaching out make sure your offer matches what these folks are interested in whether it's doctors or any other Niche you want to tailor your approach once you've got your list of emails it's time to hit them up and you're good to go all right let's dive into the customization game say you found an email on Google and maybe even the name of the person you're reaching out to now it's time to make it personal for example let's say you're reaching out to Dr David you want to catch his attention right so you might start off with something like hi David or should I say Dr David and then adding that Personal Touch can make all the difference now this isn't just for doctors it could be anyone from gym owners to Coffee Shop managers to business coaches the possibilities are endless you just swap out the details to fit whoever you're contacting and here's a pro tip add something specific to them in your email maybe mention a recent achievement or something you admire about their work it shows you've done your homework and you're not just sending out generic emails so when you're crafting your email don't forget to sprinkle in those dream outcomes it's like offering them a glimpse of what's possible and who knows they might just be eager to see that video you're offering now let's talk about the reality of email Outreach sure you can scrape a thousand emails at once and fire off a thousand messages but here's the thing only a tiny fraction of them might actually respond and that's totally fine why because you don't need a huge response rate to make some serious cash you just need a handful of the right people it's all about quality over quantity especially when you've got the right offer in hand so let's move on to the next step choosing the offer to promote there are two routes you can take here you can either create your own offer from scratch or hop on board an affiliate offer but if you're not up for building your own offer from scratch no worries you can sign up for free on affiliate networks like partner stack there you'll find a bunch of software companies waiting to be promoted think about it maybe these companies offer solutions to help businesses higher on Google or build better websites you could pitch these offers and earn a nice commission say $100 a month with $50 per sign up depending on the offer see it's all about finding the right fit and maximizing your earning potential that's just one example of how you can make it work now when it comes to pitching these offers don't fall into the Trap of just dropping your affiliate Link in the email that's what most beginners do and it's not very effective instead take a different approach consider creating a short video presentation show them how the product or service can help them achieve their goals whether it's ranking higher on Google booking more appointments or boosting Revenue explain why this offer is a GameChanger for them but here's the key don't push the affiliate link right away instead encourage them to book a call with you this approach works wonders especially if you've got your own offer to sweeten the deal it's all about building relationships and offering value before asking for anything in return now let's talk about leveraging the power of video have you heard of loom it's an awesome tool that lets you create screen recordings and even record yourself simultaneously all for free with loom you can showcase your screen and Pitch your offer in a personalized way here's the game plan when people start replying to your emails instead of bombarding them with text you send them a pre-made video this video explains how your tool or solution can help them achieve their dream outcome it's like giving them a sneak peek into what you have to offer and and here's the kicker encourage them to book a call with you through cenly or Google meet this turns the tables now instead of you chasing them they're eager to connect with you it's almost like cold calling but way more effective believe it or not some people are raking in thousands of dollars a day using this exact strategy so why not give it a shot with a compelling video and a little bit of charm you could be on your way to closing some serious deals now

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