288 Google Rankings With ONE Ai Blog Post – Simple Chatgpt Hack!

wait a minute 286 keywords from one blog post and it was created for free using AI hey guys I'm Marcus and I have been ranking sites on Google for the better part of 23 years now and what you're about to see is going to seem way too simple but it works time and time again and this is not only super simple but I can actually guarantee that if you follow the instructions exactly as I lay out in this video you will rank on Google you could use this on your blogs your Facebook pages YouTube videos medium posts quora yeah pretty much anything you want to rank at the top of Google and since we know that these search engine rankings are worth lots of money this video is going to be super important so make sure you smash that like button and watch this entire video at least one time all the way through unless of course you want to keep struggling to get rankings or maybe you just hate money now first off I want to show you that this actually works you can see here a website that I'm working on in the termite related Niche now I want you to pay close attention to the keywords that have a high amount in the CPC column that means that advertisers are paying lots of money for this traffic meaning that this blog post could potentially be worth thousands of dollars per month yeah from one AI generated blog post we could see I rank for stuff like termites and concrete or does termite damage would need to be removed and even termite larva which has over 2 800 searches a month and it just keeps going and going and going one of the keywords I actually started showing up on which I didn't even try for is what does a termite look like which actually gets over 7 700 searches a month and again since advertisers are paying a lot of money for each and every click in this market I can make some serious cash and you can see here if you're to search for some of these keywords in Google you're going to see our site ranking all over the place here's another website we're working on for SUV related keywords you can see it's got all kinds of new rankings popping up every single day and again pay attention to that CPC column because that determines how much money we're going to make from the traffic these search engine rankings generate and remember that's not a guarantee you're going to get 19 per click that just tells us on average what they're paying the search engines and advertisers and things like that however I will say the most I've ever made on one click using a paid click platform like AdSense was around nine dollars but that's the exception not the rule and you won't know what your results are going to be until you actually try this out which is a good thing that this is a very very simple method so first off what we want to do is make sure that the keywords we choose are based on something that pays lots of money in this example that I'm going to walk you through right now we're going to use the keyword Airline credit cards now if you were to search for this in your favorite keyword tool you're going to see that the keyword difficulty is extremely hard meaning no matter how good your article is or how many articles you get or whatever AI bot people are telling you about you're not going to rank for this keyword but that doesn't really matter keep watching and you're going to see why but now back to the money we can see here that Airline credit cards has about 3 800 searches a month on Google and other search engines we can also see that the average cost per click that advertisers are paying for this keyword is nine dollars and 33 cents for one click to their website wait a minute so you're telling me that if I could get traffic for this word it's worth lots of money yeah and all I have to do is find non-competitive keywords use AI make one giant blog post which you're gonna teach me in this video and I can get paid yeah keep watching so armed with this data that we have a market that's worth a lot of money what I'm going to do now is try to find keywords that are low competition that lead to the same thing and in order to do that I'm going to use the word Fair alert we can see that now the competition is starting to drop and there's quite a bit of keywords people are searching for next I'm going to take a look at the pages that rank on Google and find out what other keywords they're using something like simply miles American Advantage shopping Chase credit cards mileage run Delta Amex business platinum and on and on we go now while some of these keywords only have like 40 searches a month others are going to have like 300 and remember we're going to use one blog post to find the magic in this market get rankings and make money and then of course looking at a site like airfare Watchdog I can see different keywords that they have and isolate them by competition so I could do KD three or less and we could see they have like 60 000 keywords ranking on Google that would perfectly tie in to Airline credit cards which we know is worth money and now it's time to get busy and make some content first I'm going to start with a prompt that I have written here and don't worry I'll have this prompt available for you at the end of this video we're going to put in the style of an enthusiastic travel blogger since this one's about travel if yours was about mortgages or running you'd do something like running blogger write a 3000 word article about how travel fare alert and fair error alert websites work with some example websites and please be sure to include information about Fair alerts for okay now this is the hack you want to pay close attention to what I noticed when searching the word Fair alert is that we had all different types of Airlines Delta JetBlue something about a hip Monk American United and on and on we go what we want to do is include many of these low competition keywords with the airline in our chat GPT article so I'm going to add something here we'll put an enter and I'm going to paste a list of all these Airlines then I'm going to say and add a couple others that you find as well this is based on a simple hack we used to use on my mortgage websites when I had a mortgage website the very first one I put up I noticed that I had certain cities and states on that mortgage website so in addition to trying to rank for something like mortgage or mortgage calculator I also ranked for mortgages plus California mortgages plus Florida plus Arizona and on and on we go so what happened was by including these other keywords here that were much less competitive than the keyword mortgage I was able to get rankings for lots of stuff thus one simple page or post on my website was able to rank for 50 or more keywords just by listing those States on my page now this later became less effective and it was known as keyword stuffing because people were doing this with keywords or it was like mortgage mortgage calculator mortgage elephant mortgage this mortgage that mortgage everything and the search engin

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