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Homedigital marketingWebsite Traffic Generator Method Gets 50,000 Visitors in 2 weeks

Website Traffic Generator Method Gets 50,000 Visitors in 2 weeks

➡️ Ways to generate website traffic:


This is the ultimate website traffic generator. In my experiment it got 50,000 unique visitors in 2 weeks to a brand new website.

Today you will learn:

A new website traffic method
See results from a new traffic experiment
That gets laser-targeted traffic
And powerful backlinks
From a single article
Mostly made of curated content
Establishes you as authority figure

Why listen to me?

Digital marketing for 20+ years
Full time self-employed online since 2004
Hobby got 4 million visitors a month
Profit Copilot shares what’s working

The strategy part 1:

Find “critical niche-relevant” information, stats, data, & quotes
Curated from multiple sources
Google News & BuzzSumo
Create a high-impact article
Reference the sources
Write a strong headline
Trigger emotion

The strategy part 2:

Contact, tag, tweet, email, phone all sources used
List all niche-relevant sites
Find sites who links to them (Moz Link Explorer)
Submit the article
Use boolean search strings
Niche + submit news
Niche + submit url
Niche + article submission
Your is site credited as the source
Get powerful backlinks
Post on social media
Monitor results & do more

Now you can generate traffic to your website anytime you like.

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