[Music] foreign [Music] and back again and you're never too serious they think that you sleep too much hi guys what's up so um we're currently heading to the airport and this is seven this is 6 54. the good thing is that the road is very free otherwise it would have been a disaster but so I think you have just read in time a check and yeah so it's just going to be the intro for the Vlog hopefully hopefully describing ourselves to me I've Loved loved in the world with you too fingers crossed I just hope it comes out really well yeah I'm gonna see where we get to the airport [Music] sunscreen strawberry ice cream midsummer's day long days whipped cream cherry we just got to the airport now I don't know if you can see me properly if you can see me clearly but I want to pick up one of those courage so I can get my bags I'm really really nervous alright so here's my trolley to get the bags every year right around June 21st [Music] everything's coming up roses [Music] guys what's up Sue I'm settled now to be honest I was very very nervous I'm not even going to realize you guys because I had to go through a lot of checking plus everywhere I get to do say okay why do you have two passport so I always have to explain that I have a baby so I'll just say my baby and I'm a baby when we got to the check and I was trying to Vlog but I don't know if my camera captured anything um when I submitted my my passport when I showed them they were asking me series of question okay where is the Father's consent form how much do I have with me they wanted to check my yellow card what else I had to show them my baby's immunization thank God I even held it down for some reason I was like these people they may or may not move mad so I had that with me what else did they ask for my yellow card my baby's immunization whatever they just checked our passport and then I had to show them my husband identity card they also asked me how much money I had in me and I only have like 15K on me so I was saying why do I have just 15 kill me I said I'm going to meet my husband do I need to have a lot more money I was just like okay I should just change it around blah blah so yeah now we're all settled and our boarding has started so I'm just really chilling here let me show you this this place is very fine but I don't want them to see that I'm Vlogging so um started 8 AM 8pm this is currently about 8 30 so I want to take pictures I just noticed my microphone was looking all weird I heard that but now I've adjusted it to fit in here hey baby hey baby boy hello baby everything hey baby [Music] currently yeah this is immigration currently at immigration oh sorry please can I get a pen guys if you see the way I'm pushing myself and my baby right now you're beating me I have to walk down I'm going to but we are going this place is so cold thank God I have my baby covered off it's my baby see my baby thank God I even brought this trailer it's making my life a lot easier I'm gonna lie [Music] [Music] hey guys too there we have I had to strap America because they took a stroller where the boarding gate doesn't hexic no basically I just want to wear my sneakers because I have to pick them up at the immigration point I don't know what that is called and they took my stroller pretty much that is it this is pronounce straps [Music] ing got my bag stop to me this one and my laptop back here so pretty much I think we are good I'm so tired let me wear my shoes guys I feel like this is I feel like see if we maybe if you're unable to hear me because I think you're still going to wait there not really trying try a date right now still trying to figure my own life out and I don't wanna love anybody else maybe I'm insecure or maybe the world is the problem I guess I'm not really sure so how do I learn what I'm worth how do I do [Music] not care so much guys we just landed and I'm trying to evaluate to navigate everything that's happening I'm so freaking cool I'm super freaking cold now I've switched to my phone I'll switch to my phone and we are currently in Johannesburg so what is going to happen for me is that my husband is gonna fly down here and it's gonna pick us because this is crazy I'm gonna buy I got a license a whole body I'm literally the last person here the break I'm the last person because I had to wait until when the plane landed before I could change my baby because I didn't want to leave my stuff unattended so but yeah let me just stop recording for now I want to clean my bag and yeah it's so cold I had to pull off my shoes that's full of my sneakers for some reason it was really tight maybe because of my nails or something but it was so uncomfortable it was so comfortable and I was like I can't keep doing this so I decided to take it off I literally walked all the way from the plane and it's quite far not far but I mean for a first nine percent and thankfully there was one of oh baby why are you crying one of these um one of the quarters she helped me with my bag because I have three boxes and I have a stroller I have a baby so it's quite stressful to be honest so she was so so freaking nice and she helped me Baby Don't Cry all right so I'm breastfeeding my baby and um what was I even saying okay I have to go upstairs my husband said I should go upstairs like to eat because let's have to one basmati rice on the plane I think that was my first time of eating Basmati I've never really liked it so I always avoid it but I was so freaking hungry that was anything I had and I had um yeah two cups of juice yeah what else I think oh yeah and they gave me a bassinet but trust me my mind my Nigerian mind would you not allow me leave my baby and that person for so long so he stayed there for about I think about maybe 20 minutes max but the lady said okay when is it better like when the city better light comes on I have to strap the baby to me so the one time that I picked him up to strap him to me I just I I didn't just wanted to put him back because it was only not stressful I couldn't I I need to monitor my baby so um I just held him unto me I strapped him with his seat belt and yeah we learned it soon I think the experience is just it's just it's just too busy nothing to use considering I was trying to Vlog I was even the last person to leave the plane because I needed to change his diapers but I didn't want to leave my bag my bag was there my laptop my phone my camera so I didn't want to leave my bag and everything so I waited until the plane landed and I could actually tell one of those people to look over my stuff so yeah that's just it right now it's so cold I want my baby to finish eating then I'll get someone to help me with the luggage upstairs I think the restaurant is upstairs so I can eat my let me tell you what I'm having so I'm going to send me Morgan Bean it said is it when you get there your mother is California omelette tell them to remove the become the bacon and put milk on instead I'll come and be when

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