TOP 3 Amazon Work From Home Jobs To Try in 2024 (For Beginners)

in this video revealing the top three amazon work from home jobs for complete beginners and how complete beginners earning a hundred dollars a day to five thousand dollars a month with no experience smart that after the intro [Music] hey guys how's it going mike fasil here welcome to this video before we actually begin to remind you that subtle spots have opened up for this week's free workshop where it's the fastest and easiest way to make money online sign up for it in the link below we literally have a 62 year old woman go from zero to 160 grand profit in 90 days so check it out now so the reason why i know that some of these amazon work from home jobs get paid a lot is because i was the one that was doing the paying okay so back in the day you know i started selling on amazon fba right this was literally in my e-commerce days before i went from zero to five grand to like 1.6 million in dollars that for sale uh that first year and i started like traveling around the world and just kind of like taking off my shirt and doing all these like epic pictures like on my instagram channel uh and whatnot right before all of that i just wanted to go ahead and make a bunch of money for example on amazon fba right and i remember i did the entire shebang i literally bought a bunch of products from china i shipped them over to amazon and once it was on amazon i realized i was like whoa i literally need help getting the best pictures and the best photography and the best video for this thing that i just invested a lot of money to go ahead and sell so i remember i hired someone to do my photography and my videography right and this person charged me like initially up front it was like a hundred bucks or 200 bucks for like these really high level pictures that you know allowed me to sell on amazon and make money off of it but then after i paid that and i loved their work so much i started paying them four to seven thousand dollars a month to continue making photography and videography for the products that i was launching on amazon so number one the first best work from home job that that is like amazon related isn't customer service isn't doing any of those things is literally product photography for amazon specifically like if you literally go to it's a place that you could sign up for free and get clients it's how my sister gets clients and literally didn't have to become a nurse and now like lives in thailand with her boyfriend and travels around the world she gets her clients from from upwork and gets these jobs from upwork you could see that some of these people amazon photographer get paid a hundred dollars an hour right a hundred dollars an hour there's people that had crazy degrees they don't get paid a hundred dollars an hour right it's not just yuri you even have for example this guy 100 an hour has earned over 80 grand product photography for amazon this person from russia has earned over a hundred grand 75 an hour right it doesn't matter right like like think about that that's already life-changing you work an hour a day that's a hundred dollars a day you work three hours a day that's essentially like a six-figure year business do you understand the demand for amazon photographers are literally through the roof and how hard is it to learn that job oh you know get a camera oh you know go ahead and like sign up for upwork oh go ahead and attract customers and clients because more and more people are getting into e-commerce instead of you like what i had to do investing money in the product and actually go ahead and try to make it successful right which i was so invested in that i had to go ahead and pay top photographers top videographers and top people go ahead and do right literally or you could just learn a skill that you could do at home and take pictures with where some of the top like highest converting pictures right now in just e-commerce in general right is literally from like the iphone right in videos and video ads literally from the iphone right that's something that you go ahead and do now the second thing that you can go ahead and do and make money is more so in like the online entrepreneurship space and what a lot of people are doing is they're realizing one thing okay uh traditionally back in the day when i wanted to go ahead and make money on amazon i would take a bunch of for example grill mats buy them from china with my own money send them over to amazon and then i would have to compete against all these people that have like 18 000 reviews which is why i was so hard and so competitive and why i was willing to spend so much money to get the right photographers and videographers right but now there's a growing group of people that are actually selling on amazon for free at home uh literally building a portfolio of products that they could sell for free and get paid passive income from and you can see exactly what it is by typing uh for example cat t-shirts right check this out i type in the word cat t-shirts all these cat t-shirts people are selling there's not crazy competition compared to like the grill mats right some of these designs have like literally like less than 100 reviews which is really good and some actually have no reviews and it's literally on the first page of for example this thing like we could actually go ahead and just scroll down scroll down scroll down all these things have like reviews you can see some only have nine reviews right a lot of these people are selling these t-shirts and these designs on amazon for free without actually having to create the designs themselves right so think about this the goal of the matter is you want to think about these designs as like a portfolio of pictures that you can sell for free now one design could potentially make you a hundred dollars a month in passive income so the goal is like to build a portfolio of of of designs and pictures that could actually make you money in non-competitive niches so a really good non-competitive niche that i just figured out if i type in beagle gifts for notice this thing pops up beagle gifts for beagle lovers that means people are searching for it right anytime you see things pop up that means people are searching for this means if you could rank for it and you include that in your title you could be found for it does it make sense so check this out here's beagle gifts for beagle lovers and then i see a t-shirt no reviews on the first page compared to the grill mats had 18 000 reviews okay which one do you think is easier to compete against something that has nothing or something that has 18 000 reviews and all you got to do is go to for example and you could sell products on amazon as amazon products reaching millions of customers worldwide with no upfront cost or investment to you right all you got to do is sign up for free upload your photo that you don't have to create for free set a list price they promote sold fast shipping wit

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