THIS side hustle made me $10,000 in 1 month | recipe for beginners

so about 2 months ago I started an I tried it series where I try outside hustle spound here on YouTube to see whether or not they actually work and whether you guys can make a little bit of extra money from them the response to this Series has been absolutely huge however I've also gotten a ton of comments asking me what actually works I want to say welcome to the day and age in which the biggest form of money will come from monetizing your individuality to start off this conversation with you guys and to get into this video I want to say first things first is to look in the mirror and ask yourself what is it that I do well what is it that makes me me and I'm not talking surface level here I'm talking about a very deep and broad range of things that make you you what is it that you do well do you argue well perhaps you're very analytical maybe you're very funny maybe you're just a very positive person or maybe you're a really negative person what is your individuality and in this video I want to teach you guys how to monetize that okay you guys so specific specifically I am talking about YouTube so for those of you out there who have been wanting to start a YouTube but you have a ton of negative thoughts that possibly come to your mind when you're thinking about starting a YouTube channel I want to give you guys a recipe that I've put together myself that I have followed myself in order to be successful on YouTube with that being said I know that there are many areas of YouTube that may hold my audience or the audience back from actually starting their own channel many of these things are things like editing a video making a thumbnail you know appearing on a camera you know that's intimidating doing that SEO and keyword research you know how do you even do that there's tons of things that may appear in your mind to hold you back because you just don't know where to get started and I know because I've been there whenever I started my channel three years ago I have two channels when I started three years ago I had all of those things come to mind I didn't even know how to actually cut and clip and paste Clips together for YouTube so I've had to teach myself all of these things that you may have come to your mind that holds you back from actually starting with that being said today's world is so different than it was even 3 years ago and there's many ways to improve the skills that you may need to monetize that individuality on YouTube I want to mention first things first is one of the most major resources that I've used myself that I recommend is a website called skillshare now if you've not heard of skillshare it is a platform with thousands of online classes on a large variety of topics specifically though YouTube editing thumbnail designs marketing all of those things that you need to start a channel so if you're looking to learn those skills like I just mentioned skillshare is definitely a platform that can help like I stated before I personally am still learning the ropes here on YouTube and skillshare is something that I personally use to increase my skills for video editing thumbnail design scripting how to put a YouTube video together it's something that I've personally been able to utilize and get a lot of great benefit from it on skillshare I've personally completed a class from MKBHD recently that was all about video editing scripting how to do your YouTube thumbnail all of that I have found it extremely helpful and I highly recommend that specific class however skillshare doesn't just have classes for YouTube editing they have a multitude of other type of classes that you can check out and learn from and skill share was kind enough to offer the first 500 people who click my link in the description box down below a free one month 30-day trial to check it out see what you can get out of that 30 days if you don't like it if you don't find that you're finding value from it you are able to cancel in that 30-day period and not have to pay a single penny so it really is a win-win situation you guys and I highly recommend you guys get on there utilize that 30-day free trial and get what it is that you need to learn out of the way these classes have really helped me overcome some things that I've been intimidated by and I know that it can really help you as well all right now let's dive a little bit deeper into that recipe so the first part of this recipe is about a cup of individuality and like I stated before if you haven't noticed from my channel alone I really truly believe that people are tired of the same old thing in my personal perception is that people really value the individuality of new channels when I think about it myself that's also what I personally value so if you think about it this way if you have a producer a production company who produces the same movie over and over and over and over just changes up the actors how many times are you going to go check that out in theaters probably not that many times because you're tired of watching the same thing over and over and over this is specifically what I'm talking about when it comes to YouTube an individuality look within yourself find that cup of individuality and what it is that you bring to the table because everybody's different so everybody has that cup of individuality that you can add into the recipe for YouTube okay the next part of the recipe is going to be commitment now this part of the recipe and how successful you can actually be on YouTube is going to depend on the amount of commitment that you pour into your YouTube channel if you just want to do it for a hobby you're not really looking to make it a business you can pour about a half a cup of commitment and the recipe may not turn out as well or you can pour in that whole cup of commitment start your own small business with this and really make it successful so to be successful on YouTube I firmly believe you need to have that cup of commitment it's very important it's very vital because in the beginning you know you may only see a few views on your channel you may get disappointed and that may cause you to quit don't quit that's the whole point you need that commitment now I want to share a little secret here whenever it comes to YouTube because what I've noticed with my personal Channel and other channels as well is that when you first start out a channel you know in the older days whenever people on YouTube would recommend you know just upload your first three uploads are going to be crappy videos anyways who cares just upload you know that's great advice but something I've personally noticed is new channels YouTube's kind of giving them a boost in the very beginning so the first two three four videos YouTube's really boosting new creators content so I personally don't recommend just throwing out content your first three videos being crappy I think that you need to utilize that initial boost that YouTube is giving you and really put

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