THIS is how I built a 6 figure Etsy shop 🚀 (How to make money on Etsy 2024)

hey friends welcome back to the channel if you're new here and it's your first time i'm kate i feel like i need to introduce myself a little bit for this video so i've been an etsy seller since 2015 and over the years have grown my shop to six figures landing it in the top one percent of all etsy shops but it wasn't all that long ago that i was sitting on my couch with my laptop scared to death to hit publish on that first listing fast forward seven years and i honestly can't imagine it any other way my etsy journey has drastically changed my life my family's life honestly in a way that i could never have imagined because i know how much of a difference it's made for us i want to help you get there too so in today's video i'm going to share five of the top factors that i believe truly contributed to our success and at the end i'm throwing in two pro tips of things that i always did throughout the whole journey that i think served me really well with my etsy shop and i know can serve you and help you too so watch all the way to the end to make sure to get those two tips [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay so let's go ahead and dive into factor number one of the first thing i did that i really think helped set me up in a great way and that was choosing a profitable product niche if you've been around this channel you've probably heard me say it before but i'm going to say it again because it really is so important not everything is profitable on etsy and not every type of product sells well on etsy so before you ever open a shop before you ever create a product or listing it's up to you to do the research to figure out for etsy specifically because we know there's ebay and amazon and all these other marketplaces and platforms they all appeal to a different type of audience so it's up to you to do that research to figure out what sells on etsy specifically what product niches are in demand and popular and profitable on this specific platform i use a lot of different resources to do this type of product and niche research including sales samurai everbee pinterest there's a lot of different things you can use and i have a few videos walking you through my process on doing this that i'll link in the description box below if you want to check that out after this video now the second thing i did goes right along hand in hand with the first and that is that i based my designs on trending and popular styles so these are two separate things but they go hand in hand the first is more of a broad product niche you're validating that that broad product niche actually is profitable and in demand on etsy but then you take it a step further to make it more specific and you decide i'm going to offer this type of product in this specific trending style so it is possible to have a great product but then the style that you choose let's say it's a certain pattern or color scheme or font the specific style elements are not trending or popular at the time so even if it's a great type of product your specific one may not sell if it's made in a style that's outdated or just not in demand but the point here is that every time you're gonna decide to offer a certain type of product there are two main steps product category niche which is broad you have to make sure that that's profitable and in demand on the etsy platform and then more specifically offering a style that is trending and popular at the current time you want to make sure that you're shifting with the trends as they come in and out over the years as you're on etsy to keep ahead of what is popular and in demand now a couple years into my etsy journey i really honed in on something specific that i think took it even further which was seasonal and gifting items i realized when i compared etsy to other marketplaces like ebay and amazon that the buyers on etsy a lot of times come there specifically to find more thoughtful gift type items or seasonal items that can be more customized and personalized you a lot of times can't get things like that on platforms like amazon or ebay so etsy buyers specifically a lot of times are coming on to get that really personal touch if they're looking for a really thoughtful gift for a friend or a family member etsy is the place so that doesn't mean that you have to offer all products that are all personalized and only for gifts but it does mean you need to think about how you can incorporate that into your product lines as much as possible think about what holidays or seasons would be really relevant for your product niche as well as what types of items go along with your brand that could make great gifts now it can be really overwhelming as we've talked about so far following these trends following the seasons and the holidays and what's coming in and going out it can be a lot so one thing i really like to encourage people especially if you're just starting is that you don't have to start from scratch with everything there are web tools and softwares and resources that can help you so that you don't feel quite as exhausted trying to keep up with everything so as much as possible i like to let you guys in on the things i have found that have helped my workflow so that i don't feel like i'm having to start from scratch every time so before we move on to the fourth factor i want to share with you one of my favorite resources for etsy sellers and that is creative fabrica creative fabrica is an awesome online resource for every kind of business owner that needs any kind of graphic design they offer so many different graphic elements and tools that can be used for pretty much any type of design that you would ever need so i want to show you what they have to offer if you come up here to this menu you can see it starts with fonts they have all of these different types of fonts that you can download so let's say we want to look at serif we would click on that and it shows us all of the available fonts that we can download and use in our designs then if we go over to graphics they have all different types of digital graphics so let's look here they have svg files which would be cut files for laser cutters or home cutting machines like cricuts and silhouettes so many different types of svg files that are right here at your fingertips to use in your projects as well as product mock-ups so i know many of us etsy sellers use product mock-ups they have everything from t-shirts to mugs to digital design mock-ups they have everything that you could need in a mock-up all different styles that are available to download and put your design on then they have logo elements so if you're wanting to create your own logo or you're wanting a logo element for some type of design that you're making they have tons of these different graphic elements that are available to be used in a logo or whatever design that you're creating you can see under logos if you click on illustrations we see all different types of graphic illustrations that

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