I TRIED Earning $600 Per Day Copying & Pasting with Google Bard

welcome or welcome back to my I tried it series where I try outside hustles found here on YouTube to see whether or not they actually work and whether you can make a little bit of extra money from them now today I'm trying out one from the channel called Ryan hildr and this specific video or series of videos I should say because he has created several of the same video talks about making up to $5 to $600 per day simply by copying and pasting with Google and Google bard which is the new AI Google technology I'm just going to warn you all this one was crazy so without further Ado let's get into it $0000 daily from Google using their new AI platform you could be a complete beginner you could do this from anywhere in the world and did I mention it's absolutely free as you can see this right here is a nice big payment sent to me simply for utilizing Google barred AI now results are not guaranteed you may earn more than this the same or a little bit less but I can tell you one thing if you don't follow the exact steps throughout this entire video so first things first immediately I'm noticing that this guy has an amount from PayPal but the name of the place that sent the money is edited out that's a red flag automatically which kind of tells me he didn't really make the money so make sure to stick all the way through and do not skip over any of the steps now the very first place we're going to go to is we're going to go over to Google and we're going to type in this website called list verse okay list verse Now list verse and we're going to click right here list verse all right the first step he says is to go to a website called listverse.com so that's exactly what I went to I came over here to this website I found it immediately it is a legitimate website so let's keep following along a blog site where they allow people to submit articles about you know top 10 musicals that are historically inaccurate 10 psychiatric diagnosis of horror villains right like just different top 10 articles they allow people like me and you to submit articles and get paid $100 per article now don't worry you don't have to know how to write you don't have to know how to create blog articles because we're going to utilize Google bard in just a moment to do it all for us in just a second you're going to click on this more Tab and then you're going to press WR and get paid as you can see get paid 100 bucks all you have to do is submit a 10 item per list minimum um article and then fill out this submissions form right here okay now I went to this portion of list verse exactly what he's talking about I actually read through the sections on this page one thing I want to point out that in this specific section over here it does State please note that we publish only original articles we do not post infographics slideshows or reblogged content we do not publish sponsored articles or content from other sites or YouTube immediately that kind of tells me I'm thinking that this means AI generated articles but I'm going to still follow along I'm going to still follow through with the video but immediately that's something I'm also noticing that Ryan did not mentioned that's on the website so it's very straightforward so they pay you out in PayPal so if you don't have a PayPal account don't worry you can open one up for free it's not that hard or receive a PayPal gift card from them um so now let's go ahead and generate our top 10 article so what we're going to do is we're going to come over here to b.google.r go over to bar. google.com immediately it pulled up again it is a new website by Google which is sort of like chat GPT so it immediately came up let's keep going and we are going to ask Google bard which is better than chat GPT if you've ever used it this is better we can ask them for free we're going to ask the AI to uh please write me a Blog article about a top 10 list okay and you could also say a viral we'll just include that in a viral top 10 list and I'm going press go that next step is just going over to Google bard to write this article for you in order to submit to this list verse website so that's exactly what I'm doing I'm basically asking it the same exact prompt that he did and it did produce that entire article that I asked for so I'm thinking I just need to go back to list verse and submit an article I wanted take a moment to mention my all-time number one favorite bank that I use and highly recommend and that is Sofi now with Sofi one of the reasons that I highly recommend them is that they offer up to 4.60% apy which means you're making money with your money that you have in your account now when signing up as a new member you're going to also receive a sign up bonus which is additional free cash plus you're going to have fee free overdraft protection no account fees early payday and they provide inapp checking saving savings and investing all on one platform if you want to receive a $25 free bonus plus an additional up to $300 when you set up direct deposit use my direct link in the pin comment down below sign up and start banking with the best bank on the market and then boom Google bard will spit out an answer for me it's really cool because Google bard said I'd be happy to but write the catchiest blog article as possible but I need a little information I chose one of these I really liked um the 10 reasons why cats are secretly plotting world domination with adorable photos as evidence so copy pasted that in here and then boom it spit out the whole article for me as you could see it even gave me um headline options for the article and then the top 10 reasons okay so that's all you need you could literally copy one of these headlines like 10 fluffy reasons why cats are plotting world domination and then copy and paste this whole article so we're going to copy and paste this article and then I'm going to go to that submission form okay so basically he's just talking about going over to the list and submitting that list so what I'm going to do here is just input all of my personal details up here at the top and then here at the bottom it says your top 10 lists so I'm just inputting my list title a clear introduction to the list that that Google bard had generated and then the full content of the list at the bottom here so we could just paste that in there so it's very very easy that's all you have to do and then press agree to the terms and conditions and submit the list okay now after filling out that complete form in attempting to submit the list I kept getting this initial message that says the article must be at least 1,800 words and no more than 2,500 words this is like the fourth thing that Ryan has not mentioned in the video he just completely leaves it out so it's something that I found to be very difficult for the AI to replicate and ensure the word count is appropriate so I spent about 20 minutes going back and forth with the Google bard as you can see I'm giving it additional

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