solo trip in Italy 🇮🇹 |Having a lunch with a stranger 🍝

even though i hate solo trips in order to take italian medical admission tests i needed to go to rome alone and here is the journey enjoy hi guys hi guys hi guys guess who is in rome yes i am in rome even though i visited milan back in high school i forgot how italians dress nicely and elegantly every day maybe just because i saw two big cities in italy but the thing that i can say is that people here are wearing pretty classic and chic outfits every day okay baby if i would wear these in turkey my friends probably ask if i'm going somewhere else today italians are the best when it comes to fashion i like the shape colors and the simple but super put togetherness of their clothing and since i'm in rome i told why i'm not buying an entire outfit from an italian clothing brand what do we think about this cone i think this looks so good and the pants also i'm gonna buy these this looks so good oh my god i like this too like this one this pants this coat and then this so good you're not looking so i got a lot of stuff from max nara and co which is an italian fashion brand i got a code i got a top bottom and also like a scarf i love it guys i like italian fashion style and it's like oh so good okay so i came back to my hotel and here i have my shopping bag i came back to my hotel because i realized firstly i don't have sd card in my camera and secondly i'm gonna change my clothes to my new clothes oh my god they're so good they're so good i'm gonna get a perfume for my brother and a vine a lot of food a lot of stuff for my mom my dad didn't order anything he said i don't want anything at this moment thank you i realized that i didn't have anything yet so i guess i'm gonna have some food should i go to breakfast first or just shopping first i don't know i'm not sure because i'm such a good girl i decided to skip breakfast and go to the supermarket instead my mom ordered a bunch of stuff from the supermarket and i wanted to make sure i bought everything she wanted i was taking videos and photos for my mom to pick i was the only one taking videos of the supermarket vigorously so i understand why people were staring at me hi guys i came back from my mom's supermarket shopping and my arms my arms hurt so much she ordered so many cheese coffee vine and like even toothpaste that my arms are like my bank account is like because look at this this is all coffee cheese and a lot of yummy stuff and then i got two barolo barolo wines and this toothpaste is our favorite and also pasta and stuff i'm tired friday's night when i was having like my breakfast at the breakfast hall i met with a girl and said hi to her and then uh we like start to chat and then yeah we became friends i'm gonna meet with that girl in a cafe in rome pompey we're gonna we're gonna have tiramisu but i'm also like starving so i think i'm gonna get something to eat or we might eat together i look like an i look like an introvert but i'm actually an extrovert i realized that she doesn't have battery so i'm gonna bring her my power bank to charge her phone because she needs battery let's go the city of rome is so beautiful that even walking around the city is an enjoyable activity itself i was fascinated by the beauty of the architecture in rome and filming random places i'm looking forward to moving to rome and enjoying this view every day foreign i met with claire and we decided to have some tiramisu which you guys recommended me on instagram and the trimester there was amazing i really loved it i got paint so you know since we just met with claire i didn't want to scare her with my reactions to food so i was reacting from the inside but it was a pain anyways we talked about really random stuff about our lives she's currently living in the uk so we talked about that and i talked about my school and why i want to move to italy and stuff and it was really nice to have conversation i feel like we need to approach to more people and say hi and become friends with them because you know my mom is japanese i feel like in japanese culture we're like pretty scared of strangers and saying hi to them and talking to them is not a really part of our culture but i decided to bring my friendliness and a little bit of courage to that and you know i made a super nice friend in this journey i love that i think i should do it more last year i applied for veteran medicine okay i applied there and i applied to bulgaria and i got it i mean we went to city center to shop a bit and i was trying to buy everything that i saw because it was so beautiful everything and i wanted everything but little did i know that my balance is not unlimited you're my guide i'm like so bad at it even though it says like right left and like where is right i walked so much you know in rome i came back to my hotel and i only had tiramisu for like food as a food today and i'm starving right now i didn't have a breakfast lunch i just had like one tiramisu and that was it i'll have a dinner at a restaurant i have to look for that too but like currently everywhere is everywhere we say it in turkish how do you have it i think tomorrow i'll look for a scarf for my mom and i also gonna get a perfume for my brother i looked for perfumes but i decided to like buy at an airport because it's probably cheaper after like posting a couple of stories on my instagram i get a lot of like dms saying that oh it's nice to have average parents and stuff girl i'm paying all this by my own money that i make from youtube and you know various sources i spend my own money my mom gave me a little like pocket money to eat my dinner but other than that i booked my own flight ticket i booked my hotel i got all of these by myself and even like i paid for my own taxi and all that stuff like what the heck people think that if you're like young you can make your own money but girl the world is changing youtube is a huge business a lot of people don't realize that youtube is a huge business opportunity but people can make literally a life out of it a lot of people think that in order to get like make a lot of money you need to reach 1 million or more but it's not like that if you do the right steps and if you treat it as a business and work for it work for your channel and then if it performs well too you can make quite a lot of money i might film a video about how much and how i make money i made a video before but i might do more detailed video about it but i've been thinking about the pros and cons of this like how much i make type of a video because you know it's money's some sort of a taboo topic but at the same time i want to inform and you know make realized people but my mom is saying like don't do it don't do it like everybody watches your videos don't do it so we're kind of discussing because you know letting everyone know how much i make is kind of like a risky move in my opinion but at the same time i want to you know bring you value and realize how much you can make money from youtub

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