Revealing The UGLY Truth About Affiliate Marketing

the death of affiliate marketing is approaching I'm sorry to say this but if you try affiliate marketing with the traditional methods you're almost guaranteed to fail but thankfully there's still hope because over the last 5 years I've made multiple six figures in affiliate commissions and recently I sold one of my affiliate businesses for well over six figures I can tell you firsthand that things have changed significantly in this video I'm going to break down exactly how I did it and what you need to avoid in order to see success in this business and at the very end of this video I'm going to be sharing with you guys some free templates and some free sales funnels that you can use to speed up this entire process so let's begin by explaining this traditional method and why you need to avoid it at all costs so back when I started affiliate marketing there was only one strategy that everyone was teaching and doing online and it goes something like this head over to create an account find a product that's in a good Niche and then just get your affiliate link and start sending traffic to it the logic behind the strategy was that once you get enough people to click on your link eventually someone would buy the product and you would make a commission some way somehow within the first 3 weeks I was able to generate over $10,000 selling ClickBank products but it all came at a cost a huge cost that almost lost me everything the refunds came piling in and the next month I made less than $11,000 everything just came crashing down in front of my eyes and the reason for this is because I didn't build a real business this entire strategy was just built around sending people to an affiliate link and then hoping they would make a purchase the first time they saw the product I didn't build any sort of authority I didn't collect anyone's emails or even learn any new skills that could make me more money this experience was very painful but it showed me that this method simply wasn't sustainable but after going through all these pitfalls and making all the mistakes I possibly could with this business I reworked my entire strategy a few months after that I started a new affiliate marketing business and within a 6 to 8 month period I managed to get this business all the way up to 20 to 30,00 ,000 a month in net profit per month selling nearly $500,000 worth of products and recently I sold this business this changed my life and this allowed me to reach new levels of Financial Freedom and I was able to take care of my family in ways I could never imagine making $30,000 a month was always a goal of mine since I was the age of 18 years old and I did it without doing the traditional way of affiliate marketing in fact I would say that the method I use is the only logical way that I would recommend you do affiliate Market marketing now if you're still with me and you're ready for me to reveal this inside secret of how I got away from the traditional method and created wealth for me and my family then just please take a second to just tap that like button down below I want to bring awareness to as many people as possible to this new way of doing affiliate marketing so they don't waste their precious hours like I did at the start doing affiliate Market in a completely wrong way thank you guys all for that and let's carry on so in stage number one you just have one goal and that is to find a profitable product this process takes a a little bit of time but it's actually simpler than you think I know this because I've helped thousands of people launch their affiliate marketing business with this exact strategy you need to First find the niche that you want to go into and this needs to fall under the category of the top three niches which is health wealth and relationships Additionally you need to have some level of knowledge or passion for this industry the reason for this is simple these are the essential human needs that people can't live about so there's always going to be a demand take the health and insurance there's always going to be someone out there looking to get into better shape or live a healthier lifestyle find a niche that you want to go into you can now select a product to promote now as you may know already there's a number of different ways to do affiliate marketing you can do CPA marketing High ticket affiliate marketing click Bank affiliate market and you can do Google ads Facebook ads there's just so many different tactics and strategies that you can use for this business what I want you to do is just ignore every single one of those for now when you're starting out the only type of products you should be focusing on is subscript ion based product that's it this is a secret to my success over the years the reason why this is so important is because these type of products bring in monthly recurring cash flow you just need someone to sign up to a product or a service one time and the company will continue paying you out every single month as long as that customer is still signed up to the product or service this is why I was able to build up to a point where I was making 20 to $30,000 a month I had cash flow generating assets just from affiliate marketing promoting re carum based products that people are getting real value out of and paying for every single month some examples of these reoccuring based products include Fitness subscriptions website Builders streaming services e-learning platforms hosting apps and the list goes on in simple terms these products and services just require customers to pay a monthly fee to use their platforms some good places to find these subscriptions and reoccurring based products are Partners or you can just head over to Google and type in recur curring commission affiliate programs followed by your Niche so I can't stress this enough no matter what you hear on the internet about ClickBank affiliate marketing High ticket affiliate marketing when you're starting out you need to focus on building up an arsenal of reoccurring sales that's going to pay you out every single month so that you have predictable income you don't want to be that person that goes from making 10K one month then the following month you're only making $600 if you've been following me on this channel for some time do know that I regularly show some of my reoccurring sales that I get from from promoting some of these different softwares apps and other reoccurring based programs but to succeed with this method it's crucial that you execute stage two of this process otherwise you'll just waste precious time and you'll burn yourself out trying to do all of the work yourself my secret to affiliate marketing has always been automated system this is an ecosystem that runs 24 hours 7 days of the week without me having to be present this is also known as a sales funnel if you've never heard of this before this is a series series of web pages that take someone from

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