My 1st month digital nomading 🌎❤️️ how it’s going, what I find hard, 1st subscriber meet up!!!

so it's been officially more than one month since I left Canada to come to Ho Chi Minh City to start my journey as a digital Nomad or I guess trying out the digital Nomad lifestyle and throughout the last five weeks it has it's been a lot for me and I wanted to make this video as sort of like a reflection on how everything has been going what I've been loving how I think I can improve my digital Nomad Journey because honestly it's been hard to work and meet up with people and travel at the same time and I know this is like not like a educational video I don't know if this is going to be useful for you but I have been sharing bits and pieces of what it's like trying out the digital Nomad Lifestyle on my Instagram stories and so some of you know that I've been having like the time of my life hanging out with people but also it has been so hard to work and focus and be productive because so much is happening all at once so even though this has been something that I've been wanting to do for such a long time there are still a lot of of ups and downs and yeah even though I've like I guess made it like I have achieved the dream that I had for myself eight years ago and I feel like because I see this as oh I'm living my dream I actually put a lot of pressure on myself to be happy and to have a good time but sometimes I just I'm not like having a good time so I think this goes to show that even when you have achieved your dream it's not amazing the whole time and there's still struggles that you might go through or just that you have newer and different kinds of problems in your life compared to before you achieve that dream so you might be wondering how I have been feeling since I left Vancouver five weeks ago I think overall it has been so amazing and I'm generally like so happy to be here in Ho Chi Minh City but it has also been super overwhelming I don't speak Vietnamese there are a bazillion motorbikes on the streets it's really crazy like I have never seen so many motorbikes in my life and it's hard to cross the streets it's just different than what I'm used to and so I think right when I arrive everything just hit me all at once and Ho Chi Minh City is known for being like a super duper busy City compared to all of the other cities in Vietnam like it's super dense so many cars and motorbikes and people and just so much happening all at once it definitely took me some time to get used to it and I feel like five weeks later I'm finally like I finally feel settled into this city but actually in two days I'm gonna be leaving to go to Danang which is a more like a beach city but still a city more North it's in the like central part of Vietnam so now I have to go there and settle down but I think because I've been in Vietnam for a while now like I know some basic phrases oh let me practice my Vietnamese and show you I'm like so proud of this one sentence I'm kind of getting more familiar so in the last five weeks I didn't just arrive by myself two days after I arrived in Ho Chi Minh City one of my friends from Vancouver came here as well and then another one of my friends from Vancouver came here so I felt like for them it's more like the time that they were here it's more like a vacation and holiday actually one friend is also supposed to be like working here but she's only here for 10 days so you can't really work and explore if you only have 10 days so it was just really really hard to work and we were also living together and it's hard for me to film videos when there's other people there so I think that was probably the most difficult part like trying to work but then also trying to have fun and meet up with people and travel but I would have to say like this whole month has been really really so fun probably one of the funnest months I've had in my life and I have honestly been loving it so Leo who is my good friend here she asked me yesterday what are my top three things that I love about my trip so far and I told her the first thing was all the people that I've met so I knew Leo from before but we are like so much more close and I'm so happy that I came to visit her and she's like showing me around it's just been like so fun to go to her hood and she's been like promoting Vietnam to me since forever so I'm so glad I could finally come here and experience how amazing this place is and then I also met two of my YouTube subscribers in Ho Chi Minh City they've basically become like friends it's just so cool to be able to connect with people who found me on the internet and then I said hey if anyone wants to meet up like let me know and then they message me so honestly I think the people has been probably the Highlight for sure when I'm here like I definitely don't feel lonely I feel like it has been so fun and there have been just so many people around me it's been really amazing to get to know people and hear how they live their life what they're doing in their career their perspective on things and yeah it's just I feel like in Vancouver I'm sort of in a bubble like my friends in Vancouver we all basically went to the same high school or same University and we're all very similar minded whenever I leave Vancouver and whenever I travel and it's not just in Vietnam it's every single place that I travel I just I love meeting people from all over and hearing a different perspective on life or hearing how they do things and just getting to know different kinds of people who in Vancouver it would be really hard for me to meet my second favorite thing about the last five weeks is probably all of the beauty things that I have been doing in Vietnam like I got my eyebrows microbladed and micro shaded I just got a touch up yesterday that's why they look sort of dark they actually won't be this dark because they need to peel and Flake off and then that's going to be the actual result so please ignore my very dark eyebrows and then I also got my eyelash extent and the third thing like when I was talking to my friend I actually wasn't sure what the third thing was I said food but I'm actually not a really big foodie but I've been really loving the food here but I'm not like a super big foodie so I would say the third thing is probably the weather because it is hot and in Vancouver right now it is cold I like warm weather in general and it's been so nice to be able to wear like tank tops and shorts and not be freezing in the rain I think for me being in a place where it's like not raining all the time it's more important than the temperature I want to share three things that I've learned and things that I want to improve about my digital Nomad experience so the first thing is my work slash travel balance so one thing I'll do differently is I think I'll definitely stay in one place longer and I have been in Ho Chi Minh City for more than a month but I've kind of been well I've been living with friends and then also moving around and then I did two shorter trips out of the city so it's

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