Make Hormozi Style Shorts With One Click (NEW METHOD)

if you're looking for an easy super simple and cost-effective way to make hormozi style shorts without hiring an editor I'm going to show you exactly how to do it exactly like this video right here in about 30 seconds with just a few simple clicks so without wasting any of your time let's dive in first off I just want to show you what setup I'm using to use my shorts you can see I've got a Yeti mic right here that's connected using this white connector directly into my iPhone and then I'm using cap cut to film I will leave links down below to all three of those if you're interested in having a similar setup anyway I film it in cap cut and then we're going to actually export out of cap cut and I'll show you the exact software that does all of this for you a capca can do it but it's very very hard so we're not going to be using capca but we are going to film in cap cut and if you've done shorts you'll find that it's a very familiar editor once you have cap cut we're going to click camera on the top left and it's going to pull up something that should look very very familiar to you you can see I can flip the screen choose a time frame do all that fun stuff now I'm just going to make a very quick recording for you inside of cap cut so that we can use this for our example it looks like I've talked for about five seconds now we probably want 10 seconds so now I think I have a 10 seconds of talking now we need to just export it out of capca into the software that can actually do this very very easy so we're just going to click save right here and we're going to click done and it's going to now be inside of our camera on our phone now you can do this from your phone browser I would probably send it to your computer and do it because you can batch dozens of these at a time if you do it from your computer but to each zone so I just sent it over to my computer and now what we're going to be using is an app called sub magic so I'll leave a link down below to this app yes it's an affiliate link and what this is going to do is do it all for us you're gonna have to set it up one time and then after that it's literally just going to be one click for every single video do so I'm going to click create right here and I'm going to upload that video that I just sent from my phone it'll take about 30 seconds to a minute to upload and then we'll be good to go now you'll see just by uploading it's going to generate the captions and then we just need to give it some specifics on how we like ours to look and after that it will always do it the same so you can see here on the left it's told us all the captions you can see this is what I said now I'm just going to make a very quick recording for you inside of you can see it's it's done it all for you that's all generated automatically and we can design right here so this is if we want to adjust maybe there's something we said wrong or we weren't very clear or something like that we can adjust all that right here I've never had to adjust so I usually head straight for design now you can see right here you can customize it's got six kind of built-in ones or you can suggest another theme for them honestly this is ninety percent of the people out there are using one of these six themes I run with the first or the second one typically but what you can do is you select the theme and then you can customize that theme so what a theme is is just how kind of interactive the text is so some some headlines just show you some bounce around a little bit right some show emphasize certain words as you say them so you just get to pick a theme you can see the the main just the harmony style one theme is this right here now I'm just gonna make a very quick recording for you inside of cap cut so that we can use this for our example it looks you can see a vast majority of people are totally going to be okay with that at most we'll probably adjust some of the coloring right here if you're not happy with the yellow or the green you just quickly select and adjust the color you can also select sizes if you want to be a little bit bigger I usually go just a little bit bigger like that and then you can select the position basically where on the screen you want this to be now I can click in here and I can customize it any way I want I can customize font Shadows how many lines how many words all of that fun stuff the only thing that I Really Ever adjust is I really do want it to Auto add emojis so you can see sometimes it'll add an emoji when I say five seconds it found a really good emoji that matches that five seconds and so it throws it on there I think that's great that's interactive I'm going to tell it to Auto do that because it does a great job so once you've found a theme that you like you've made all the adjustments you like all you've got to do is Click create theme and now look I've got a custom theme from now on all I have to do is upload my video click my custom theme and I'm totally good to go if you're anything like me this is super exciting because I've been looking for this exact software for a long time now and that's it there are a couple different pricing plans they're very very cost effective and you can put out a ton of video for almost nothing don't forget to subscribe because the next video we put out will be a full tutorial on everything I do from beginning to end to make these shorts come up with the ideas everything

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