Make ENOUGH MONEY To Quit Your 9-5 (Step By Step)

if your goal is to break out of survival mode have more money in the bank to do all the things that your heart desires even beyond your basic needs then this is the video for you in today's video I'm gonna Open Your Eyes by exposing you to five ways that you can attract more money into your life but hold on I do not mean that in a woo-woo way I mean it in a practical way because what I don't want is for you to have all of this knowledge all of this information and still not take any action and not change your life my prayer is that because you watch this video the second half of this year will look significantly different and better than the first half and that can only happen if you start to take action number one is a low hanging fruit if you want to attract more money into your life and number one is to package yourself for the money you want and you're like package myself what are you talking about I recently had a conversation with a woman who went from being an assistant an executive assistant to being an operations manager the same skills the same education she did not go back to school for this so how on Earth does someone go from being an executive assistant to being an operations manager earning more than two times her previous salary with the same skills and the same education branding rebranding herself and this is what she told me that she did she found herself a career coach that helped her list out all the tasks that she does in her nine-to-five job all of the skills that she had that she didn't even realize that she had and this coach literally created a brand new resume for her and that took her from earning less than 40K a year to earning almost six figures number two number two is to build a personal brand on these here internet streets the reason why you know of me is because my personal brand is about wealth building and making money as a woman your personal brand could be about absolutely anything as well it could be about whatever your profession is but it can also be about your interest I have a friend called Rennie and she went from making fifty three thousand dollars a year to making fifty thousand dollars in just q1 of 2023. look at this just the first three months of 2023 I thousand dollars he started showing up online to share her love for travel and her interest in personal finance and now she's known for those things and because she's known for those things she attracts money into her life people call her to speak on Personal Finance Career Development travel and all the other things that she puts herself out for and I know you might be thinking oh doesn't a strong personal brand mean that I need hundreds of thousands of followers no she has a YouTube channel as well with just over 20 000 subscribers so it doesn't even mean that you have to be massive if you're known for something on LinkedIn recruiters will reach out to you if you're known for something on YouTube organizations will reach out to you to speak if you're known for something on Instagram Brands will reach out to you to work with you so if you've been looking for a sign to build your personal brand honey this is your sign number three is the one that's currently blowing my mind because people are out here putting the things they know into formats that can be sold and they're selling for ridiculous amounts of money when I was paying this money I started doing the math so if this woman sells 10 in one day she'll make three thousand dollars I knew I had to turn on my camera and tell you what just happened there's a woman called Dr Nicole Sparks that I follow because she's just so inspiring she's a doctor she's a wife she's a mom she's all the things and I recently reached out to her because she launched an ebook but hear me out girl it wasn't even a medical ebook she launched an ebook in line with one of her interests one of her passions and I thought to myself I can come on to my community and tell the women tell you that you can do a quick Google search find out what people are looking for and then sit down and pour out all of the knowledge that you have into an ebook this could be knowledge about putting a baby to sleep it could be knowledge about graphic design it could be knowledge about absolutely anything and if it's on a topic that people care about trust me girl they would buy number four is to improve your financial literacy there are two main reasons why we sometimes get stuck in survival mode the first reason is that we just don't make enough money and the second reason is that we don't know how to manage the money that we make and that's where financial literacy comes in read money books watch Money YouTube channels listen to podcasts expand your mind so you can understand how money works so that you don't just keep getting money and wondering where your money went and number five is to create a passive income stream yes we want multiple streams of income but we don't necessarily want multiple loads of work and that's where passive income comes in that's why I made these two videos for you pick the one that you want learn more about passive income and break out of survival mode remember that I'm rooting for you so please do not stop rooting for yourself and until next time please take care foreign

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