living alone ☕️ | a productive day in Rome 🇮🇹 exploring the city, eating yummy food 🍝

[Music] further [Music] um [Music] okay so good morning everyone today we're gonna spend a productive day together because i have a lot of things to do so i'm currently living alone in rome but my mom is visiting me and i have a video that i need to edit because i'm about to publish it in about three hours and also i have a story sponsorship deal which i'm gonna upload currently on my instagram let's log into my phone i actually don't do that much instagram sponsorships but these days it's increasing day by day which makes me happy so let's do it okay so i'm gonna upload this into my story this is the busu sponsorship let's go [Music] okay so i finally finished editing this video that i'm gonna upload right now it is the video about how to stop spending time on uh social media or like how to spend less time on social media i'm gonna upload this create the thumbnail and then also organize like the video description timestamps and make the video really ready so that we can upload it in about an hour i'm glad that the editing actually didn't take much time i feel like the with the time i got really better at filming and also editing videos because in the beginning it used to take me like 60 minutes to film just a 10 minute video and now it usually takes around like 18 to 20 minutes to take a 10 minute video and then editing it used to take me like five to six hours and now it takes me about four hours ish but of course if it's a sponsored video you gotta like send the sponsored segment to the sponsor and they're gonna like approve it and then you send the full video and they will upload the full video and if there's something wrong about it you gotta like change it too so sponsored videos usually take me double of time than the regular videos um so this video was sponsored however i did the sponsored segment without any mistakes or without you know any changes requiring so it is it feels really good that the video only took me four to five hours-ish i actually really want to improve the video quality but right now i feel like in most of cases of course quality is important but consistency is the key on youtube and what made me grow is that not the video qualities that i had but like more the consistency that i had so i do not necessarily believe that quality is over quantity i think it just kind of makes that person more perfectionist and i'm really against being a perfectionist so i i feel like quantity is better than quality if you are a beginner if you are intermediate and sometimes even if you are like in a really big youtuber depending on your audience quantity might be better than quality but yeah let's upload so i finished the editing and i uploaded the video i set the timer for it so that it's going to be published and you guys can watch it now time for lunch i made this bean quinoa like pop breakfast salad yesterday it's with olive oil salt pepper and a bit of vinegar we have also sweet potato aubergines and also taco shells in our oven once they're ready i'm just gonna have lunch because i'm really hungry and the rest of the day i'm planning to study a bit do some tax regulations and also go for a walk have dinner take a shower facetime my friends and talk with everyone that i know and then go to sleep that is the plan of today yay my video is now alive and people are watching it and commenting it so i'm gonna answer some questions some comments and you know support the community my backpack is from brevity and this backpack is so functional there is like a part where you can hang your keys and also put your stationery and i like to bring a lot of pencil but i don't want to bring like a pencil case but my glasses it all of them fits into the front section there are like two main parts when it comes to this bag so the front part you can fit in a lot of stuff i always put my like notes books and anything i want to put in also these bags are made from recycled plastic it's made from water resistance material so you don't have to worry about being out in the rain one of the coolest things about this bag is that you can take something out via the side excess zipper with my brevity bag i no longer have to dig through my bag to reach the bottom and you can choose from 11 fun colors so you can match your back to your style also there is a luggage pass-through so you don't have to lug your bag around the airport water bottle holder that actually fits a 40-0 hydro flask so you don't have to keep your water bottle inside your bag and brevity also has a lifetime warranty so that you never have to buy another backpack again if you want to check what other people have to say with brevity there is 5000 plus 5 star reviews check brevity out at [Music] we are now heading to the restaurant to have dinner we're going to konarello which is like a very popular and kind of affordable place to eat carbonara which is one of my favorite foods it's a ramen pasta okay let's go [Music] i love you we're walking dead over there [Music] [Music] no i'm not [Music] [Music] [Music] hey we got gelato i got one with tiramisu and the other one with fake like mascarpone fig or something i'm so sweaty rome is so hot i swear to god i will never be around this summer ever again [Music] [Applause] hi guys as you guys probably can notice i just got back home changed my clothes and i also removed my makeup i will read a bit of book and go to sleep i was actually planning to like work out a little bit and then maybe study for a bit but i already did editing for four hours and i decided to have just like a chill day because i'm also in my period and i do not really want to push my body on my period you know you gotta take rest if you're not feeling yourself i think not doing it for months and months and months really resulted me to burnout in the past and i really do not want to go back into that mental and physical state so i'm more conscious about my taking care of my body about my taking care of my soul so so i'm gonna read about 20 to 30 minutes of book and then go to sleep these days i'm really into reading before going bad there are a lot of things going on right now in my life and i feel like reading makes me really allow me to kind of calm down and face my thoughts so i'm gonna read this book called the three happiness so this is a book from my favorite authors psychologist kabusa young this book is in japanese and unfortunately it doesn't have english translation however after i finish just reading this book i'm planning to make video about it so stay tuned and if you're a japanese i highly recommend this book so this book is basically about happiness and it breaks down happiness into three types so the one is the certain happiness second one the oxytocin happiness and three is the dopamine happiness so these are three different hormones that regulates the happiness in human body and he explains how to use these hormones in order to get in order to experience the true happiness and

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