Living Alone✨ a day in my life in Tokyo🇯🇵, Michelin star restaurant🌟, shopping in Shibuya🗼

foreign [Music] good morning everyone as you guys might or might not realized I am in Tokyo right now so today we're gonna spend a day together in Tokyo while I shop and do my own things I have actually quite a lot of things that I need to buy and that I want to buy just to update you guys I'm currently in my summer break so my uni hasn't started yet if you know me you probably know how skincare and getting ready in the morning is important for me I feel like it gets you going and when you look good you feel good it's not because you'll look different when you put on makeup but because you know you put an effort into looking good whenever my mood is down I like to put some makeup while listening to your music it always boosts my mood and I instantly feel much positive towards life your mood booster doesn't have to be makeup to be honest I don't wear makeup every day either but finding a couple of things that boost your mood no matter what is really important in my opinion to survive okay so my makeup is done let's pack some stuff and go out one thing I never get tired about Tokyo is the vibe just walking around the city itself is an activity for someone like me who grew up and lives outside of Japan we have a dinner reservation tonight so my mom and I were supposed to not eat much but we were hungry so we decided to have some Chinese food as lunch recently I've realized that I like foreign Foods in Japanese style in Japan or in whatever country you live in the restaurant probably kind of adapts to foreign food in that country's taste preference for example I like Korean food in Japan more than Korean food in Korea because I can't tolerate hot food that much and when I had Korean food in Korea I simply couldn't eat it but I'm a big fan of Korean food in Japan I'm sorry if I offend this time before okay so we basically right now heading to Nike want to buy so much sauce and we're gonna look some activewear let's go okay so I picked up three items and let's try them all so I like the top like there's little Nike details off the bottom is I think a bit too oversized what do we think also I found this I have like a black version of this and this is like a greenish blueish color okay so I decided to get this sweater and also this t-shirt but I decided to not buy this and I'm also gonna get my mom a pair of pants and also a bunch of like socks for gym because I've been hitting the gym pretty consistently for over a couple of months stay here through the night Lay Me Down lay me down there's like a cave of idol I don't know advertisement or something a lot of girls are taking photos in front of them making heart signs and taking pictures and there is like a line for God I don't know I don't really understand people who are obsessed with Kpop but when I think about it in terms of Jojo If I would see a poster of Jojo I would also take a picture in front of it so maybe it's the same thing awesome [Music] [Music] okay guys so Oops why is my camera crooked let me show you guys what I got today I actually couldn't finish my shopping because we need to go to the dinner so there were actually more things I would like to buy so the first thing is I got myself a new lens which is the Sony Fe 55 millimeter F 1.8 it is such a nice bulky lens for my Sony a7c which is my main camera I'm currently recording with the Sony zv1 which is a block cam this lens is so bulky and it is so nice I'm gonna film all of my like main videos with this lens from now on to give it a more like expensive bulky look it was around like 650ish dollars okay so the first one is this light greenish Nike sweater I'm like trying to kind of buy more casual clothes for uni because I feel like most of the clothes that I have are really classic and more formal you know like for good restaurants and for more serious occasions so I don't have like that much daily clothes that I can wear to UNI or to you know just hop into public transportation or just study at a cafe or a library all of my clothes are so formal and classic they're nice but also they're not like for daily usage so I decided to get some stuff to wear casually and I also got quite a lot of Nike socks because I have been training quite often like four to five times a week at the gym you know I just like bought some socks to pair with my training clothes and yeah nice and they're comfortable and actually socks are pretty you know plays actually a big role in your performance I guess somebody told me that I don't remember who also I got this t-shirt that I showed in the shop it's like a really nice material but I bought the XX large I usually wear excess in Nike but I got big six large because it was like really tight and crop top but I wanted to it to be a bit more loose so that's all I got today because of the lens I spent quite a lot of money but it's just a business expense so if you want to try out Japanese snacks traditional ones or the new modern snacks Tokyo treat and sakraco are perfect match for you took your treat and sakurako are both Japanese monthly snack subscription boxes Tokyo treat is a monthly Japanese snack subscription box you will get up to 20 of the latest most exclusive limited edition and seasonal flavored Japanese snacks that are only available in Japan for a limited time sakurako is monthly Japanese snack subscription box you will receive 20 traditional and authentic Artisan Japanese snacks item including Japanese tea in one special Japanese tableware with your box every month sakuroko helps in partnering with local Japanese snack makers to continue to share Japanese culture and traditions that have been passed down for 100 years Tokyo treats and sagrako boxes come with a different team every month keeping things exciting and fresh sakuraka and Tokyo trade want to share Japanese culture to the world through the medium of snacking if you want to enjoy pop Japanese snacks you can choose Tokyo tree but if you want traditional Japanese treats you can enjoy sakurako instead this one's sakurako team is Koyo where you can experience the splendors of Japanese autumn in the other hand Tokyo tree takes you one of the coolest places in Tokyo Akihabara you can explore the Japanese pop culture and enjoy yummy snacks and if you're afraid of not knowing the snacks in the Box don't worry they provide a booklet inside and they explain every snack included in the Box it's also really informative about the Japanese culture and you can learn a lot by the way the hotel room so nice like The View you can see the Sky Tree Tower from here the general Vibe of the hotel is so bougie and luxury and really modern in the future if I would like have my own apartment or my own Villa I would like to make my apartment like this like stylish yet minimalistic no it's not minimalistic but it's also not like really fleshy also I would definitely love to have a bathtub in my place in the future and also this mirror is so huge and with the lighting it just looks so good I'm

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