I’m Broke… What Should I Do?

so if I was going to get rich again and I had to start everything all over again starting from nothing this is exactly what I would do [Music] now when most people get started trying to go ahead and find success and get to the point where they're financially abundant to go ahead and do the things that they want to do to travel around the world they think that it's impossible to go from their nine to five job the thing that they hate working from a boss they don't actually enjoy spending time with to actually living this life but no one really understands that what you cannot see is there was a process in a transition period where it seemed very scary where it seemed very uncertain where money wasn't coming in but it was what creates that characteristic that that mentality that personality that actually is attractive for wealth does that make sense so if I was going to go ahead and get started all over again I had nothing this is literally what I would do uh first of all is I would go ahead and look at what I have most of the times for most people watching this you have a job okay so even though it's not good because you're stuck at that job one thing that is good is it's bringing you some type of income now I wouldn't get to you know fancy or too complicated what I would actually do is just get very very simple cut my expenses very very low if it means living with a friend if it means moving back at home with Mom and Dad it means cutting your expenses to as low as possible don't look at your friends getting you know nice apartments only your friends getting married don't look at your friends getting mortgages it does not matter because if you follow what they do their end goal is unhappiness because they're just chasing the status quo so what I would do is first of all do not look at anyone else around you because where everyone else is going where their distance is where they're actually the destination for their life is is complete unhappiness so it's good it might seem like you're making the wrong decision if everyone else around you is doing one thing and you're doing completely the opposite thing you might seem like you're going crazy because you're like well all these people are going in and doing this well I'm gonna go ahead and do something else when I'm saying this right now this is probably the best thing to cut your expenses down because what you need to do is you need to build up a safety egg to actually burn through when you go through the the challenging situation of starting your business right so what I would do is I would go ahead and literally work a job until I had I don't know like maybe ten thousand dollars saved up right now if you're not living at your own place if you just you know know killed your ego for a bit move back home with your mom and dad and just start you know saving as much money as possible you have 10 grand and you have that because you have this job and you have money coming in but you're not having any expenses you're not worrying about living costs you know Mom and Dad are making you food so in this case mom and dad would be making me like Filipino food uh you're not going out to the bars and the clubs and spending money on things where you're just getting drunk and then you just what like go back to work on money just doesn't make sense because you don't have all of these extra expenses you're gonna start saving up money especially if you stop hanging around people that are just dumb and stupid with money that are going out to the clubs and the bars drinking literally wasting their lives away doing dumb things which long-term wise are going to hate their life when they're in 25 30 45 years old and they wonder why they hate their life because they made a bunch of bad dumb decisions when they were younger you don't have to copy what they're doing I'm telling you this right now save up to 10 grand live at home with Mom and Dad for you know a year or so couple months whatever it takes to build up ten thousand dollars the moment you have that literally go ahead and take a one-way trip ticket to Thailand now I literally told some of my friends to do this this morning I told my friends to go ahead and do this morning I'm like all right you want to go ahead and build some type of crazy business great this is what you need to do you need to have about like 10 20 30k just saved up in the bank account whatever you need to do to get there if it means you know doing some side hustles if it means working at trials you just need to go ahead and save that money and of course saving that money is a lot easier when you make more from your job and you spend nothing by moving at home with your mom and dad literally kill your ego for a couple of months or years just so that you could actually build up that run rate right now the moment you go ahead and do that here's the thing when I lived in in Thailand my rent was 200 a month okay think about that 200 a month compared to if I did what all of my friends did after college was get a nice apartment which was like 2 000 a month in like the city or four thousand dollars a month just imagine how much I could just stretch my money even further so think about this it took a while I lived at home with Mom and Dad I saved up all this money then what I I went to Thailand and then bam apartment ran 200 a month now with my apartment rent only 200 a month in the center of the city this was like in Chiang Mai there's a bunch of old Vlogs back in the day of me just running around in Chiang Mai Thailand hanging out with the monkeys and the elephants and all these things you can stretch your money so much further does that make sense so with 200 a month I was living off of like ten dollars a day on food like eating burritos at the mall every single day and then doing Muay Thai and salsa dancing lessons I started having a huge amount of income that was already saved up that I could essentially burn through so if I didn't have any online income coming in it didn't matter because I now had time to figure out a business does that make sense and that's one of the biggest things that probably was the most challenging plus also the most rewarding because when you burn the bridges and you don't go back to a job and you have this money that you saved up and you're in this country that you can't even speak the language and you don't know anyone you either are in the situation where you are going to sink or you are gonna swim you're gonna burn the bridges to your old life of comfort of people doing dumb things going out to the bars going out to clubs every single week not doing anything productive with your life and you're going to create some type of freedom for yourself for now at any given moment say if you want to go ahead and take your loved ones around the world you want to go to I don't know Spain you want to go to France you want to go to you know like Thailand you want to go anywhere it doesn't matter because you s

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