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welcome or welcome back to my I tried it series where I try out side hustles found here on YouTube to see whether or not they actually work and whether you can make a little bit of extra money from them now today I'm trying out one from Dave Nick's channel the title of the video is called the easiest $5 every 30 seconds for free make money online so without further Ado you guys let's get into it start to make money online and I quite honestly wish I knew this earlier because you don't actually need to sell any products you don't need to have your own website and you don't need any social media followers to start to make money online now you would be paid anywhere from $5 to $15 every single time you do this and I will show you how to actually set up a system that will allow you to kind of do this on an autopilot okay so immediately he's given us a ton of promises I'm just a little bit suspicious about so you see if you go over to Chad GPT and you ask Chad GPT for a list of 20 30 40 or 50 different best book niches it's going to give you some ideas as to what you can Target and it's going to give you different Niche ideas okay so it looks like step one one is just asking us to go to chat GPT for 20 popular book niches so I'm on chat GPT right now I'm just typing in exactly as he did chat GPT did give me a list of those popular book ideas so let's keep going and see what we need to do with that now you can now go through these different niches that chpt has suggested and then you can ask chpt to then give you top 10 best books in that particular Niche now I'm just going to go with the self-development niche in this case and we're now getting just quite a few ideas here okay so secondly I just need to ask chat GPT for then popular book names in a selected Niche from this list I'm just choosing the financial Niche here and then chat GPT did list those 20 popular books for the finance and business Niche since that's kind of the niche that I'm in so I'm just going to pick one of these top 10 books in The self-development Niche let's say Atomic habits this is a very popular one okay so I need to just choose from this list one that stands out to me I'm going to go with number one Rich Dad Poor Dad I recommend you just do is just write a brief summary of literally any book that you found through chat jpt or just by searching on Google for top books in that Niche and you can either write those summaries yourself you can write those summaries with chat GPT or you can use some of the AI tools it will do that for you I'm going to go with this Su your writing AI tool this is completely optional bear in mind this is probably not a free tool so if you're just starting out you don't have to pay for any I tools or whatsoever just go to CHP or write it yourself so what I would basically just do is again I would copy the name of that book and copy the author as well and just type in summary of that book click generate title once you have the title generated I can also generate SEO keywords which will hopefully help me rank a lot higher then just click on run and now that article will be generated for you in a few seconds okay so I don't suggest using chat GPT because in one of my previous videos they don't write a good length article summary or anything to that nature now the SEO writing that he is mentioning here I have used it before I actually am a member of that website and so it does cost so definitely keep that in mind I'm just going to copy the name of the book place it in the main title keyword here on SEO writing I also wanted to generate those keywords that he talked about and that I've also talked about in another video I'm just going to select that one and if you want to learn more about this tool you can check out my video here or here I'll link it so after a couple minutes it did produce those results that he talked about so let's keep going and see what we need to do with this article while that is being generated you would go to cana.com and sign up for completely free because this is a graphic design tool where we can create promo designs even as a complete beginner so if I type in for example book promo over here it's going to give me quite a few different templates and mockups that I can easily use so let's say I'm going to go with this one over here just click and customize this okay next I'm on canva I've done exactly like Dave suggested here by typing in book promo here at the top and now obviously most importantly we actually need the book cover so what I would do is I would just go to Google search for Atomic habits book cover go to images and then just download one of these okay it looks like I need the book cover I'm just Googling the book cover exactly like what he did for Rich Dad Poor Dad going to the images at the top and then I'm just going to select one of these and then take a screenshot with my laptop that I'm using then I just change the color here and I'm try to adapt it to the actual color of the book and then what it would say is free book now I know what you may be thinking right now like how am I going to give a free book and make money well just stick with me in a second I will show you exactly how to actually do this now once you're done creating your free book design you will just have to download that by clicking on the share button click download as PNG and now it's going to be downloaded to your Divine okay so now that I know exactly what I need this for I know what I'm going to select I'm going to choose this one here I like it because it's modern it gives a tablet instead of an actual book cover so I'm just going to customize it exactly like what he said I'm adding in those colors I'm changing the colors in the background to match the book and then also I'm going to be putting that free book big at the top like what he suggested and then I'm just going to download it into my computer now you would go back if you've used this AI tool you can see that the entire article has been generated a full summary of atomic habits booty so now I can copy this with one press of a button and I can use it to make money there's this platform called audible where you can actually listen to different audio books and if we go to the search bar here and we search for this Atomic habit so someone can actually get this book they can listen to it but you see if you give them an affiliate link for audible they can actually get this book for completely free so just go to Google search and search for audible Creator program hey I searched for the audible affiliate program and I signed up for it immediately here it is on Google I had to input just a little bit of personal information it looks like this is kind of like the same thing as the Amazon Associates program which I have mentioned before in other videos so after signing up it just gives you a Amazon storefront affiliate name and then you just go to Amazon and you copy your link on certain products that you'd li

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