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here is live proof of someone using this exact same method to make over 74 000 a month a month I myself have used this method to make as much as a hundred and eighteen thousand dollars in just one month and what you're about to learn is 95 AI automated happens to be super simple and can yield super fast results but unlike a lot of other videos this is going to take a little bit of work so if you're expecting to just sit back push one button and be able to throw Stacks in the club like Jay-Z yeah this video probably isn't for you on the other hand [Music] if you're not afraid of a little bit of work you don't mind follow through and you like stuff that's super simple and dare I say even easy then I think this video is the one you're going to want to watch so make sure you watch this video all the way through because what I'm going to be doing right here right now for free is setting up a business right in front of you so you can see step by step exactly what I do start to finish so that you can follow along and actually use this stuff to make money and the first thing we need before starting any business please is proof that there's money on the other side of the tunnel because the last thing I want you to do is spend all your time effort do all the work and then get nothing yeah we've all been there and done that and seen those kinds of videos so today I'm actually going to give you some I'm going to eat so today I'm actually going to give you something that works if you do the work guaranteed yep it's not a matter of if it's a matter of when these instructions are so simple it's going to be hard to believe which is why you're going to want to watch this video at least one time all the way through preferably two or three times because there's little sprinkles and tidbits that are the key to you making money and then making even more money so if you're ready to learn follow along and watch this entire video smash that like button and let's get started so as I mentioned the first thing that we need is to know that there's money in the market because if we know there's money in the market then we can build something and get traffic and we kind of know what we're aiming for much like the whole reason they have a Super Bowl and football and all that stuff is because they know that advertisers are willing to pay for you to watch those games so even though you're watching it at home for free those advertisers are paying lots of money and just like that example this guy has an estimated traffic value of seventy four thousand dollars a month actually it's closer to 75. now we're not just going to be using search traffic and you don't need to have a website to make this work in fact we're going to use several different ways to make money just knowing in mind that this site is averaging over one dollar per click in this specific Niche so now that we know that this Niche pays money all I got to do is get traffic and that's actually going to be very easy because you can see here there's lots of traffic here there's traffic on YouTube you can see this guy right here is getting approximately a thousand views a day on YouTube now I know a lot of gurus like to use the social blade and the social blade says he's making like five dollars a day which I know isn't true in fact on some channels they grossly over inflate the income like on my buddies Andy's Channel it says he's making a bazillion dollars when in fact he's not and on some channels like this it says they're making nothing when in fact they are making money proof in just a second here's another one here that's getting again an average of 13 1400 views per day and then you can see here another Channel that's got quite a few subscribers and again it looks like with the exception of this deleted video right around 2500 views per day now let me show you that I know what I'm talking about when it comes to the revenue this is the social blade for my channel we can see here that it says a good day for me is about a hundred and five dollars and on average I'm making 972 dollars per month and this is from June 3rd to today June 16. so let's go ahead and go into my analytics and we're going to do custom we'll go ahead and do we'll go ahead and move it over to June two to June 15th it won't show 16th because obviously the day is not over yet we'll hit apply so as you can see here according to socialblade I should have made about 28 dollars maybe 200 in this time frame however we can see with that simple search I've actually made closer to four thousand dollars and the 14th and 15th aren't even calculated yet so they're off by like a factor of 10. now in this example I'm going to be using a domain name that I purchased at auction for thirty dollars you do not have to use a domain name and hosting for this example you can make money with monetization without having your own website however if you're looking to get to the big numbers such as the numbers that I do or make more than a couple thousand dollars a month I would highly recommend having a domain name that way you have something that you're building and growing that you can point people to this is super important especially in this Niche which is about franchising which has a lot of money in it if we go over here to the ahrefs free keyword tool and type in franchise just like this we can see after we click the button a few times that there are some non-competitive keywords in this Niche this is super important and of course if we look it up in the full ahrefs keyword tool which is recommended but again if you don't have money you can get by with the free tools we're going to see here that there's lots and lots of keywords that are actually not that competitive now this is super important because if I go over here to YouTube and I type something in like Chick-fil-A franchise we're going to see that there are lots of videos that actually have quite a few views and because this is in the franchise Niche this is super profitable and you might be looking at some of these and saying well Marcus the only expensive one is like six dollars however watch what happens when we type in franchise financing you're gonna see here that some of these keywords are 13 11 20 a click or more and since I know that people looking up cost of franchising are most likely interested in buying franchise this is perfect so now all I need to do is take this domain and add it to my Hosting account and if you need to know how to do this just hop on over to gohubsite.com I have instructions on how to get a domain how to sign up for hosting and how to set everything up so that you're ready to go and what this is going to do is give us two chances to make money now what you can do is actually create videos on YouTube using AI you don't have to use your face or your voice if you don't want to and then also put that same content that AI is going to give us to make the video on your website or blog to try to get some tra

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