I grew from ZERO TO 100K SUBSCRIBERS in 3 MONTHS (& how you can too)

imagine a life where you have complete control over your time location and finances well the world is your oyster and every day is an opportunity to live your dreams but if I told you that you can achieve all this by doing what you love and sharing it with millions of people welcome to the world of YouTube where you can turn your passion into a profitable business and gain a loyal following that absolutely adores you trusts you and grows with you if you want to escape from nine to five and have a flexible lifestyle you're in the right place [Music] trust me I've been in your shoes my journey began in 2016 and this is my fifth channel the one and only that I strived over the past two to three years I finally uncovered the formula for success and now I'm here to pass it on you but let me be clear it's not all about it looks sure being attractive might give you an edge but even with the growing subscriber base I struggle to achieve substantial views for over two years even on this channel My Views lingered around like 50k 60k despite being very consistent and by being consistent I mean uploading two to three videos per week which is insane and at the same time I was applying everything I learned from countless YouTube courses I took and then finally I cracked the code I dove deep into the nitty-gritty details of what drives views and discovered the crucial elements for a successful YouTube channel as a result My Views skyrocketed to 200 gain 300K and my Revenue tripled now I consistently earn 20K to 30 K dollars per month and remember you might find some success with just of your looks and physiques in short form content like Instagram reels and Tick Tock but long form is an entirely different ball game it's like admiring someone with a six-pack and athletic physique and saying you're so lucky it's because of your genetics people often refuse to acknowledge the hard work behind the success because it gives them an excuse I wasn't born that way even if I try I can't succeed it's time to stop making excuses and go after what you truly want can everybody become a Creator the short answer yes the long answer yes but with a caveat everyone can become a Creator but only with the right content not just any random content I've heard countless YouTubers say if you keep posting consistently for two years and don't give up you'll eventually make it I'll be brutally honest with you that's probably not true if you keep uploading content that nobody is interested in it doesn't matter how long and how consistently you keep at it no one will watch it here's an example from my own experience this is my fifth channel in my seventh year on YouTube I'm like 22. this is what over 30 of my life only the last two years have been successful why is that because I adapted my content and embraced how YouTube operates so if you're serious about becoming a Creator remember that persistence is important but so is recognizing what your audience wants and how the platform Works don't be afraid to experiment learn from your mistakes and evolve your content that's the the key to unlocking your potential and achieving success you've been dreamed of with the right approach and a clear understanding of YouTube YouTube can become a successful Creator and enjoy the rewards that come with it I heard this all time what if I'm not attractive what if I'm lacking in other areas what am I in this what if I'm that do looks help absolutely humans are naturally drawn to aesthetically pleasing things whether it's people animals or even objects however attractiveness alone isn't enough to guarantee long-term success on YouTube you might capture attention for a while but you will be forgotten quickly as there are countless Attractive people who are also happen to be funny entertaining informative and engaging relying solidly on looks won't yield lasting results because when you're passing a video You're competing with other videos that are appearing on the same home screen so you need to be better at them to gain someone's click and there's so many attractive and people that are really good at YouTube game so what if you're not conventionally attract you can always work towards becoming more conventionally attractive by taking care of yourself maintaining cleanliness hitting the gym and eating healthy but the most crucial aspect you need to focus on is identifying your unfair advantages unfair advantages are distinct qualities you possess that set you apart from others these can range from your personality interests and skills to your background to Excel on YouTube you must pinpoint your unfair advantages and leverage them to create content that stands out while your looks can be beneficial they're not to be end and end-all it's essential to concentrate on other aspects as well and the one thing everyone must focus on is content always remember when it comes to starting a successful YouTube channel content is King nobody cares about you in the beginning it's a harsh truth but when you're starting out on YouTube nobody knows who you are or has any reason to care about your content that's why it's crucial to provide value to your audience right from the start and here's how to do it one you need to provide value to your audience first when you create content focus on what viewers want and need address their pain points answer their questions entertain them in a unique way and engaging Way by consistently delivering valuable content you will build trust and credibility with your audience making them more likely to care about you and your journey too don't film Vlogs unless your life itself is interesting while Vlogs can be entertaining they typically don't offer much value to viewers unless your life is truly exceptional or out of the ordering examples include being a millionaire day trader or having an uncommon lifestyle if your life doesn't fit this small it's best to avoid Vlogs and focus on providing value in other ways even if your life is interesting it's essential to start by offering Value First create your content that showcases your unique experiences and expertise such as how I became a millionaire rather than a day in my life as a millionaire how to day trade or however learn X language once you have built solid foundation and establish credibility with your audience you can gradually incorporate Vlogs and provide more personal connection with your viewers for example when I started this YouTube channel I posted Vlogs like a day in Enlightenment students those videos only got like 100 views and now they're unlisted but they make me realize that I wasn't providing enough value to my audience so I shifted my focus and created content around my unique experiences and expertise I shared how I became fluent in four languages and provided practical tips for language learning additionally I made a video titled what it's like to be a half Japanese half Turkish where I discuss my experiences as a third culture kid and gr

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