How To Make Money As An Insurance Agent in 2024 (For Beginners)

here's how to make money as an insurance agent and how complete beginners are making 100 to 700 a day with no experience and doing this weird method alone I was able to pull in 1.9 million dollars in commissions and it's not just me if you cancel that you'll find out how cam was able to make 25 Grand in a single month with no experience doing these methods that I'm going to share with you today so before I reveal method number one out of the five methods what if I were to tell you that the people that make the most money selling insurance as an insurance agent actually don't do what the typical people actually do they don't cold call they don't go ahead and call random leads they don't go ahead and knock on the doors they do this weird method known as attraction marketing now check this out what if I were to tell you that this guy literally with insurance literally made 150 Grand in a single month and he's not doing all these things that you think they're doing he's not talking to people he's not knocking on the doors look at this he's literally writing blog articles recommending best life insurance companies and instead of him actually going in and doing all the door-to-door or the knocking or calling the leads or annoying his friends and family to go ahead and get some insurance he's literally going ahead and creating content for people that are already wanting to go ahead and get and invest in for example Insurance like check this out what if I were to tell you if there's literally people that are in pain that are like oh best life insurance companies and what people are doing is they're turning any one of these things and people are essentially Googling for into content where they can all go ahead and put their content in front of them and instead of you actually having to do all the hard work and talking to people that sometimes don't want to necessarily buy you have this machine that's essentially getting you commissions for other insurance companies that you're not even married to you can have like multiple different insurances that this guy's like literally recommending and each one of these companies will literally pay you in commissions this is what is known as affiliate marketing where you're literally recommending a product or service and you can recommend multiple of them and then your prospect could be like oh well I want that one and then just like that you essentially make money with that so obviously the first way is just starting a blog and ranking for keywords on Google Now the second way is literally creating a YouTube channel and ranking for keywords as well now this is even more interesting because blogging is cool because you're just writing things but you know the real bonding happens is when you go ahead and use your voice and your tonality in the sales tactics you've essentially learned in the insurance business where you're going ahead and learning how to sell well you're able to go ahead and express that in the form of contact now check this out if I was able to go ahead and rank for something as simple as like jump rope transformation 30 days and get nearly 1 million views imagine what would be like to get a million views where they're going to your insurance offer where they're going to your insurance product imagine just how much you know renewals you could go ahead get and get as well as for example commissions that you could go on and get by just ranking for certain keywords that your clients already looking for now here's the thing okay what I would like doing if I was in your situation is I'm like okay who are all the clients that have already spent money with me what are their pain points what were they asking when I was actually doing this conversation with them if I hear that they're like well you know Mike what is the best life insurance look at this I can literally just type in the best life insurance and all of these things start popping up these are what people are naturally looking for right look at this best life insurance policy best life insurance companies of May best life insurance best life insurance company like all of these things like if you go ahead and rank for any one of these keywords and you just make content and just oh yeah you know it's like this is a good life insurance this is a good life insurance and they're able to go and hear your voice and your tonality and all that stuff and they start falling in love with your character with who you are instead of you selling one to one you're now just taking all the products that you're essentially recommending and you're able to sell it while you sleep you can actually go and make passive income this is what some of the top people in your space are doing and you're not even doing it because you're spending all of your time cold calling knocking on doors annoying your friends and family they're literally people making passive income just creating content and putting themselves out there talking about their insurance policy that they would go ahead and recommend and literally going ahead and selling it does that make sense the third one is turning your skills of selling into a higher opportunity vehicle which is checking out the brand new Silver Lining method in the link below like obviously here's the thing okay I remember I had this mentor and he was telling me he was like Mike it's not necessarily how hard you row your boat it's making sure that you are in the right boat that is going down on the right current and if you're in the right current it's a lot easier to go out and make money well here's the thing he essentially told me that sometimes you have a level 10 skill set be it sales be it marketing be it something be communication being emotional intelligence but sometimes you're just in a level one opportunity and I realized this when I was younger when I was in direct sales and I was like selling all these products and services is I had a level 10 skill set but I only had a level one opportunity and many you guys right now have a level 10 skill set you are amazing at sales you are really good at talking to people you're very empathetic you have emotional intelligence but you're just in the wrong vehicle and that's only how someone like cam was able to make 25 Grand in a single month because he used his skills of sales and he just found a better vehicle a vehicle that actually paid them higher commissions more money frequently without actually having to do most of the hard work which is why if you want to know exactly what he did and the entire Blueprinting system that he used then I highly recommend that you sign up for the free Workshop below and check out the brand new silver lighting method at free Workshop now method number four is doing the exact same thing but ranking on Pinterest and again just look at where people are creating content because you know they're making money so obviously like my Pinterest I Got 5 000 followers but it's lite

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