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hi everyone in today's video we're going to be going over Makari and how to make extra money online by utilizing the Makari Marketplace in this video I'm going to be describing how to sign up with Makari Marketplace how to list items on Makari Marketplace and then the shipping process behind it so without further Ado let's go ahead and Jump Right In Here into my computer all right now as you guys can see we are on makari.com on the right it says sign up so we're going to go ahead and click that now I want to highlight right here it says have an invite code I do have an invite code from my own shop that I have provided for you in the description box below and if you use it you do get some free cash for signing up that you would not otherwise get by just signing up a loan so I do encourage you go ahead and use that if you're interested it's totally up to you now it gives you the option to continue with Facebook continue with apple if you have an Apple device or Apple laptop you can do it that way continue with Google Google Chrome if you have any type of Google account you can continue right there and you won't need to fill out these three little boxes and sign up signing up is that simple and I'm going to go ahead and do from this point is sign in to my account and I am going to keep my account hidden you guys now this is because for security purposes I will explain with Makari you are able to buy and sell so with Makari you do input your home address however on my YouTube channel I am a bit uncomfortable with sharing my shop name and potentially somebody purchasing something and then having my personal home address so although I am going to log in to my account I am going to have my shop name blurred and disguised the whole time as you guys can see here we are on my home page I'm going to go ahead and go to list and item now whenever you're listing an item you're going to upload photos and me personally I always upload at least 10 to 12 because I like to see that whenever I'm purchasing something I want to see every angle available and I know that as a buyer that's what people want to see so whenever I'm uploading photos I make sure I get really clear shots of each angle of the item let's say it's a pair of shoes and you're taking those photos you want to turn the shoes take a shot take a shot make sure they have great lighting make sure the shoes are looking nice now when you get to your title let's just say you're selling a pair of Nike shoes you're just going to add their Nike and as you can see right here you guys look at all of the ones it brings out popular shoes it's going to start popping up all those shoes so if we're gonna list a pair of Nike Air Max shoes what's going to happen is it's going to pop up every single Nike Air Max shoes to make it easy for you so let's just pretend we're uploading a pair of Nike Air Max Infinity shoes and then from there it's going to give you the options from those shoes so let's say you have the black hyper Violet and Aurora black and white you know it's giving you those options so this is a really helpful tool now describe your item whenever I'm describing my item I typically will go back to the website I purchased it at I'll utilize Google and I'll look up the description and I will just copy and paste right into describe your item and then under that I will put something like this item has been gently used for however long typically it's a couple of months so I'm just gonna put here for an example for two months in great condition make sure you're aware of any snags or scratches or tears or anything hopefully it's in pretty good condition but here is where I will list that and then I'll make sure I put a photo of the small scratch or whatever so people know you're being honest now here's really an important part I want to highlight here condition new with tags like noon new without tax good gently used one or a few minor flaws functional fair or poor so again make sure you're honest with your item here and make sure you're listing it appropriately then it gives you the option for your color delivery is going to be from wherever you live what I always use is standard shipping right here at the top so you just your weight is going to be an estimate if you know you have a heavy pair of adult shoes you're going to want to put you know a couple pounds you want to make sure you're being honest there so you can weigh your items at home and then you're going to select which ever one you want for me I like to select the one that is the cheapest for the customer and then what I'll actually end up doing so right here is the FedEx Ground economy 9.50 the customer pays for the shipping keep that in mind so let's save that that's what we've got here so if I've selected this I want to be aware that it's 5 to 14 days for them to get it to the customer so what I'll go back and do in the description is I'll put I have selected the cheapest shipping option for you and it takes 5 to 14 days if you would like something quicker send me a message and then sometimes I have had people send me a message I would like this item but I want it in the quickest possible way so I'll go in there and I'll adjust that shipping and then I'll message them back okay great I have adjusted the shipping for you and then they'll purchase the item works out perfectly great so there we've got the shipping and then you set your price what Makari will do and one reason I really love Makari is that they will give you a list they'll pop up when you're really listing your item if you've got your photos and everything in there they'll pop up a price that other people have sold the same or similar item for what price that they've sold it for and then they'll put okay this is on the high end that's way too low you need to up your price a little bit and this is right in the perfect price so then you're going to put your item price here a hundred dollars adjust price automatically and this will lower the price over time if it's not being sold and won't go under a specific minimum price that you set so that's up to you makari's selling fee is 10 of the item they do take 10 of whatever you've listed and there's a processing fee as well so as you can see here if you're selling it for 100 you get 86.60 so also keep that in mind if you feel that that's too high and just your pricing accordingly and then after that you can go down here smart offers autorespond offers based on your minimum price accept good offers count or low offers so you can kind of dive into that and see what you want and then all you do from there is Select list and you list your item here is something in my shop that I have personally listed these are some of my hair bows that I never sold on Etsy that I still have at home that I still have for sale so let me give you a look at the type of photos that I typically upload or nicer so I always make sure my photos are really nice here these are the hair bows that I

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