How To Start A Dating Coach Business (In 2024)

he's ever sort of dating coach business this year Boop as you can see several thousands of dollars a day with this method [Music] now here's a very interesting story you know several months ago I was at a shisha bar with like some of my friends and one of my friends went up to me and he was like Hey I just signed up for a dating program and I was like huh you signed up for a dating program how much and he was like 12K and I was like well what do they actually go out and teach you and he told me he teaches six and seven figure business owners how to find love with Eastern European women and I can't tell you this enough but I've never sent 12 Grand to someone that I've never met before so fast other than this moment in time why is that let's actually break this down because many people when they go ahead and want to go and sell dating services or or dating coaching they think they have to go and compete against all the big influencers and YouTubers and people that have already big businesses one in fact there are little people out there that are charging 12 grand for dating coaching and how do I know that because I spent it okay I literally like he was telling me this and I was at the shishi bar and he was like yeah yeah he was doing this this and he said Eastern European women and my ears just like popped up and I literally grabbed the phone sent him 12 Grand and just like that that person who I did not know I didn't know any testimonials I didn't even see his website I didn't see anything yet I gave him 12 Grand you know when people start any coaching business they're like oh well I need a website I need to do all these things I have to go ahead and have all these testimonials I have to do all these things but how did this guy get 12 Grand from me let's have to break this out because the concept of selling coaching services and not just dating coaching Services was anything you could literally go ahead and not only demand premium prices charge more and actually attract higher quality clients now before we actually get into that let's let's talk about the main problems when people get started when they do any coaching business they think that they have to go ahead and charge the least amount possible the biggest fear is oh you know that person you know he's charging x amount of dollars and no one's gonna buy for me because that person's more famous than me and that person has more followers than me so maybe I should go ahead and charge less because then I could go ahead and get the cheaper customers and then I could compete against them against price now you don't want to go ahead and do that because you attract the worst types of people it doesn't matter what type of coaching you do you do not want to spend time with people who do not invest in themselves the reason why is because they're going to complain they're going to be the victim they're going to go ahead and whine on why they don't get the results and essentially they want to just give you money to complain about their problems you don't want that you know the most fulfilling thing in any business is when you actually coach somebody that is willing to take action and willing to do exactly what it is that you want to go ahead and do it to right so understand that whatever you price you will attract a different caliber of human being you know him charging 12 Grand he's not going to interact people they can't afford that so the ones that he can Ford are really really high level people right so he only targets six and seven figure business owners which makes you beg the question when you get started in any business the thing that you want to go ahead and go after are the people that actually have the money here's an example dating service for broke college students that just had a heartbreak versus dating advice for people that just got a divorce and they have a six-figure seven figure business same pain Point different problem persons teaching Tinder to both of these people but one of them is teaching them how to just sleep with as many women as possible other ones teaching them how to find like for example potential future mother of their child same mechanism Tinder the different approach is the pain point is a lot bigger in the older person that's more established right so understand this whatever coaching services that is that you're doing go for the dating with people that are already making six and seven figures because their pain point is a lot bigger the next thing is if you're going to go out and sell dating coaching to these people what you guys can understand is people that have the most money have the worst relationships right like I literally spent a lot of time just networking and going to all these events and going all these seminars and just really trying to like up level the people around me that are making money just so that we could get into like this nice little competitive frame where we we always want to go ahead and compete on who will grow the most right which is also really good because in any aspect of life competition will allow you to go ahead and get hungrier right when you see people that were you know had less than you now making more than you it makes you never complacent and makes you never want to go out and just relax right so I started hanging out with a lot of people that have high net worths but the funny thing enough is the more High the net worth they had the more that money they ended up having the less positive dynamics that they had with the relationship with their women the reason why Rich guys man they spend all their time making money and they don't have no time to actually spend with their loved ones with their kids with their wives with their girlfriends and because that the Dynamics is just off they're just trying to you know make appease everyone else around them with just money but money can't buy a relationship money can't buy love and affection money can't buy happiness and having a woman be really fully inner feminine to actually give you love and nurture you and give you this positive energy money can't go in and do that and men think that their entire life if they chase money that all of those problems will just go away they're just thinking oh if I just make a bunch of money you know all of this female problems and relation Dynamics will happen it'll just disappear when it is not the case the more money Men actually make the worse relationships they actually have you know because the fact they don't understand frames they don't understand boundaries they don't say no so they use money to appease and compensate for every other aspect of their life that they lack in and their women knows about it their women's angry because the man deep down is weak and he thinks that he could cover all of his weaknesses with just more money but money doesn't do that it just kind of takes all of the dirt and the garbage of the relationship it just shoves it under the the rug r

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