How to Make Time for Language Learning with a Full-Time Job

if you have multiple responsibilities in life such as juggling your job maintaining your health and wellness trying to communicate and socialize with your partner friends and family and also if you struggle to find time to squeeze language learning this video is perfect for you we often hear the saying if you really wanted it you could have done it although I agree with the saying it can be misleading sometimes just wanting something will never make you succeed motivation is never reliable some days you have it some days probably most days you're not going to have the motivation every day when I wake up I don't want to study Italian or German try to improve my English or keep in touch with my Japanese and Turkish I don't like language learning itself but I like the benefits of it and that's why I do it the link instant gratification is the way to succeed in anything you want from life but doesn't mean that knowing this will make you actually do the work if you have the best self-discipline in the world you probably can achieve it only by relying on your self-discipline but if you clicked on this video something tells me that it didn't work out for you I mean I told myself countless times that I will start tomorrow but that tomorrow never came so if relying on your motivation never works and if you don't have the best self-discipline what's the solution the solution is creating systems that don't rely on your motivation or your self-discipline The crucial aspect is finding the sweet spot where it's so fun that it doesn't require motivation and so structured that it takes care of the self-discipline part but before explaining the system itself let's dive into why you should even bother to learn a language if you don't care about it there will be a timestamp so you can skip the sport learning languages is a blessing it not only improves your brain but also connects you with new people this can lead to business opportunities and also valuable human Connections in Japanese there's a saying saying which means your network is your net worth often times kids from Rich family have an advantage in an industry because of their parents connections while it is unfair this is the reality of the world we live in rather than complaining it's important to stack the deck in our favor the great thing about the modern world is that everybody can Network the internet has allowed people to connect with each other for example I connected with my very close friends Izzy and math through the internet on an online course Izzy's a fellow YouTuber and a doctor who lives in the UK while Matt lives in the US where genuine friends and we trust each other and we love each other they inspire me and push me to become a better version of myself every day when they achieve something I'm genuinely happy for them without the internet we would have never met but because of the internet we became friends sharing the same interests and values are so important for us learning languages also gives you a new perspective people judge things from their own perspective but learning new languages and cultures can broaden your horizons when you learn a new language you also learn about the culture and customs of the people who speak it this can help you understand their perspective and be more open-minded towards various things happening around you for example some cultures prioritize personal space and are more distant While others prioritize openness and closeness with each other's for example Japanese and American culture some cultures prioritize the community others prioritize individuality for example Japan and the us or maybe Japan and Germany some cultures have strict gender roles While others are more fluid for example Russian culture and maybe the UK culture it's not that one culture is better than the other every culture is beautiful and unique but there are definitely cultures that align with your values more than others finding that culture or even creating your own values and your own culture will give you a unique perspective as a third culture kid who has been exposed to Japanese Turkish European and American cultures I have learned that every country has something to offer rather than being tied to any specific culture or country tree I focus on what I want from Life at that moment this mindset gave me a lot of freedom I gained this through language learning so let's talk about how we're going to create this system now the day one is going to be our planning and feedback day if you have a classic nine to five job this day can be Saturday pick a day in your week where you're able to get 30 minutes to one hour to plan what you want to learn and understand where you currently are you need to identify your goal so understand why you want to learn a language is it for fun is it for school is it for business depending on your goals the path you need to take and the amount you need to study will differ the vocabularies you learn the grammar you'll focus on the materials you'll use is going to be different depending on your goal if you want to learn more about studying methods depending on your goal and how to do it effectively check out my language course you can find the course for free on skillshare there will be a link in the description which will give you 30 days free skillshare membership you can watch and finish finish course during your trial or if you prefer lifelong access without the skillshare subscription you can purchase my course on teachable I did a pre-sale and received feedback from you all about the topics you want me to cover so I'll be adding 10 to 15 bonus lessons to the course if you're interested in purchasing the course act fast because the price will increase after the bonus lessons are added after understanding where you are and what you want to learn it's important to realistically plan how much you will study if you constantly plan to do more than you can handle and if you're feeling disappointed start by assigning a small amount choose something so small that it's almost impossible for you not to complete that week's work most people believe that they need motivation to do something but motivation comes from action and accomplishment achieving your goal and completing it will increase your confidence and motivation to keep going cover areas such as vocabulary grammar speaking listening reading and writing allocate 10 minutes for each section and use apps Services books or websites to complete each group you might think 10 minutes won't be enough for me to learn but it's still better than nothing also there is something called the rule of hundred the rule of hundred states that if you spend 100 a year which is 18 minutes a day for most disciplines you will be better than 95 percent of the world in that discipline so have the mindset of it's still better than nothing we don't need to be perfectionists day two is the Creation Day ideally you can plan this on Sunday if you are plan

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