How To Make Money Online As A Service Provider | Passive Income Tips

i feel like the best money that you can make is money that you're making when you're not doing anything to make it and through the power of social media and through the power of the internet this has never been as possible as it is today hey fighting business family my name is isabella i'm the owner of two six figure earning online businesses and today i'm gonna be talking about how you can make money online passively as a service provider before we start this video just smash that like button it's the one thing that you guys can do that's free and it helps support my channel so i can continue to make free videos like this for you guys to help you guys make more money so what do i mean by service provider this can basically mean anybody that provides some kind of service this can include hair stylist lash artists nail artist anybody in the beauty industry real estate anybody in the medical field here is how you are going to make money online passively in 2022. i have so many friends that opened up salons this year started their last business and i promised them that i would do a video like this not only for them but for anybody across youtube that's trying to make extra money in 2022. if you're a service provider that means that you have a talent and by sharing this talent across the internet in the ways that i'm going to share with you guys today this is how you could potentially retire from what you're doing someday or that you guys can make a bunch of extra money for the year if you guys have not already used tick tock get on tick tock right now if you're unsure of how tick tock works basically you could start off literally with zero dollars on tick tock and there's always a potential for you to blow up overnight it's basically like everybody has an equal chance of going viral on tick tock so if you can bring something new to the tick tock game or if you can do something but you make it different to make it stand out you can also very easily build a following across tick tock if you guys are unfamiliar with what i do i built my ecommerce business strictly from just making tick tock videos and if you want to learn how i make those tick tocks i have tutorials on my youtube channel for you guys to learn so whenever i make these videos on my youtube channel i always love to include examples perfect example of what i'm going to be teaching you and telling you guys about in this video this girl right here so her name is nails by dev i've been following her for the past year and let me tell you this girl is a mastermind her content is amazing so she's somebody that you know she could have just been doing nails but she looked beyond that and she built her social media presence she built a huge following across tick tock so what nails by dev looks like she did was she built her tik tok following built her instagram following so as her videos are going viral across the internet she's getting paid for those tick tocks probably through the tick tock creator fund so that's a great form of passive income it's free money just to promote your work and it's a great way to connect with people again tic toc is not going to be your primary main source of passive income but it's still a really great way to just make money passively now also another thing that i have seen people in the beauty industry do on tick tock i saw one girl she was doing lashes and she had a live stream going while she was doing other girls lashes so she just had the phone positioned on a tripod over her client and she just did the live stream over her client and like people loved the conversations that her and her client were having on these live streams and people were donating money on live streams live streams is another great way to make money on tick tock but we want to focus on tick tock not just because of you know the passive income that you make on tick tock but we want to focus on tick tock because tick tock is what you are going to funnel people to the next way to monetize so back to nails by dev she started her own e-commerce store so she also sells her own products that she shows in her videos with her client so she takes these beautiful videos of doing her nail art with her clients and then for other aspiring nail artists or other nail artists they wind up buying her products and she has her link in her tik tok bio so people are able to shop with the link in her bio and she has been a huge success from what i see on her social media as well and her ecommerce business alone has probably brought in so much money for her so not only is she potentially making great money from tick tock itself but she's also making money from her e-commerce store by selling her own products so i just wanted to show you an example of someone that i feel like is on top of their passive income game other than providing a service to people in person i think she has a lot of fun with her takes her account too and i love to watch her she's one of my favorite accounts so i just wanted to show you that as an example i have videos on my youtube channel show you guys how you guys can start e-commerce store for zero dollars how you guys can start selling online without a business how you get basically anything you guys need to launch your online store is on my youtube channel as you're building your tick tock account for your service of course your whole client list will blow up like a lot of people in the beauty industry or in any type of industry where they're trying to reach more people and reach more clients i think the the purpose of their pages is to try to just find more clients but i feel as though if you can go beyond that and think outside of that box your client list will grow beyond what you even imagine it to be because you're not so focused on trying to find people they're gonna find you and that means you can increase your prices you can charge whatever you want because all of a sudden you have all this social media presence and that is the key in 2022 people trusting you et cetera so social media presence is so important for any business but i feel especially businesses in the beauty industry as a service provider as you are building your presence on tick tock you're getting more followers just make keep that in mind to always refer them to assault another social media now the one number one social media that i recommend to you guys if you are in the beauty industry or in any service industry at all is creating a youtube channel based around your service or your niche if you can use this youtube channel to help out other people in some way or to teach other artists certain things this can create a lot of money for you as well now a lot of people start youtube channels and they aren't really sure or they're not actually aware of how much money they can make just by posting youtube videos so a lot of people will start a youtube channel and just recycle their tick tocks to shorts on youtube i personally don't necessa

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