How To Make $100 Per Day With No Experience (In 2024)

yo guys in this video we're gonna go talk about how to make 100 a day with no experience and i'm here in poland more with that afternoon [Music] so check this out just launched a new product and you could see this day we did 2500 they say we did 2 500. they said we had 2 500 and they say we did 2 500. if all i did is literally just get one of those in an entire month that would literally average to a hundred dollars a day so the first step that i did was literally build a brand bro and how crazy here's the person that's actually gonna help me build my brand man how's it going man right now it's raining in a beautiful poland where you know we ended up meeting with him and he's going to help me up level my brand because i see that the secret to making more money is of course brand awareness getting yourself out there getting some type of credibility or some type of for example authority in your brand and your messaging your social media that allows you to be pre-selected against any other option and whatever it is right business dating or anything if you could go ahead and choose that you are pre-selected to be the only solution for their specific problem whatever business or idea or status that you're going to go ahead and do it's just going to make you more money does that make sense and damian right here damian french is going to go ahead and help me do it damn dude that's like literally the center of warsaw and it's raining and damon's going to go ahead and take me shopping because that way i could literally go ahead and get nicer clothes because i've been wearing the exact same thing for the past couple weeks living out of a suitcase yo bro so literally like the clothes that i'm wearing is this like proper instagramable outfit or can i improve yeah uh i mean you can improve but like there is no good or right way to uh have a good outfit on instagram it's more about what you're trying to convey to your audience so what you got by that and what we meant by that by literally the messaging that you want to portray the brand that you want to portray you literally see some people in suits you see some people in really nice leather jackets you see some people wearing a certain type of thing because normally the first thing that people kind of go ahead and judge you on are the clothes that you wear right so one of the things that we're going to do right now is we're going to go ahead and like up level the exact clothes that i go ahead and wear to go ahead and command that type of respect and authority in some of the content that we're about to go ahead and create [Music] my so the secret of personal branding is to essentially just look like damien that's it that's a secret so the second thing that you want to do if you want to go ahead and make money is you want to go ahead and surround yourself around people that are also along the same mission now i know this sounds not complicated or not technical most people think oh you know i want to go ahead and make money i want to go ahead and become successful they think oh i just have to press this button i have to go ahead and click that i have to just copy and paste this link but what they fail to realize is many of the times the income that you generate is in the exact same proportion an average of the five people that you spend the most time with and if no one else around you is making a hundred dollars a day online obviously one of the first things or in this case second thing to do is to get around people that are making money online why is the reason that i'm saying this because i remember when i was first getting started and i wanted to make money online and i would tell my friends and be like oh that's weird go get a real job or i would tell my family and be like oh that's stupid no one ever does success in that and i started believing in their little spells that they were casting on myself on what i thought my reality was right and for anyone that's watching this odds are you probably have a lot of friends and family that are probably in the same situation where they're probably pulling you down instead of pushing you this is why i'm literally here in this place where we got this airbnb for the entire week or something we have this like desk right here where people do work we even have damien in here doing sales calls in his room we have yusuf over here doing business deals in this room and right now we're literally like i said on just going from country to country planet to planet university universe taking the people that have similar values as us similar goals as us and making sure that we find ways to work together and ultimately it doesn't matter what your goal is if it's making 100 a day if it's getting a six-pack if it's looking like a vampire basically like wearing damien's clothes and just you know just copying him like what i'm doing to up level my brand you literally become the people that you surround yourself by yo check this out i look up to damien when it comes to branding he has a leather jacket what happened i ended up getting a leather jacket what like coincidence not really because the people that you spend the most time with what their results are what their success are becomes your own their leather jackets become your own the tighter their pants the tighter your pants become and if it's the same thing with money you got to do the exact same thing so look around the people that you spend the most time with are they making money online are they making a hundred dollars a day are they making 200 a day online if they're not what you guys got to do is you guys got to find pockets in you know online or facebook groups to go ahead and reach around those people check this out we just got blueberries and eggs and here we just have blueberries meat and dark chocolate and a bunch of like kefir because it's good for your stomach and on average because everyone else is healthier on me i will also naturally become healthy it's literally a law of the universe think about these clothes they're a little tight and if it's leather you're not hot and sweaty it's kind of stuck so how did i do this how did i surround myself especially in the make money in line space right uh one of the things that i did because i realized that no one else around me supported my goals my dreams and my passions is i realized okay there's there's places where people congregate on in the online space right there's literally communities that you can meet me damien and yousef met because we had common interests and we met in those certain groups in real life but if you don't have the money or time to actually get in those groups what i did when i was like stuck and no one else was supporting me was i would like go on facebook and find out the groups that people were hanging out in right what goal do you want do you want to you know get better at dating do you want to get a better body do you want to go ahead and make more money in a specific

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