HOW TO GROW ON TIKTOK IN 2024 | The only TikTok growth video you’ll ever need to watch

here's the exact strategy for how to grow quickly on Tick Tock even if you're starting from zero because no you are not too late and make sure you stay till the end where you'll also learn some of the most common mistakes creators are making that are stopping them from seeing the results that they want to see believe it or not the first step you're going to take to grow on Tick Tock is not going to be create content your first step is to study the platform if you want to dominate a platform you'll need to know the ins and outs of that platform what makes it breathe what makes it come to life how do you study Tick Tock by consuming the content from a strategic approach instead of a Mindless approach Tick Tock is a video app that was designed to suck Us in and scroll for hours on end and it succeeds in doing that so you need to create separation of when you're mindlessly scrolling and on the app to be entertained from when you're opening the app to be intentional and to study the content that you're coming across when you're being intentional you want to be looking for what works what doesn't work what keeps you watching what sort of things capture your attention from the very beginning is it the shot itself is it the text that's popping up is it what the person says and on the flip side what makes you scroll past a video at what point does a video get boring to you what could have been done to make it more engaging what gets you to send a video to a friend are you coming across any trending sounds or audios that are being used multiple times if you spend just 30 minutes a day even studying the platform when you open it up instead of immediately getting sucked in you'll be surprised how quickly you'll pick up on things to adapt into your own strategy and naturally studying will come natural to you over time as you continue to study the platform you'll notice you'll start getting ideas for your own pieces of content to create so later in this video I'll teach you how to organize your ideas and plan out your content calendar but first let's prepare your pro profile for visitors but Amelia I want to start posting I want to create I just want to grow here's the thing Meredith if you skip this step you'll regret it when one of your videos go viral and you don't get any followers from it a problem that a lot of people run into is they jump straight into the grind they're posting and posting and boom one of the videos go viral and wrong one million views later you haven't gotten any new followers from it so what happened there's obviously a disconnect that's happening from your video to your profile so what's really important is how you set up your profile before you even start posting how can you convince someone to follow you simply by glancing at your page or at least increase that percentage of people who do land on your page to follow you let me break everything down for you you have your profile photo username name name bio and Link choice for when that option is available your profile photo and your username these go hand in hand you want both of these to be clear on who you are and what you want to be known for so if you want to be in the health and wellness industry and you want to be known for Smoothie bowls and awesome recipes maybe your handle will be Jade wellness and the profile photo will be a picture of you in the kitchen holding a smoothie Bowl you know create the atmosphere of your page right away from those two things then you have your name this is the part that shows up on the very very top of your profile some people discount this right off the bat but it's actually more important than you think this is where you want to put how you want other people to find you or discover you because this section is extremely search friendly if you go to tick tock right now and you search smoothie recipes then you toggle over to the tab that says users anyone who has the term smoothie recipes in their name will appear in those search results so what's that title for you or phrase that will help people find you social media coach book talk coffee reviews modern home decor what is that phrase that someone might actually type into the search engine to come across your account put those juicy terms keywords whatever you want to call them into your name now let's get into your bio at the time of filming this Tick Tock allows 80 characters in your bio which doesn't feel like a lot to me when you compare it to Instagram's what 150. now how you craft your bio is going to look completely different depending on what your goals are with your page but just in general the most common mistake I see people make with their bios is making it about themselves wifey mother of two with a fur baby wine and coffee fanatic catch me in a snuggie I don't know what that was I'm sorry instead what I like to do and what works really well for me and many other businesses and creators is communicate the value that you and your page provides when somebody presses that follow button so let me pop up some examples teaching you how to grow on Tick Tock and Instagram teaching you how to become a full-time content creator even just social media tips pretty straightforward now this works in all sorts of niches and Industry book talk Fitness home decor all of these profiles tell someone what they will gain if they choose to follow that person it's kind of like a marketing strategy in a sense like us human beings we're subconsciously selfish we make decisions for ourselves things that'll help our personal gain so even selecting and choosing to follow someone we follow them when we feel like it's going to benefit us so you want to be able to communicate in your bio how somebody will benefit from following you I hope I explained that well now I know not everybody does this there are successful creators and influencers out there whose bios literally say something like under construction or nothing but this is simply just a strategy to increase the likelihood of somebody pressing the follow button because it's communicated to them clearly what the Gain Is by following then finally when you hit 1000 followers you will be able to add a link to your profile if you're someone who wants to turn Tick Tock into a full-time thing or become a full-time content creator then the link in your bio should direct your audience to either a freebie that passively grows an email list or a link where you can be making money like an Amazon storefront now I cannot emphasize enough the importance of having an email list and not just the importance of having an email list but the importance of starting with an email list before you try to grow hear me out hear me out just give me give me like 30 seconds to explain the importance of this okay I one time had a student come up to me and they're like oh my gosh Millie I want to gain 10 000 followers on Instagram and I was like let's do it so I was like yeah let's do it let's work on your

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