HOW TO GET YOUR FIRST 100 SALES ON ETSY 💵 | How to sell on Etsy 2024

if you're under 100 sales in your etsy shop then this video is for you i know firsthand how difficult it can be to get those first hundred sales maybe it happens quickly for some but for most of us we're having to sort of just drum up business wherever we can i've learned over the years that you're not gonna have much success even if you have a great product if you just create your listings and publish them and kind of sit back and wait to be discovered because of the way the etsy algorithm works you have to have some sales on your listing to get it boosted in the etsy search to then be organically discovered by the shoppers on the etsy platform so then the question becomes well how do you get those first few sales it may seem impossible but i'm here to tell you that it can be done and i'm going to show you how coming up [Music] hey hey friends welcome back to the channel if we haven't met yet i'm kate i'm a wife mama etsy seller and business coach and i'm here to help you start and scale your online business so that you can make a full-time income doing what you love so i know if you're watching this video you're probably a beginner seller on etsy and under 100 sales and just wondering what do i have to do to get those first few sales it can be really discouraging in the beginning honestly if you've worked so hard on creating a great product and getting it listed and then crickets so today we're going to be talking about three practical tactics and things that you can do to start getting more traffic to your etsy shop which will then lead to your first sales now i do want to preface this before we dive into the three tactics that these strategies really only work if you've already done the upfront work of doing product and trend research and coming up with a product that is in demand on the etsy platform certain things are not in demand so it's up to you to research that and to find a really good product niche as well as make sure that you're offering it in a trending and popular style you can have a great product category but offer it in a style that's outdated or just not super in demand and it just won't sell consistently so what we're talking about today assumes that you've already done that work to identify a really great product and a style that you're gonna offer it in that's trending and popular and sells well on the platform if you're wondering how to do that kind of research i have a few videos that i've done that dive deeper into product and trend research i'll link those in the description of this video in case you want to watch those next okay so let's go ahead and dive in so we're talking about your first hundred sales and the key to getting those first few sales is planning for a great shop launch you may not have even thought about how to launch your shop yet or maybe you did already start an etsy shop and you didn't really do a big launch for it in the beginning but one of the keys to getting started off on the right foot is planning ahead of time and preparing for how you're going to launch your shop to the public now if you've already started your etsy shop and you didn't do this no worries you can always do this at the point that you're at even if you've already opened up shop but if you haven't yet then go ahead and start preparing and planning to do this the right way from the beginning now there are a lot of different components and elements that go into a successful shop launch but in my opinion there's one that takes the cake for most important of course beyond having a great product and that is marketing now there are a lot of different types of marketing but today we're going to be specifically talking about digital marketing and even furthermore three different specific types of digital marketing that work really well for etsy sellers so the first one i want to hit on is social media marketing social media marketing can be a really huge help when it comes to first starting your business the reason i love social media is because it's free and it's so accessible to everyone i'm guessing that the majority of your target customers are on some type of social media platform and are probably on there at least once if not multiple times a day so social media is a great way to market your shop in real time and get your content up quickly in front of your target customers so of course there are many different types of social media platforms you might be on facebook or instagram or tick tock the first key here is thinking about who your target customer is and which platform they are most likely to be on and be hanging out on every day another thing to think about with social media is intent why do people come to that platform so for instance the reason someone might go and scroll through posts on instagram might be completely different than the reason that they might access pinterest now i've talked about instagram and facebook in different videos but today we're going to focus on pinterest one reason why pinterest is really great for etsy sellers is because a lot of times when people are going on pinterest they're going with purchase intent that means they already have a specific problem in mind or thing that they need that they're researching and they're ready to buy a lot of times as opposed to maybe instagram where they're just going on to scroll and catch up with their friends posts so purchase intent is huge on pinterest and that's one reason why it's a great tool for product based businesses to market now this video is not a full pinterest tutorial so i don't have time to dive into every single detail of how to be successful on pinterest but i do want to show you a really awesome tool that you can use that will save you massive amounts of time when creating pins for pinterest i recently discovered this tool it's called pin generator and it allows you to create tons of pins for your pinterest campaign it's really intuitive and user friendly so even if you're a beginner or you haven't even started on pinterest this is a great way to just kind of dip your toes in the water and get a feel for creating pins for your pinterest account pin generator is such a great tool for sellers who are using pinterest because it's the fastest way to generate pins for your ecommerce products whether you sell on etsy shopify woocommerce or a different platform so what you'll do first is decide what product you want to create pins for and come to that listing page and copy the url then you'll bring it back to pin generator and paste it here and click generate pins now you can do this for a single product listing which i've done with my wreath listing but you can also do it for a section of your shop if you have a specific section you're wanting to create pins for and see different pictures from that section or you can do it for your whole shop and see what it generates for your whole shop now you can further customize these pins in a lot of ways starting with the co

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