How to Create Presentations with AI (Step-by-Step Tutorial): BEST Text to PPT AI Tool

hi Anastasia here creating presentations is the most timeconsuming thing I've always struggled to Outsource in my business I need them for my videos and online classes and this part alone used to take me so many hours look I'm not a designer so making something look nice always takes so much time and formating when the whole AI Revolution started I was just waiting for one decent AI tool the one that would make presentations for me me from my text prompts and that's the tool that we will be testing and pushing its limits today open gamma app and you'll find the link to it in the description below it's totally free to sign up and all you need is your email address no credit card will be asked at any point you will see here that you can create presentations documents and even web pages with gamma app but for this tutorial we will focus on presentations now all you need to do is type a short description of what your presentation is about if you have seen anything else on my channel you know that I talk a lot about Pinterest marketing so I know this topic at an expert level and it will be curious to see what GMA app can generate for us on this subject I'll just say Pinterest marketing tips for beginners and the tool will generate a suggested outline of the presentation oh great so by default it will suggest eight cards but you can decide if you want a longer presentation and add more cards and here is the outline we've got well by a quick look at the suggested headings in the outline I can tell this AI knows something about Pinterest marketing and it looks like all the suggestions do make sense to be included in the presentation on this topic below the outline you will find settings for image source and license if you're using web search you can filter for freeo use commercially of course you can also use AI generat ated images if you want to avoid copyright issues altogether AI generated images will be 100% unique now what we see next is lots of presentation themes I can choose from they control the look and feel of the content including fonts colors and visual effects if the presentation is targeting a specific audience you might want to think about what would be a good feed for the viewers or you might want to pick the theme that is close to your brand colors and style I like this theme called atmosphere for example so I'll go with it and the preview here shows you what different elements of your presentation design will look like the buttons will be of this purple tone we will have these boxes for text and there is a gradient color applied to the headings you have here several categories of presentation Styles like you can filter out just the dark themes I lik a bunch of themes under the colorful and light categories this Flamingo theme is also beautiful but I'll stick to my first peek the atmosphere theme now all you need to do is hit the generate button and let the ey do its magic a few moments later the presentation slides have been generated and honestly I have to say I'm just wowed by the design and the content of these slides just to remind you all I had to provide to this tool initially was the topic of the presentation and everything else that you see here the eii tool came up with all of it including the outline which I could approve or change a bit if I wanted to but it also generated all the text for every slide it came up with beautiful structure and graphics on the slides and it found relevant images for the slides and all of this was 100% handfree for me and was ready in just a few minutes just a quick warning be careful with any numbers and stats in your slides especially if the topic of your presentation is something that requires hard numbers and facts you should double check what AI has suggested for you and not rely on it blindly our AI friends can be very handy and save us a ton of time but they can also hallucinate and make up stuff if you push them too hard and honestly it's good to know we're still able to do something better than AI at least for the time being because these things are getting better day by day it would take me a couple of hours to come up with eight beautiful slides like this if I were trying to design them myself in PowerPoint or Google Slides so I can spend an extra 10 minutes double-checking the facts on these cards for example at 25% click-through rate doesn't exist on Pinterest if you get an outbound click rate close to 2% you're super lucky any changes you make to the slid are automatically saved kind of of like in Google Docs so you don't need to worry about saving the file frequently and if your internet or your computer shuts down all of a sudden you will have access to the previously saved versions of your presentation you can edit anything on the slides it's pretty intuitive for example on this slide it feels like we can add a bit more information to this table I will click on this plus icon and it will add a new role so I can type in a few more tips for ERS I will add one of my own but I can also type here three pluses and AI will pick up the context and add more suggestions that would complement this table if it looks too long no worries it's easy to make it shorter you can always click around and customize this much more like you can use this button and easily change the layout of the slide see here I just drag and drop this bullet layout to the slide and you can go from here adding new information to the slide if you need to when I design my presentations slides often come out boring they're not interactive and to avoid this I can embed my Pinterest boards all I need to do is copy and paste the URL of the board then I can switch the embed to in line so it displays nicely I can do the same with my YouTube video or if I recorded a video lesson with ta I can drop my T link here now you've seen that we generated this presentation in gamma from just short text prompt but honestly in my case I often need to make presentations from my text or a script that I have in a Google doc I did this with one of my video scripts and oh my I wish I had GMA when I was working on my video course because I wasted weeks converting my text lessons into presentations in PowerPoint and now I see how gamma app is generating slides from my text lessons before my eyes once you're happy and you feel like this is the final version of your presentation you can export it from here as a PDF or a PowerPoint file if you want to remove the made with gamma badge you might want to switch to the paid plan and you will see that this very powerful tool has very affordable plans starting from $10 a month you can also start sharing the presentation right from the gamma app or share a follow link which means that your viewers will automatically start following your position on the page when they open it there is also a share button that allows you not only to share this presentation for someone to view it but also share it with someone who could edit it or

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