How to Create Beautiful Mockups & Listing Photos for Etsy Digital Products FULL DEMO ✨ no photoshop

if you've been feeling really lost with how to create the best mockups and listing photos for your Etsy shop this is the video for you because I'm going to be going over a lot of my tips for how to create really really nice Etsy listing photos and I'm going to do some demos as well the first thing I want to talk about is Dimensions so the dimensions that I use right now are 2700 pixels by 20 25 pixels this is a 43 ratio and right now you probably know that on Etsy most of the listing photos are now cropped to a square so for example let's just click into this one and you'll see that this person's listing photos are also 43 so I'm just going to take a screenshot of this and you can see that the dimensions are the same as mine so a 43 ratio so right now what I'm doing is I would have a 43 ratio and then I would create rulers so that I can keep everything important in a square in the middle so you'll see that everything here is in a square but when people click into my shop they'll see something like this where it's not a square I do have another video that I made about 10 months ago on how to make listing photos and there's this free downloadable canva template and honestly I can't believe that 3,000 of you probably 4,000 of You by this point have downloaded this really really ugly free canva template that I made but you know what I think this just goes to show that a lot of you are struggling with coming up with mockups and designing the listing photos because you could have a really really great product but if your listing photos are really ugly or they're just average then it's not going to convert and I want to show you quickly my conversion rates at the beginning so I've had my Etsy shop for pretty much a year already and at the begin my conversion was pretty good when I started my shop and then it went down but this was mainly because I was testing a lot of things with ads so a lot of people would be clicking my ads and then like I I think it was just like a bad ad strategy so that's why my conversion went down in the summer this year so around July August Etsy changed the crop thing when you just view the Etsy website and when you look at it on mobile so I had to redo all my listing photos and I'm still in the middle of redoing all my listing photos so that when it's cropped to a square everything fits inside so in the last 2 to 3 months I've been redoing a lot of my listing photos and you can see the conversion is going higher so last month was 2.5% right now October is 3.5% and I'm filming this on October 30th so pretty much for this entire month my conversion was 3.5 which I'm really really happy about and I really think this is because my listing photos have improved a lot and they look way better than this so I'll show you the kinds of listing photos I have this is the level of quality of my current listing photos you can really see that compared to the template I made 10 months ago it's a lot more polished looking like there's just better mockups better photos it's a lot more professional so I'm going to give you some tips for how you can also really uplevel your listing photos Okay so this is one of the listing photos I made in that template 10 months ago and yes you can download this listing photos template still I'll have the link in the description but I want you to take a look at this one an aesthetic and professional price list so this listing photo I made a new version of this one and this is what it looks like by the way like all the products you see like the sample products in this video these are all fake products these are not what I'm selling on my actual shop I just put this in for demo purposes so what you can see right away is like I have everything moved into the square crop so that was really important I changed the font and I got rid of this white background white thing around the text like I think it looks not good anymore at the time I thought it would it looked okay but now I think it just doesn't look good so I changed the font this part is the same I just I made it smaller but what I really did to this part is I made it just look more 3D and pop out so I specifically added a tablet and then you'll also see that there's a shadow it's hard to tell but like the let me this thing first the tablet also has a shadow at the bottom Shadows really really help with making things pop and I know you can add Shadows uh for example like with the photo you can add a shadow with this like a drop shadow but I found that sometimes with this drop shadow it doesn't add enough depth or it's just not the exact thing that I want so sometimes I just add in a shadow manually like this and put it there what you can do if you want to add a shadow is for example you can search something like rectangle blur and look at the graphics and then find one that kind of fits the shape so for example this one this one might be a bit too long but I'll just show you you would do that move it here I mean it's a little bit too long but you can take your time looking for a rectangle that fits you could do this and then what you can then do if you want to adjust the shadow is like you can make it darker you can make it lighter and then you can also change the transparency so sometimes you don't want it to be so dark so you can do that too and another thing I started to do in my listing photos is just add like a little bit of a shadow so this is kind of like a plant Shadow you see and I love doing this because it just makes it pop a little bit like if you look at this one the whole thing just looks kind of flat but now with this Shadow the tablet Shadow and this shadow on the entire thing it really makes it pop and what you can do here is search something like flower Shadow and then you can see there's like a lot of different kinds of Shadows you would change the transparency uh and then just make it bigger The Annoying Thing is with these shadow things that you add is if I want to change anything here sometimes I have to like move this Shadow over to the side make the change and then move the shadow back so it can get a little bit annoying but I think it just looks a lot better now when I'm redoing all my listing photos I always make sure that I have some really beautiful mockups so basically pictures like this where you have the product in the middle for me I really like the look of like florals and stuff and like natury things so things like this like this laptop mockup I actually made this in mid Journey this one I made in mid Journey as well and I'm actually really happy with these mockups that I made like I think this these are just so much better than the ones that I made 10 months ago or I guess 1 year ago when I was just starting my Etsy Shop through a lot of trial and error I figured out what works for mockups how to put them together how to create Shadows you see like Shadows with these dried flowers and if you're wondering why I have these mockups of random products

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