Get Paid $5664/Week With YouTube Without Posting or Making Videos

the average amount of money generated in the last 30 days with this method is 59 716 dollars and I'm going to show you exactly how you can use this method to make money online and make money with YouTube without actually showing your face and without posting any videos so this has nothing to do with YouTube automation what you want to do is you want to generate a specific landing pages and click era in order to make money online without actually creating any of the products yourself and you can see that some people have been generating thousands of dollars a month with this same exact platform and here is the funnel that I made with for completely free it basically showcases one of the videos where I talk about a particular strategy to make money on the right side I collect emails and right over here I send people directly to my affiliate link now before I show exactly how to build a funnel like this in order to make money without actually recording any videos yourself and how to actually leverage YouTube without posting any videos what you want to do is you want to go over to we want to create an account on click error so you can pretty much just enter email address over here you can click and get a free account and once you click on the dashboard it will take you over to your dashboard where you can track your contacts you can track your tags everything so this is pretty much a funnel building tool which allows you to build final levels do email marketing create Automation and much more so you can click on funnels right over here and you can build your own funnel from scratch or you can use the template which I have already created which I'm gonna leave in the description box down below so that you can pretty much have this exact same funnel for yourself and you can pretty much just edit it with one press of a button and I'm going to show you exactly how to do that in a second but first things first you need to promote some affiliate offer in order to make money with this strategy so what you can do is you can go over to Philly where I showed you that in the last 30 days the average amount of earnings are about 59 a thousand dollars just in the past month alone so people are making pretty decent amount of money by promoting this platform so what you can do is you can click on join it now right over here and that's going to take you over to this page where you can once again see more more people making money with this method but you can also just enter a full name your email address and you want to click on let's go in order to sign up as an affiliate now once you do that you will receive an email from the online business Academy where you can confirm your account and you can log into your account where you can see the dashboard where you can track your earnings clicks and your commissioner rate and on the left side you can go to links and resources where you can find your affiliate link specifically for online business Academy or specifically for some particular course from the online business Academy so you can go back to and you can choose whichever product you want to promote so you can go to explore classes or you can even promote events because there are some events that you can promote as well and you can earn affiliate commissions for that as well so these are events and products that are worth thousands of dollars but let's begin with just courses you can go to explore classes and there once again you can find some courses that you can promote so for example if you want to promote this course which talks about YouTube automation you can just copy the link and it takes people to this particular sales page and you can turn it into your affiliate link by pasting it here and then you click enter and you have an affiliate link for that particular our chords now what you can do then is you can use that template from clickera which I'm going to leave in the description box down below and you can click on edit steps right over here and you can edit the entire funnel so you can edit the page content right over here with one press of a button this is how it's going to look like on the right side you will have different tools that you can use you can add different blogs images whatever and you can of course customize this and change it to your own needs this is what I've created and what I'm going to be using it pretty much has the headline right over here and on the left side we have a tutorial that someone can watch on a particular topic and you don't actually have to record these tutorials yourself so if you are promoting a course which is all about AI all you're going to do is find a video a tutorial which talks about Ai and then you can upload it right over there to click here at your funnel or if in this case this video or this course that we are promoting talks about YouTube automation I can find some videos to talk about YouTube Automation and I know for a fact that on my channel I have a bunch of videos talking about YouTube automation so I can find some very useful ones I can copy the link address for those videos and I can go back and I can upload them right over here or you going to do is pretty much just upload the video ID to upload the video ID you just paste the link to the YouTube video you remove this board right over here and you pretty much just have the ID and as you can see it's going to change the left side and here I'm also collecting emails they say like get a complete training program and that the training program is essentially my affiliate link from that for the training program the online business Academy now I'm going to click on Save changes and I'm going to publish this with click era you can also create your custom domains and everything I'm not going to go into full details and also if you want to change this button to your own affiliate link you have this you have you can just redirect to your affiliate link and pretty much just go back you grab your affiliate link and you can paste it right over here and once again click on Save changes and you will have that published with your account so this is how my page looks like once again if someone enters email address I will collect their email address and I will send them directly to my affiliate link now the reason we're not sending people directly to an affiliate link is because this will help you actually increase conversion rate and it will also help you collect emails so that if someone doesn't buy the course right away you still got their email address so you can keep targeting them with clickera and also you're not gonna be that spammy person that's just promoting a course but you are in this case just promoting a free tutorial that someone can watch a free YouTube tutorial so what you want to do is you want to grab a link that takes people to this tutorial right over here to this landing page where they

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