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right now I'm 29 years old and I used this strategy when I was 20 years old 23 years old and at 28 years old and at 28 years old yes I know I'm an adult and I can make my own decisions but I still live with my parents so if I want to do anything I mean I could do it myself and just do it but I do want to get the approval of my parents just to feel peace in my heart so the first thing you want to do when you're trying to convince your parents or your guardian of your trip whether it's exchange or it's a volunteer trip or some other kind of trip is to just bring it up to them and ask them what they think of it like you can just bring it up casually the answer will usually be like uh no and that totally makes sense because if like the first time you bring it up it might just sound like some idea that you have so that's okay now what you're gonna do is then make a trip proposal that summarizes what you're planning to do the benefits the over view of contingencies your budget and a bunch of other things so I will be going over this trip proposal template later on but I want to give you an overview first of what to do the reason why you want to make a trip proposal is because a lot of the times when we just tell them we want to do this where we want to do that and they might just think that we are you know just coming up with some random ideas and not really serious about it but when you spend the time to put together some kind of a document a proposal of what exactly your you want to do and why you want to do it they will take you more seriously and they will appreciate that you've put a lot of time and effort into planning this whole thing and making sure that you have everything down like your budget where you're gonna stay you don't have to like book the place where you're staying but at least just researching your accommodation your flights what happens if there is a coveted lockdown or something like all these safety stuff is really important for your parents or your guardian tends to know and then after you've given them the trip proposal and reviewed it with them hopefully they say yes and then after that you plan the trip obviously now before you go on the trip you want to give them an itinerary of where exactly you're going where you're staying your flight details and everything and contact numbers of people that you know in the place that you're going you want to do this so you can reassure them that you're going to be okay and they have all the contact numbers that they need just in case another thing I use is an app called 360. I think it's called life360. it basically lets your family members be able to track wherever you are so I use this at home in Vancouver too like when I'm like driving somewhere my dad can see exactly where I am so that's also something really useful and it might make them feel more at peace with your trip if they know exactly where you are and they can see it on the app not sponsored by the way just another tip for traveling that I think a lot of people forget is if you are going on a trip and you need to access your what ever logins that you have online like your Gmail YouTube channel if you run a business then you might have to access like your banking information email list provider whatever it's a bit of a hassle if you have two-factor authentication connected to your phone so what I suggest is looking into dual SIM cards or e-sims you can definitely swap out your sim card for the new SIM card of the country that you're going to but it is a hassle every time you need to receive a text message of a code that you need to input and a tip is to use an earring if you have your earring use that little thingy to poke it into the SIM card slot so you can take out the SIM card something else you can do is to set up Google Authenticator there's also a lot of other authenticator apps you could look into and to set up backup codes when you're on the trip you want to check in with them especially at the beginning of the trip just telling them hey I'm at the airport hey I arrived I arrived at the hotel now I'm hanging out with my friends some sent them a couple photos and they'll feel at ease then after the trip you're going to tell them how amazing everything was all the things you learned all the growth you had and make sure you communicate with them that it was so worth it and everything so how do you make a trip proposal this is the document I used for my most recent trip which at first I plan it to be a one month trip but actually I've been abroad for half a year because I just kept extending things and extending things and I did end up going to Beijing and visiting relatives for a couple of months so I'm going to go over what exactly I put into this trip proposal and you can change things depending on what kind of trip this is so it might be a volunteer trip that you want to go on maybe it's a trip with friends or something or you're like me and you want to try the whole digital nomadding thing first thing is I put a summary of what the whole trip is about and how many days it's supposed to be just some important information about flights maybe where else you're gonna go and your goals for the trip what is the main purpose of this trip so for my trip this one was to work and to make YouTube content and work on my Etsy shop and I'm gonna work six to seven hours a day and me being in a different country will give me more ideas and inspiration for Content the next thing I have here is flights so this is the flight I wanted to buy and I did actually buy this flight later on so you can put a screenshot of the flights or if you are considering several flights you can put several screenshots and I did have a nine hour layover in Tokyo and it worked out perfectly I could just visit my friend I don't know if you can hear the birds next thing is a simple budget I could have made this a lot more in depth but I think this covered most of what I have to account for so flights accommodation food and other things I originally proposed just one location so I wasn't sure where else I was gonna go but if you have multiple locations then you might want to break it down by the location as well next section I have the security and safety these are all the things I plan to do so I'll live near my friend I'll get travel insurance I'll get a SIM card and I also have my Canadian and I also have my Canadian phone in case next is accommodation so you can put a couple screenshots of places that you might stay at and what the cost will be the next one is contact information of the people you know there so I put okay I have a friend named Nancy not her actual name I'm gonna live close to her I've known her for four years and I added a couple more sentences about how I know her and how we've interacted she visited me before and this is what our relationship is like as a friend in my original proposal I also put a few pictures of my friend just so my parents get the vibe o

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