How to Build a Shopify Store in 10 Minutes & MAKE MONEY (STEP BY STEP)

hey future millionaires my name is Isabella I am the owner of two six figure earning online businesses and today I'm going to be giving you a full tutorial of how to start your own Shopify store step by step and no this is not sponsored At All by Shopify you guys requested that I make a new tutorial of showing how to build a Shopify store and I thought this would be perfect I've been doing e-commerce for the past 10 years and I have tried a lot of different website hosts Shopify is obviously the most popular one for a reason and in today's tutorial I'm going to show you how to create your own online store step by step so you don't have to pay anybody to do it for you people are really out here charging thousands of dollars to build a store for you and I promise you it's much more simple than you may think even as a beginner you guys already know my YouTube channel is your number one source for 100% free education and courses all I ask you return for the free education is just hit that like button for the YouTube algorithm And subscribe to my YouTube channel so I can continue to create free courses and videos just like this not only will I be showing you how to create a beautiful Shopify store step by step but I will also be showing you how to get a custom domain and connect it to your online store and make sure you watch all the way till the end of this video because I packed this video with tons of tips so you guys can succeed with your online store this tutorial will work for you whether you are selling a physical product if you're doing Drop Shipping or you have an inventory based e-commerce store if you're selling hand handmade Goods if you're selling digital products and so much more you guys have been requesting an updated tutorial for this and I got you guys I found a special Shopify promotion where you can start your Shopify online store for only $1 I linked that down in the top of the description box so make sure you use that link when creating your store today so let's get right into today's tutorial and make sure you use the link down in my description box below so you can get this promotion then just enter in your email address and click Start free trial it's going to first just ask you to answer some of these questions but you can just click skip all or just go through the questions they really don't matter much then just click your country and click next then just finish the sign up process and it will bring you to this page and right here is the Shopify dashboard okay so let's move along here now let's get to the fun part customizing it to make it look beautiful so go back to your Shopify main page here come over here and click online store and then just click themes you will see here Shopify shows you free themes that you can use and the free themes are honestly awesome you definitely don't have to use a paid one there's no reason to do that so just look through them and add the one that you want on your store just by clicking add for this video I'm just going to go with this free theme that I actually have used before which is scents so just click on ADD and then it will install this theme right into your store now just click publish and click publish again now when you're here just click on customize and now let's go ahead and just play around with this click on this icon and then click colors then click add scheme and here you can play around with the colors just to see what looks good with your products and the vibe of your online store since we're making this more of a luxury store I'm sticking more with black and white for a more classic look I would say for most stores it's really nice to have white black and then a nice accent color or like some sort of gradient color you can see here that they have so many different things you can customize so it's really a matter of just going through each one and just playing around with this and having fun with it until you find what you love the most also don't take too much time on this and don't worry about it too much I don't want you guys spending hours and hours obsessing over your online store just remember it needs to look simple clean and professional so now let's build up the rest of the pages so you guys see here these different pages we're going to add a page here and I'll show you how to do that so if you wanted to add an About Me section or if you wanted to add a terms and conditions page this is how you would do it you go back to the main Shopify page under online store and then click Pages it will bring you to this page and one thing that's very important is to add a shipping policies page this is where you can put your terms about shipping that way when a customer places an order if they happen to complain or ask you you can always say that the shipping terms and conditions were on your page and by ordering with us you agreed to those terms so up here just click on ADD page and type here at the top shipping policy now if you need help writing these Pages just go to chat GPT and just ask chat GPT create me a shipping policy page for my online store and click this then you can literally just copy and paste this in change up anything that you need to change and hit save I love how it's formatted for you already too now just come down here to the navigation where it says main menu click add menu item and then you can add in your page here then just click save now you can see on our online store we now have a shipping policy page which just makes our store looks so much more legitimate and trustworthy and like I said you can put your terms and conditions here also as well as you're customizing things just remember to keep your online store as simple as possible for customers to buy I like to keep my product section close to the top of the homepage as possible so people don't have to scroll too much or jump through too many Hoops to buy my products now I'm going to show you how you can add products to your online store so on your Shopify dashboard to the left you'll see the products tab just click on that first it'll then bring you to this page if you don't have a product yet or you don't know what to sell go watch my YouTube channel because I will help you find the right online business model for you and the right products to start selling for you then once you have your product just click on ADD product product the first thing I always do is I just add the picture so let's just click upload so now our product photo is uploaded and now we're going to just fill out the title and the description of the product they actually have this little button here that says generate text you can click on this and it will help you build your own description so just type in your features and keywords our luxury rosebear is the best gift then just click on generate if you like it then you can use it by just clicking keep and it will export it here I always like to just bold in any words that are important to wha

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