How To Build A $10,000 Affiliate Marketing Website For FREE (2024)

if you've ever wanted to build your own website then you're in luck there are now ai builders that will create you a fully functioning website in under a minute and in this video I'm going to show you exactly how to do it you simply just need to describe your brand and the type of website that you want to create and the AI Builder will create you a fully functioning website with unique text images and content with all the features that you need you'll then be able to further customize your site using built-in software that has chat GPT and mid Journey inside it so you can generate some amazing non-copyright images for your website so yeah this is what I'm going to be showing you guys in this video today so with that being said let's go ahead and get started all right so first things first what we need to do to Kickstart this process is find somewhere to host our website I don't care what anyone else has told you in the past about building a website but this has to be the very first thing you do when you're building your own site this is literally the foundation of it and without over complicating this or go into any nerdy technical details a web host's primary purpose is to dist store all of your information and one place this can include text images video any sort of content that you can think about that you have on your site your web hosting platform is going to secure it and keep it safe so that you can have your website live and accessible from anywhere around the world I've been doing this stuff for years I have multiple websites all over the internet where I promote different products and I have websites for Brands and businesses that I'm running and for me I've only stopped with one company when it comes to web hosting and that is hosting this is the hosting platform I recommend for you if you're a complete beginner or even if you're expert in this field as I've never had any problems with their company and they have all these crazy new AI features that are coming out that I don't really see any other companies in this category doing and this is for the simple fact that this is the only hosting company that I've seen integrate with artificial intelligence they literally have a AI website builder built in so not only are they hosting all your files for your website they also have a tool that will build your website for you so so it's pretty much like a no-brainer to get started you can just go to your address bar and just type in or you can just click the first link in my description and it's going to take you to this page right here the first thing that you'll probably notice is that they have a massive 79% off sale right now and this is probably still rolling over from the 2024 New Year's so if you don't have an account yet you'll still be getting a massive deal right here as I scroll down here you can see there's so many different benefits of going with hostinger but the main feature that we're going to be using here is the AI website builder this is going to be able to create a brand new website for you just like I mention in the intro in just four clicks literally just four clicks and you'll have your website set up in less than a minute it's amazing how far AI has come these days because when I first started creating websites we had to learn javascripts we had to learn how to code we had to know how to do all of these complicated things to create a website but with platforms like hostinger it's made it easy where any beginner can just make a website within minutes as I scroll down right here you guys be able to see all of the great benefits that you get so you have a free domain you get a free email and you get get a free SSL certificate all of your information is stored securely on your website so you'll never have to worry about any security issues by far this is the cheapest deal I've seen them do on this entire website especially when you add in all of the AI features that you get so you can see right here you get the AI features and you get up to 150 templates that you can use so you have a massive range of templates that you can choose from for your website so moving on right here to get started all you need to do is just click right here where it says add to C then it's going to take you over to this page well you'll be able to choose your monthly plan right so you can see you have the 1 month plan the 12 month plan 24 and then it goes up to 48 months which is the cheapest on here which works out to about $249 per month and this is the one I recommend you guys go with especially if you want to save the most money on this after that all you have to do is just scroll down enter your email address your password and then simply just fill out the rest of your details here what you're going to notice right at the bottom is that it's going to ask you do you have a coupon code and now luckily for you because you're watching this video video right now you can get a fur discount by just simply clicking this section right here and then typing in wisdom speaks just like that and then you hit apply and then you notice on your screen that you get an additional 79% discount which works out to around $457 that you would have saved using my code right here what I'm going to do right now is just go ahead and quickly fill out this information like I'm creating a brand new account so I can show you guys the entire stepbystep process as a beginner and how this looks once you sign into your brand new hostinger account and there we go guys I've just paid for a brand new hosting girl account you can see it's redirecting me right now to my home panel once you sign up for your account just like I did you should receive an email similar to the one that you see on the screen right now and from here all you just need to do is just verify your email and that's it and then from here it should take you over to this page where it lets you know AI is going to create a website for you in minutes if you guys are still with me go ahead and smash that like button right now you're going to see how amazing this tool is and how anyone when I say this literally anyone can use this to create a website for them it doesn't matter what you're creating a website for whether it's so your business your personal brand maybe you're doing it for a client this is the tool that's going to completely change the game for you so what we're going to do here is just click where it says start creating and as I mentioned to you guys earlier we just need to give the AI some information about our site and it's going to create it right in front of our eyes so let's go ahead and do that so first thing we're going to do here is enter the brand name we're going to enter the website type so you can have a online store you can have a Blog business showcase portfolio landing pages whatever you're creating your website for in this case what I'm going to do is go ahead and select a Blog and then I'm going

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